Batting legend Sunil Gavaskar has chosen to step back from offering unsolicited advice to current Indian cricketers, despite his willingness to help in the past. Recognizing the team’s coaching staff, Gavaskar refrains from overloading players with information. 

Legendary allrounder Kapil Dev, however, believes that players should take the initiative to seek guidance from experienced individuals like Gavaskar, valuing their invaluable insights from years of association with the game. 

Speaking to The Week, Kapil highlighted that while young players exude self-assurance, they often fall into the trap of thinking they possess all the knowledge they need. According to him, the surge in players’ earnings may have contributed to this change in attitude. Kapil emphasized the importance of seeking guidance from experienced individuals, even if they haven’t played the modern game.

Kapil shared his advice, stating, “Sometimes, when too much money comes, arrogance comes. These cricketers, they feel they know everything. That’s the difference. I would say there are so many cricketers who need help. When Sunil Gavaskar is there, why can’t you talk? Why should there be ego? They feel they are good enough. Maybe they are good enough, but extra help from somebody, who has seen 50 seasons of cricket, won’t hurt. He knows which side the grass grows and where the sun comes out from.

“I think IPL was a big change,” says Kapil Dev, attributing the shift to the influx of money. He emphasizes the BCCI’s responsibility to guide young players who may struggle with newfound wealth.

“Look, change only comes when money also comes. I always feel money is very good; it gives you confidence. At this stage, the cricket board has the responsibility to look after them. They come from humble backgrounds; sometimes, when you get too much money, you get spoiled. Everybody can’t handle that. You need guidance; the cricket board today can hire people and give them classes,” he added.

Last Updated on July 31, 2023

Senior Sports Copywriter