Best Welcome Bonus Sites in India

We can enjoy different types of bonuses at sportbooks in India. There are many good online bookmakers out there. However, no matter how good a sports betting site is, we will always want an option that offers a better welcome bonus. Additionally, we will prefer an option that offers more lucrative rewards. 

No matter our gaming choice at a gambling site, whether blackjack, live dealer games, or sports betting, we will always have an option. There are many more reasons why bookmakers offer users bonuses. We will give you some answers in this content. Moreover, we will answer this question: do online betting sites in India offer customers bonuses?

Welcome Bonus – Guide

  • The definition of a welcome bonus and how to get it
  • Why betting sites offer welcome offers and how to evaluate the best bonus offer
  • What a free bonus with no deposit is, and
  • FAQs about welcome bonuses in India

Best Betting Sites With a Welcome Bonus in India

The sports betting sites we have listed here have been chosen because they offer a bonus after a new player signs up on their platform. However, it would be best to meet specific criteria before enjoying this bonus. We strongly recommend these bookmakers because they have the pedigree to give the type of bonus offer every player is looking for.

What is a Welcome Bonus?

Indian punters prefer the option because of the types of bonuses it offers. Hence, the question is, what is a welcome bonus? Ordinarily, online bookmakers provide offers to draw customers to their platform. Moreso, these bonuses incentivize new players with giveaway plans and other rewards. Notably, there are many types of bonuses. We will discuss these options as we progress. 

Typically, you can get bonuses after our first deposit. You can also earn rewards after creating an account with the betting site. Sometimes, these types of bonuses can be in the form of a match deposit. Conversely, we can get an enormous bonus at a reliable bookmaker. For example, the betting platform can give us a part of our initial deposit on the platform.

Suppose the bookmaker offers new users a 100 per cent bonus, and my initial deposit is $200. In that case, my welcome bonus offer will be $200. Remember that sports betting bonuses are often based on fair gambling requirements. Hence, it would be best to avoid cheating to get more rewards. Why is this important? Some people use VPNs to hide locations and open more than one account to cheat the system. Having multiple betting accounts can land you in legal trouble. Our account can be closed, or we might be asked to forfeit our bonus offer. 

There are different ways to claim bonuses. We can claim some bonuses without any qualifying deposit. For example, offers like free spins, free bets, or free bonus money to bet. These offers are essential parts of our experience at online gambling sites.

Welcome Bonus – Deposit Bonus

After making our first deposit at a bookmaker, we will receive our first deposit bonus. It is the opposite of no deposit welcome bonuses. Additionally, this type of bonus in betting sites in India is usually given according to a percentage of the player’s deposit amount. 

Sometimes, the reward can be up to 100% of our deposit amount. For example, suppose my deposit amount is 100 rupees, and my deposit bonus offer is 100 per cent. In that case, my bonus will be 100 rupees.

How To Claim a Deposit Bonus

There are some steps to follow to claim a first deposit bonus. Moreover, there are some things that users need to know about this type of bonus. Let us see more below.

  • Create a new account at the selected sportsbook.
  • Type in the bonus code when registering the account if required.
  • A bonus code can be in the form of letters and numbers combined.
  • Sometimes, new users must provide a promo code to claim this bonus.
  • Users may also need to fill in a referral code to claim a reward if signing up through an affiliate platform.
  • After loading the account, the user can try to claim the bonus by accepting the offer.
  • Follow the prompt, and the sportsbook will award the reward immediately.
  • The new user can not withdraw the bonus. However, we use it to play games at online casinos.

Welcome Bonus – Free Bet

It is common for betting platforms to provide incentives to encourage customers to keep using their platforms. Free bets are one such scheme. Furthermore, the purpose of a free bet is to ensure consumer loyalty. It can be in the form of a discount or a bet that is free to play. Hence, we do not need money to play free bets, and there are no win limits. 

Free bets are welcome bonuses for new customers who have just joined a betting platform. However, existing customers can also get a free bet. For example, we can receive a free bet after signing up for an online betting site.

No Deposit Bonus

Each online sportsbook offers its customers a welcome bonus India. As the name suggests, a no deposit bonus is a bonus given to players immediately after signing up for an account. For example, after signing up for an online sports betting site, you do not need to deposit any money to get this bonus. It is automatically sent to your account after completing the registration.

How To Claim a Bonus Without a Deposit

Claiming a welcome bonus without a deposit is easy. However, there are some things we need to know to achieve this. Below are some of these things.

  • Create an account at an Indian based sportsbook.
  • Do not worry about making a deposit.
  • We get free bets, or cash bonuses, credited to our betting account.
  • Gamblers can use the bonus to bet on any sport.
  • Some betting sites may have specific games for rewards.
  • We can not withdraw any deposit bonuses. However, we can use them at the bookmakers.
  • We can always withdraw winnings if we win our bets with free bets or cash bonuses.

Benefits of Welcome Bonuses

We have prepared some benefits of bonuses at betting sites. Let us discuss these benefits below:

Try New Games

Welcome offers at sportsbooks give us a chance to play many games. We have tried this and learned a lot of new things in the process. Our team of experts took the time to enjoy the welcome bonuses to the fullest. They checked the website’s different sports events and odds categories with the 100% bonus. As a result, the experience improved the ability to win games. 

Some platforms can introduce new rewards after launching a new game. These offers serve as a motivator for us to explore new experiences. It gives a feeling of variety regarding the number of bet markets at betting sites. Additionally, we can take advantage of this offer if we grow bored with playing one game.

Save Money

The rules of gambling are straightforward. A higher bet increases our potential winnings. The more money we invest in betting, the higher the amount we might win. However, gambling is a game of chance. In the meantime, sports betting is a bit tactical, though. 

Indeed, in any case, we will need luck on our side. There may be times when we are on a losing streak. Also, the more we bet, the more we lose. However, you can save money on gambling when using the bonus to bet. You don’t need to use your own money. Hence, when losing a bet, it does not affect the same way.

How To Get a Welcome Bonus From Sports Betting Sites

It is typical for betting sites to introduce several schemes to ensure that their existing customers stay loyal. Note that these reward programs also benefit new users. The goal is to ensure that we keep coming back to bet on their platform. 

Meanwhile, one example of this type of incentive provided by betting sites is a welcome bonus. A bonus can come in different forms. However, we must have a betting platform account to get a bonus. Furthermore, some of these bonuses are immediately credited to our betting account. Moreover, we sometimes need help to claim these offers directly.

We may have to bet several times to claim our bonus. The bonus can also be in the form of a discount. Or it can be a free bet; thus, we do not need money to play. Also, we may sometimes be required to deposit money into our betting account to access our bonus offer. To place bets, we may also need to merge cash in our main betting account with our bonus. These are some of the conditions attached. The following are the primary conditions for us to claim these bonus offers:

  1. We must search out any of the above-listed platforms.
  2. Afterwards, we follow the prompt by creating an account.
  3. Lastly, we verify our account and deposit money to claim our bonus.

Once we have completed these steps, we can use our bonus to bet on a broad range of sporting events.

On Which Sports Can I Use Welcome Bonus?

In most cases, we can play all types of bets with our bonus. Note that this offer is applicable according to the betting site involved. Sometimes, we can use our bonus to play horse racing or other popular sports. Also, each platform will mention its option. Thus, always take the time to read the terms very well before accepting them.

Meanwhile, we can only use our bonus to claim a prize. We can claim bonuses by depositing or signing up for an account with a reputable betting platform. Additionally, we can always contact the customer service of any betting site to know the details of the reward offers.

Why Are Betting Sites Offering a Welcome Bonus?

There is a tremendous rate at which betting sites in India are popping up. Indeed, online gambling platforms in the country have flourished in recent years. Moreover, welcome bonus betting sites have become popular entertainment for gamblers worldwide. Sports betting welcome offers have many advantages. Hence, we will discuss some of these advantages below. Note that nearly all gambling sites offer bonuses to their customers. It is common for bookmakers to reward customers with bonuses for joining their platform and spending money there.

Additionally, most gambling platforms aim to build good relationships with players. They show appreciation by offering users reasonable bonuses. In addition, since bonuses come by percentage, some platforms can provide as much as a 200% bonus on a customer’s betting amount as appreciation. However, to be eligible for this type of bonus, you must spend a certain amount of money at once.

How To Evaluate the Best Welcome Bonus

Although many online sportsbooks offer users reliable welcome bonuses, some may not be worth it. Notably, the betting sites that started their recent operation are more likely to provide users with better reward schemes. They do this because they want to draw customers to their platform and build a solid customer base. Hence, checking for the best welcome bonus at new sites offering betting may be ideal. 

After learning about the different types of welcome bonuses, it is best to start looking for the best option. Remember, only go for a bonus offer that meets your needs. Check the bonuses at several sites offering betting to see the best option. Always try to find bookmakers with the best welcome bonus offer.

Search Different Online Betting Sites Offering Welcome Bonus

Nearly all gambling sites offer users a welcome bonus. However, only some of these bonuses are worth it. Sometimes the terms and conditions can make it challenging to fulfill the requirements for these bonuses. It is why combing different bookmakers offering a welcome bonus before choosing one is essential. Remember to consider how necessary searching thoroughly is.

When you patiently search for other options, you will not have a wasteful experience online. Even if you find a platform with an option tailored to your needs, you must take the time applying. Make sure to read the terms and conditions to understand the package. Basically, only commit to the welcome bonus when it feels right or sure it’s what you want. Therefore, it is best to use this welcome bonus only if it suits our needs.

Compare the Welcome Bonus on Different Betting Sites

You shall compare bonuses on other platforms because it is one of the most important considerations. The sports betting welcome bonus on various betting platforms can be different. It is why you must compare the options at your disposal before choosing. Additionally, if you have seen the type of welcome bonus you are looking for, accept it. It also help if you still compare it with others because there may be some pros and cons of what is on other platforms.

Consider every possibility when comparing different welcome bonuses. Most times, it is about something other than the percentage of the welcome bonus or its amount. Instead, it is more about the terms and conditions of the prize. For example, some bookmakers can force you to bet with a massive part of your winnings (bonuses) before you are able to withdraw. Meanwhile, some sites are flexible and can let you take rewards without bets or a few bets.

Only Have One Account at the Betting Site

Many players make the mistake of opening multiple accounts to claim welcome bonuses. It is a mistake that should be avoided at all costs. Under no circumstances should you open numerous tabs to claim sports betting welcome offers. 

Meanwhile, most gambling sites employ advanced security measures to detect people attempting to cheat the system. However, when we you caught trying, you will be blocked. Additionally, if you open multiple accounts to play and win more, you may lose both the welcome bonus and funds. In most cases, your account can be suspended or permanently restricted.

Free Welcome Bonus Without Deposit

There are different types of welcome offers. The first type of welcome offer is the bonus which requires a deposit. A first deposit bonus is usually given after the first deposit at the betting site. Furthermore, you can qualify for this bonus based on a percentage of the money you deposit. In most cases, the reward can be as high as 100 per cent of the deposit amount. For example, if the deposit amount is 10 rupees, the bonus will be 10 rupees. Meanwhile, a free bonus with no deposit required is the opposite of a bonus with a deposit.

You do not need to pay any money to get a welcome bonus without deposit. As its name suggests, this type of welcome bonus is given after sign up for a betting account. You do not have to make any deposit to enjoy this bonus. The offer is already on standby for new users. You can also get free bets without making any deposit amount. Meanwhile, some platforms offer rewards that can be withdrawn instantly. However, this offer is rare and is available only to existing customers.

Check the Validity of the Welcome Bonus Without Deposit

The welcome bonuses on most betting sites have a validity period. Meanwhile, consider how much the deposit is before getting the reward. For example, some might insist that you spend up to INR 10,000 before withdrawing the bonus. Sometimes, the welcome bonus betting sites can even be as low as INR 100. 

To begin with, pay attention to the conditions attached to the welcome bonus. Additionally, all bonuses will expire. Hence, it is best to use a reward tailoring your needs. For example, make it a habit to always review a bookmaker’s terms and conditions before accepting their welcome offer.


How does a welcome bonus work?

A welcome offer is a bonus that allows to bet on sports events immediately after signing up for a betting account on the platform. Additionally, users can also get access to free bets. Furthermore, there are different welcome bonuses, including bonuses with no deposit and bonus deposit required.

Can I keep the winnings from a welcome bonus?

Yes, you can keep the winnings from a welcome bonus. However, there is a catch. Some betting platforms can include some conditions regarding how you can use the bonus offer. For example, you might have to play a certain number of odds to get access to the bonus.

Is a welcome bonus a scam or legit?

Welcome offers are legit rewards. These offers are part of the standard practice of betting platforms. A welcome offer is a bonus that online gambling sites give to draw you to bet on their platform. The more the bonus you receive, the more fun you will have betting. Meanwhile, the sports betting platforms we list above are 100% legit.

Which are the best welcome bonus sites?

Remember to make sure to go for a welcome bonus tailored to your needs. Sometimes you may need help comparing the bonuses at gambling sites to see the best option. However, always check with several sites to learn their offering. You can also speak with customer support to get more details about the welcome offers. Sports betting platforms we list above, will give you the best welcome bonus India.


In summary, a welcome offer is an incentive put by bookmakers for gamblers. It is a reward for gamblers and a means of drawing players to the site. Meanwhile, there are several benefits to getting the best welcome offer. 

We have present to you here different types of welcome bonuses available. Also, we cover a list of the top betting platforms that offer the best welcome bonus. You can also take advantage of free bets and other promotional offers that do not require us to deposit money to win. In addition, we make sure they have a valid license from a gaming authority like United Kingdom Gambling Commission.Thus, we recommend following this guide. In this case, we can take full advantage of a welcome bonus.

Last Updated on July 17, 2024