In a gripping moment during the final Ashes Test at the Oval, Australia’s Steve Smith survived a crucial DRS review after England captain Ben Stokes failed to maintain control of a catch at leg-slip. 

Off-spinner Moeen Ali provided the catching opportunity, catching Smith off guard with an extra bounce. In a daring leap, Stokes sought to grab the high-bouncing ball, but upon landing it unexpectedly hit his thigh, compelling him to swiftly release the ball towards the ground. Hence, he couldn’t hold on to the catch, giving Smith a much-needed reprieve while he was on 39.

Despite England’s appeal, the TV umpire, Nitin Menon, ruled in favor of Steve Smith, deeming the catch incomplete. 

The decision hinged on Marylebone Cricket Club’s Law 33.3, which states that a catch begins when the ball touches the fielder and concludes when they have complete control over the ball and their movement. With 146 runs needed for victory and two sessions left, Australia eyes a 3-1 series win and a boost in the ICC World Test Championship points table.”

Last Updated on July 31, 2023

Senior Sports Copywriter