Shoaib Bashir’s stellar performance at the fourth test match at Ranchi has collected a lot of appreciation, with Michael Vaughan celebrating his success and calling him the new Ravi Ashwin

Shoaib Bashir’s bowling skills impressed fans from both England and India. He was initially denied a visa to enter India, causing him to miss the first test in Hyderabad. But his magnificent performance at Ranchi is now the talk of the town. Former England captain Michael Vaughan also could not stop praising him, as he even compared him to Ravichandran Ashwin.

Bashir demonstrated his class with the ball, bagging eight crucial wickets. His remarkable five-wicket haul during India’s first inning showcased his skill and determination on the pitch. Praising the spinner’s talent and contribution to the team’s success Vaughan expressed his thoughts while speaking to Club Prairie Fire’s YouTube channel.

“It’s been a fantastic week for English cricket. One of the great weeks, celebrating another world-class superstar that we’ve unearthed, Shoaib Bashir. That’s what we’re celebrating. Second Test match, eight wickets, he’s the new Ravi Ashwin, and we’ve unearthed him. So, we’re celebrating a new superstar in English cricket.”

However, even with such impressive performances and skills, Bashir could not stop India’s win, as the latter bagged an unstoppable 3-1 lead in the five-match test series.

Vaughan later expressed his thoughts on England’s performance, praising Ben Stokes and the team for their commendable approach. He believed that England had been the better team in the series, despite the outcome.

“I think it’s going to be a fresh one in Dharamsala, so I expect England to win. They’ve been the better team in the series, as they were in the Ashes. If you go session by session, England have looked a better team. I’m saying looked a better team, but we don’t play series now to win them. I think people have got to understand that the game of cricket has changed in the UK. We don’t play to win them, we play to just bring entertainment, bring joy, and unearth new talent,” he concluded.

Last Updated on March 1, 2024