Angelo Mathews became the first player to be ‘timed out’ in an international game, sparking controversy when he couldn’t take the crease due to a helmet issue.

In the ongoing 2023 ODI World Cup clash between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh Angelo Mathews becomes the first cricketer to be ‘timed out’ in international cricket. The controversy arose when, as the No. 6 batter for Sri Lanka, Mathews couldn’t take his position due to a broken helmet and requested a replacement. This delay led to Bangladesh appealing for a ‘timed out’ dismissal, resulting in a discussion between the umpires and both teams, ultimately leading to Mathews’ dismissal in a groundbreaking moment for the sport.

According to the MCC rules, a batter must be prepared to face the ball or for the other batter to be ready to face the next ball within 3 minutes of dismissal or retirement, and the bowler doesn’t get the credit for the wicket.

However, in the ICC World Cup 2023, this time limit is reduced to just 2 minutes, and if the incoming batter doesn’t meet this requirement, they can be dismissed as ‘Timed out,’ as stated in the tournament’s playing conditions.

Last Updated on November 6, 2023

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