BCCI will introduce the ‘Smart Replay System’ in IPL 2024 for faster and more precise decision-making through split-screen visuals.

The upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL) season will introduce a significant advancement in the game with the introduction of the “Smart Replay System.” This innovative technology aims to improve decision-making accuracy and streamline the umpiring process. 

According to ESPNcricinfo, “The TV umpire will receive inputs directly from two Hawk-Eye operators who will be sitting in the same room as the umpire and provide him with images captured by Hawk-Eye’s eight hi-speed cameras across the ground. The TV broadcast director, who used to be a conduit between the third umpire and the Hawk-Eye operators until now, will no longer be involved under the new system.”

This direct communication allows the TV umpire to receive a wider range of visuals, including crucial split-screen images. The Smart Replay System can now display, side-by-side, a clear view of a player’s feet and hands at the exact moment of contact with the ball. Previously, such a detailed view was not readily available to the broadcaster, potentially leading to confusion.

The report by ESPNcricinfo further explained that the benefits extend beyond boundary catches. In the past, determining whether the batter had crossed for a run when the ball was overthrown for four could have been a challenge. With the Smart Replay System, synchronised video can present a split screen showing the fielder releasing the ball and the position of the batter at that precise moment. Hawk-Eye operators can also analyse still images of the throw and the batter’s positions, providing the TV umpire with a clearer picture.

The IPL’s innovative Smart Review System tackles the intricacies of stumping decisions too. A split-screen view instantly exposes any bat-ball contact. If the ball passes clean, the system skips to the side-on replay for a quick confirmation. Additionally, the “tri-vision” technology merges crucial footage from side-on and front-on cameras, providing an indisputable view of bail removal. Finally, high-speed Hawk-Eye cameras, capturing video at 300 frames per second compared to the sluggish Stump Cam, ensure crystal-clear visuals for the umpires. This multi-pronged approach promises swifter and more accurate stumping calls, enhancing fairness and pace of play in the upcoming IPL season.

For close-up catches near the ground, the new technology now provides a single frame with both front-on and side-on angles, allowing the umpire to zoom in for a clearer view. Additionally, viewers might get to hear live conversations between the umpire and the Hawk-Eye operator, allowing transparency during the decision-making process. 

Subsequently, to prepare for the IPL, the BCCI conducted a workshop for umpires who will be using this new technology. According to ESPNcricinfo, “It is learned that about 15 umpires, comprising both Indian and overseas umpires, will work with the Smart Replay System”. This technology will be in action from the beginning of the tournament that starts on March 22nd between the Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Last Updated on March 20, 2024