Following an on-field confrontation during the LLC 2023 Eliminator, S. Sreesanth condemned Gautam Gambhir as “arrogant and utterly classless,” expressing disappointment over Gambhir’s repeated use of the term “fixer”.

The recent clash between former Indian cricketers Sreesanth and Gautam Gambhir took a turn for the worse after Gambhir posted a picture on Instagram, seemingly taking a dig at Sreesanth’s situation.

Sreesanth, feeling aggrieved, commented on the post, accusing Gambhir of crossing boundaries as a sportsman and a fellow player. He expressed disappointment over Gambhir labeling him a fixer and highlighted Gambhir’s behavior towards other cricketers and umpires.

 “You have exceeded the boundaries of a sportsman and a brother, and above all, you represent the people. Yet, you continue to engage in conflicts with every cricketer. What is the matter with you? All I did was smile and observe, and you labeled me a fixer? Seriously? Are you above the Supreme Court? You have no authority to speak in such a manner and say whatever you please. You even verbally abused the umpires, and yet you speak of smiling? You are an arrogant and utterly classless individual who lacks any form of respect for those who supported you,” Sreeshant’s comment read.

“Until yesterday, I always held respect for you and your family. However, you used the derogatory term “fixer” not just once, but seven or eight times. You even resorted to using the F-word towards the umpires and myself, persistently trying to provoke me. Anyone who has experienced what I have endured would never forgive you. Deep down, you know that what you said and did was wrong. I’m sure even God wont forgive you. You didn’t even come to the field after that..Come on, God is watching everything,” he added.

Irfan Pathan, the former Indian bowler, supported Gautam Gambhir’s post by commenting “Best answer.”

Earlier, In an emotional Instagram video, Sreesanth disclosed the derogatory remarks Gambhir allegedly directed at him during their heated on-field altercation. Sreesanth revealed that Gambhir repeatedly called him a “fixer” in front of the cameras and even in the presence of umpires, using profanity.

Last Updated on December 7, 2023

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