Controversy surrounds Bangladeshi Cricketer Tanzim Hasan Sakib due to his contentious remarks on working wives and a cautionary message to men about their future children’s modesty if they marry women with male friends from university.

A 20-year-old Bangladeshi cricketer found himself at the center of a controversy on Monday, following the emergence of misogynistic social media posts that criticized working women. This incident unfolded just days after his international debut, initially garnering widespread admiration for his performance.

However, the tide swiftly turned as the young cricketer faced widespread backlash and condemnation on social media platforms for his offensive comments against working women.

If the wife works, the husband’s rights are not ensured,” a source reported Tanzim’s posts on Facebook last year.

“If the wife works, the child’s rights are not ensured. If the wife works, her elegance is damaged. If the wife works, the family is ruined. If the wife works, the veil is ruined. If the wife works, society is ruined.”

Tanzim further cautioned men that marrying women who are comfortable with close friendships with males in a university setting might result in their sons not having a ‘modest’ mother.

Despite women constituting the backbone of Bangladesh’s booming garment factory workforce, regressive patriarchal beliefs still plague this predominantly Muslim nation. Even as women power the economic growth, outdated, male-dominated ideologies persist creating a jarring contrast.

Tanzim’s remarks triggered a swift and sharp backlash. Paris-based feminist writer Jannatun Nayeem Prity emphasized that the women who predominantly staff the factories producing Bangladesh team jerseys deserved respect, adding, “I feel sorry for you that you don’t consider your mother a normal human being.”

Writer Swakrito Noman shared his condemnation on Facebook, labeling the comments as “deeply offensive” and urging the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) to seek apologies from Tanzim.

Journalist Mejbaul Haque echoed these sentiments, denouncing the distorted misogyny as unacceptable, regardless of the individual’s star status.

Consequently, Tanzim had to answer to the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). He vehemently denied being a misogynist, pledging to refrain from such posts in the future and consenting to the BCB’s oversight.

Jalal Yunus, Chairman of the BCB’s cricket operations committee, disclosed, “From the cricket board and cricket operations, we have had discussions with Tanzim Sakib. We talked to him. He has also been contacted by the media committee. We informed him about the posts that came on Facebook… his statement is that he didn’t make such posts to hurt anyone. Whatever he posted, it wasn’t meant for anyone in particular. He felt sorry if anyone got hurt due to his posts.”

Tansim firmly denied being a misogynist, asserting that he could never hold such views since his own mother is a woman.

Yunus confirmed that the player took responsibility for all his posts, expressed remorse, and pledged to avoid such content in the future. The BCB will closely monitor his actions moving forward and emphasized the importance of his ideology and mindset.

Yunus elaborated on the situation, noting the concern within Sakib’s family and the upcoming World Cup. He warned that if any similar incidents occur, the BCB will take appropriate action.

Although Tanzim deleted the controversial posts, the board remains vigilant, intending to address any issues that may arise and continue discussions with him to ensure a more respectful approach in the future.

Last Updated on September 19, 2023

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