During the LLC 2023 Eliminator, Sreesanth alleged that Gautam Gambhir repeatedly labeled him as a ‘fixer,’ as revealed by Sreesanth in a subsequent Instagram post where he accused Gambhir of verbal abuse.

During the Legends League Cricket’s Eliminator, Sreesanth faced off against Gautam Gambhir, who allegedly continuously taunted him by calling him a “fixer.” Despite Sreesanth’s past ban and subsequent acquittal over alleged involvement in the 2013 IPL spot-fixing controversy, he now represents the Gujarat Giants in the LLC after a reduction in his ban to seven years.

The tension escalated during the match as Gambhir hit boundaries off Sreesanth’s deliveries, leading to a confrontation between the two players, involving the umpires. Sreesanth later took to Instagram, accusing Gambhir of verbal abuse and reiterating the derogatory term directed at him during their heated on-field exchange.

“I have not used a single bad word or used a single abusive word to him. I only kept saying, “What are you saying? What are you saying?” In fact, I kept laughing in a sarcastic way because he kept calling me “Fixer, fixer, F*** off fixer”. This is the language that was used,” Sreesanth explained in the video.

Earlier, after uploading a video recounting the heated exchange with Gambhir, Sreesanth expressed his disappointment, emphasizing that Gambhir insulted him without any provocation, using disrespectful words that shouldn’t have been uttered on the field. He claimed that his battle to clear his name from past controversies was being unfairly undermined. Meanwhile, Gambhir responded indirectly, sharing a tweet with a smiling image of himself and the caption, “Smile when the world is all about attention!”

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On the match front, Gambhir’s team, India Capitals, claimed victory by 12 runs against Sreesanth’s Gujarat Giants, eliminating them from the tournament.

Last Updated on December 7, 2023

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