David Warner, addressing Mitchell Johnson’s column controversy and his impending retirement after the Pakistan series, maintained a composed stance, humorously acknowledging the media buzz.

Australian cricket star David Warner responded calmly to the controversy ignited by Mitchell Johnson’s column. Warner chose not to escalate the debate, respecting Johnson’s right to his opinion. Planning to retire after the Pakistan series at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Johnson’s column raised doubts about Warner’s decision and revisited the 2018 ball-tampering incident. However, Warner laughed off the situation while addressing the media, stating, “It’s not summer without a headline, right?” He acknowledged differing opinions, focusing on the upcoming Test in the west.

Determined to end his Test career positively, Warner shared how his parents taught him resilience and hard work when talking during the launch of Fox Cricket.

“It wouldn’t be a summer without a headline, would it? It is what it is. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. Moving forward, we’re looking forward to a nice Test over in the west. My parents ingrained that into me. They taught me every day to fight and work hard. When you go onto the world stage and you don’t realize what comes with that, it’s a lot of media, a lot of criticism but a lot of positive. I think what’s more important is what you see here today, the people coming out to support cricket,” Warner said.

Warner faced a slump in Test cricket since 2020-21, with just one century in 25 matches, a double-hundred against South Africa. Despite this, Australian selectors maintained faith in him. Skipper Pat Cummins expressed unwavering support, stating the team’s strong camaraderie and protection for players like Warner and Steve Smith, emphasizing their long-standing bond over twelve years. Cummins highlighted the team’s united front, acknowledging the overwhelmingly positive support they receive, indicating their commitment to bolster each other during challenging times in cricket.

Last Updated on December 8, 2023