In the eagerly anticipated fifth Ashes Test at Kennington Oval, Australian pace ace Mitchell Starc delivered a huge blow to England’s hopes. 

The Australian speedster unleashed a corker of delivery, dismissing England captain Ben Stokes for a mere 3 runs from 16 deliveries. The left-hander had to walk back, leaving Australia ecstatic with this crucial breakthrough.

Starc’s expertly pitched-up delivery to Ben Stokes in the 39th over posed a challenge. The delivery squared Stokes up and swung subtly after pitching, shattering the off-stump and leaving the all-rounder bewildered.

Throughout the series, Ben Stokes had consistently inflicted damage on the Australian side, showcasing his brilliance with a memorable 155 and pivotal 80-run innings. However, Pat Cummins had a stroke of luck in the series as he won the toss for the first time in the 3rd Test, electing to field, altering the course of the gripping Ashes battle.

Last Updated on July 27, 2023