Brian Lara, the legendary West Indian cricketer, was recently seen interacting with the Indian cricket players ahead of their highly anticipated test match against the West Indies. 

In a fun encounter, Lara was seen engrossed in a phone conversation when the Indian skipper, Virat Kohli, approached him. After exchanging a few words, they engaged in a friendly discussion, indicative of the camaraderie between the two cricketing greats.

Subsequently, in a video that emerged from the encounter, Brian Lara could be seen indulging in a light-hearted conversation with the Indian players, including Rohit Sharma and even the esteemed Rahul Dravid. Coincidentally, the upcoming test match will mark a significant milestone for Virat Kohli, as it will be his 500th match, an achievement that underscores his contribution to the sport. 

Watch the full video here:

Adding to the excitement surrounding this match is India’s recent First test win showcased their remarkable form.

Last Updated on July 19, 2023

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