Chris Gayle believes it’s unfair that BCCI restricts Indian cricketers to the IPL, preventing them from playing in other T20 leagues worldwide, while players from other countries can participate in multiple tournaments.

Batting legend Chris Gayle has voiced his concerns about the BCCI’s policy restricting Indian cricketers from participating in T20 leagues other than the IPL, calling it unfair and detrimental to the growth of cricket globally. According to Gayle, the BCCI’s decision to confine its players to their own franchise tournaments prevents the expansion and development of the sport into new territories.

Indian cricketers under BCCI contracts must retire from all forms of cricket if they wish to play in other T20 leagues, a restriction not imposed by other cricket boards.

“The Indian cricketers don’t have to play in other franchise cricket around the world. They [the BCCI] stay within their own zone and build their own territory and own cricket and own players. I’d love to see it expand more, instead of being stuck in one place which is India. I think it’s truly unfair,” Gayle said to Dafa News.

Gayle argued that this limitation benefits top cricketing nations like India and England, who earn substantial revenues, while lower-ranked teams struggle financially. Highlighting the financial disparity, he called for the ICC to ensure that all teams, regardless of their ranking, receive fair treatment and opportunities.

“Looking at the bigger picture and the bigger market, give the players what they should get,” Gayle said. “Step it up. International cricket-wise, the lower-ranked teams aren’t getting the kind of money that India and England are getting. It’s only fair that those lower-ranked teams get played more as well, since they’re playing the same international cricket but just less games,” he said.

“From the ICC’s point of view, maybe they’re not bring a lot of revenue or marketing product, but you still have to pay them. They have families to feed as well. Whether the higher-ranked team beats the lower ones doesn’t matter; you have to step up the gear, money wise, and look after the players,” Gayle added.

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The West Indies legend also sympathized with players choosing franchises over their countries due to financial security. He believes it’s a business decision and opined that loyalty has diminished in the sport.

“It’s business. It’s all about the paper [money]. There’s no loyalty in the game anymore. You can’t stop a player from choosing a franchise over his country and you cannot fault a player for that. At the end of the day, it’s their livelihood and their job. We will always hold out country to our heart, for sure, but in cricket anything can happen. You can have a short career. So those lower-ranked teams need to be paid more,” Gayle concluded.



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Last Updated on June 25, 2024

Senior Sports Copywriter