Rohit Sharma reminded Sarfaraz Khan to wear a helmet while fielding close to the batter, cautioning him in a viral moment during England’s second innings.

In the ongoing India vs England fourth test, Rohit Sharma caught attention once again for reminding Sarfaraz Khan about wearing a helmet while fielding close to the batter. In a viral clip circulating on X (formerly Twitter), Rohit is seen cautioning Sarfaraz with “aye bhai, zyada hero mat ban. (Don’t try to be a hero),” during England’s second innings.

The incident occurred in the 47th over when Sarfaraz approached the field without proper headgear. An umpire also intervened, emphasizing the safety rule that prohibits fielding in such proximity to the batter without wearing a helmet.

On the match front, India has positioned themselves favorably to secure the series after a topsy-turvy start. England claimed an early lead by winning the first Test in Hyderabad, but Rohit Sharma’s leadership spurred India to victories in Vizag and Rajkot.

In the ongoing Ranchi clash, England initially shone, posting 353 runs in the first innings, but India’s disciplined bowling restricted them to 307. However, England faltered in their second innings, managing only 145 runs. R Ashwin starred with five wickets, supported by Kuldeep Yadav’s four and Jadeja’s one.

India now needs 192 runs to seal the series victory in Ranchi, setting the stage for an exciting finale.

Last Updated on February 25, 2024

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