Keshav Maharaj disclosed that he requested the ‘Ram Siya Ram’ song to be played during the India vs. South Africa 2nd Test, a musical choice linked to his spiritual beliefs.

During both the recent white-ball and Test series, the ‘Ram Siya Ram’ song, accompanying Keshav Maharaj’s entry to bat, garnered notable reactions from Indian cricketers, particularly KL Rahul and Virat Kohli. Amid the third ODI, Rahul inquired if the song consistently played whenever Maharaj walked out to bat, prompting a light-hearted moment between them, caught on the stump mic.

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During the second Test in Cape Town, a moment unfolded as Maharaj walked in to bat while ‘Ram Siya Ram’ played in the background. Standing at slips, Virat Kohli expressed a heartwarming tribute to Lord Rama by folding his hands and gesturing like an archer.

Maharaj later disclosed that he had requested the song to be played as a personal connection to God, considering Him his guiding force. The song’s resonance with his beliefs created a comforting ambiance, aligning him with his spiritual zone every time he entered the field.

“That is my entrance song. I am a devotee of Lord Hanuman and Lord Ram so I think it is a fitting song. Obviously, something that I put forward to the media lady and requested that song to be played,” Maharaj told PTI.

“For me, God has been my greatest blessing, giving me guidance and opportunity. So, it’s the least that I can do and it also just gets you in your zone. It’s a nice feeling walking out (into the ground) to hear ‘Ram Siya Ram’ playing in the background,” he added.

Leading Durban Super Giants in the upcoming SA20 League, Maharaj also expressed excitement for the tournament’s second season, aiming for an improved performance. He underlined their readiness to elevate their game from last year, acknowledging the high-quality competition that awaits and the learning curve it offers for the upcoming World Cup.

Last Updated on January 9, 2024

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