During the IPL 2024 auction, Kolkata Knight Riders, with a remaining purse of ₹32.70 crore, invested ₹24.75 crore in Mitchell Starc while simultaneously securing nine other players for a combined sum of ₹6.60 crore.

During the IPL 2024 auction, Aakash Chopra highlighted Kolkata Knight Riders’ emotional dilemma while signing Mitchell Starc. Despite having a substantial budget of ₹32.70 crore, KKR splurged ₹24.75 crore on Starc, recalling a prior letdown when he reneged on joining them earlier.

Chopra emphasized that KKR suffered due to Starc’s previous refusal, disrupting their game plan centered around four overseas players, one of whom Starc was supposed to be, causing a setback in their strategy. This expensive reacquisition of Starc might trigger mixed feelings within the team, considering the past disappointment they faced due to his non-arrival.

“Kolkata ran after Mitchell Starc. I felt it might be a little heartburn because they had kept him earlier and he didn’t come and they were at a loss. Kolkata was the team that got hurt when Mitchell Starc said he wouldn’t come because they had built their strategy around the four overseas players and one of them didn’t come,” said Chopra on his YouTube channel.

“However, now they have spent 24.75 crores on him. They had close to 32 crore rupees, but to give 25 out of 32 to one player – it was incredible. It shows how much they wanted Mitchell Starc,” he added.

At the IPL auction, bidding for Mitchell Starc commenced between Delhi Capitals and Mumbai Indians, with Kolkata Knight Riders and Gujarat Titans joining in. Eventually, Titans withdrew at ₹24.75 crore.

Chopra further highlighted Kolkata’s dire need for seamers due to limited Indian options like Vaibhav Arora and Harshit Rana, emphasizing the hefty sum spent on Starc. The colossal investment in Starc resulted in missing out on Madushanka, leaving the team short of desired bowling reinforcements, a situation Chopra found impactful.

Last Updated on December 24, 2023

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