Cameron Green and Josh Hazlewood’s partnership rewrote the record books as they became the fourth-highest 10th-wicket partnership in Australian Test cricket history.

In the ongoing Test match against New Zealand, the Australian tail wagged fiercely, thanks to a remarkable 10th-wicket partnership between Josh Hazlewood and Cameron Green. The duo bagged together a crucial 116 runs, rewriting history by becoming the fourth-highest 10th-wicket partnership in Australian Test cricket history.

Green, the all-rounder, remained unbeaten on a magnificent 174. His knock left everyone in awe, while Hazlewood provided valuable support with 22 runs off 62 deliveries. Subsequently, the New Zealand batting line-up faltered, leaving them with a massive deficit of 204 runs in the first innings.

After the second day, Hazlewood shared his thoughts as a tail-ender. He emphasized the importance of keeping things simple, focusing on scoring options, defending good deliveries, and having strategies to counter short balls.

“I think sometimes you can work too much on it and try and be a batsman, and look like a batsman. I just don’t think that’s when the tail’s at its most potent. Everyone’s got to have their scoring options and keep the good ball out when it’s at the stumps and have an option for the short ball, but it’s as simple as that I think. It’s just having a couple of options to score, a good defence, and trying not to look too pretty I think,” Hazlewood told the press. Hazlewood further elaborated on the crucial partnership, revealing the importance of on-field communication. He explained how they discussed game strategy, and scoring options, and targeted specific bowlers to capitalize on weaknesses. The fast bowler asserted, “We were just thinking basically about the game…It’s all those little things you talk through, and then all of a sudden we’re 50 partnership, then 100, and geez, we’re up near 400…” Hazlewood also praised Green’s batting prowess,”Greeny’s nice to have a hit with,” he added, highlighting the synergy between the duo.

Now, with a dominant lead of 217 runs, Australia will be looking to capitalize and potentially secure a crucial win against their trans-Tasman rivals.

Last Updated on March 1, 2024