In a dramatic turn of events during the final day of the 2nd Ashes Test encounter today, the 52nd over witnessed a controversial run-out that left Jonny Bairstow stunned and England reeling. The match was finely poised with England on a chase and Ben Stokes partnering with Bairstow at the crease. As Cameron Green’s bouncer soared past Bairstow, he instinctively ducked under it. In a crucial oversight, however, Barstow stepped out of the crease without grounding his bat, presuming the ball was dead and the over had concluded. Alex Carey had other plans. The Aussie wicketkeeper swiftly collected the ball and aimed for the striker’s end, hitting the stumps with unerring accuracy, leaving Bairstow stranded and the England camp in disbelief. The on-field umpires initially sought the assistance of the television umpire and it was ultimately Marais Erasmus who ruled Jonny Bairstow out. 

In response to the heated discussions, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has issued a statement shedding light on the situation. “According to law 20.1.2 of the MCC’s Laws of Cricket, the ball shall be considered to be dead when it is clear to the bowler’s end umpire that the fielding side and both batters at the wicket have ceased to regard it as in play.” ICC stated. 

According to England captain Ben Stokes, he would have considered the game’s spirit before making an appeal. “If the shoe was on the other foot, I would have put more pressure on the umpires and asked whether they had called over and had a deep think about the whole spirit of the game and would I want do something like that.” said Stokes.  He also clarified that he would not want to win the game in such a manner, firmly stating, “Would I want to win a game in this manner? The answer for me is no.” 

Meanwhile, Australia captain Pat Cummins defended his decision to appeal, pointing out that Alex Carey observed the incident and acted promptly, saying, “Carey saw it happen a few balls previous. There was no pause. Catch it and straightaway throw it at the stumps. I thought it was totally fair play. That is how the rule is. But some people would disagree, I know.” Cummins added, “Just like the catch yesterday, the rule is there. That is how I see it.”

As Bairstow walked back, the TV replays laid bare a recurring pattern of him wandering out of the crease prematurely. It seemed that Alex Carey had keenly observed this habit and capitalized on it during the run-out. Despite the boos from the crowd directed toward the Australian players, the commentators did not hold back in their criticism of Bairstow. With the upcoming third Test just around the corner, the verbal jabs and counterattacks between the teams are set to intensify in the days leading up to Thursday’s match.

Watch the video of Jonny Bairstow’s dismissal:

Last Updated on July 4, 2023

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