A social media video has surfaced showing ex-Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni smoking a hookah during a casual social gathering, sparking a wave of diverse reactions on social media.

A widely circulated video showing MS Dhoni smoking hookah at a social gathering has stirred curiosity and surprise among fans. Despite Dhoni’s known dedication to fitness, this unexpected footage sparked discussions online. However, the video’s authenticity and timeline remain unconfirmed, suggesting it was likely captured at a recent private event.

After the video of Dhoni smoking hookah surfaced, an old remark by former CSK teammate George Bailey resurfaced. Bailey had mentioned Dhoni’s habit of enjoying hookah and how he used it to connect with younger players, fostering an open environment.

“He likes smoking a bit of the sheesha or the hookah. So, he quite often would set that up in his room, and it was very much open door policy. You would go in and quite often find a lot of younger players there. For India or lot of other cricket teams, it can be hierarchical, but he certainly broke that down,” said Bailey.

“You just find yourself in his room late at night chatting inevitably about the game or about different facets of the game or about different people and with different people it’s a great way to break down barriers,” he added.

However, the video’s emergence on social media has led to varied reactions from fans.

Last Updated on January 7, 2024

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