In preparation for the IPL 2022 edition, major transformations swept through the teams due to the mega auctions and the entry of two new franchises. As franchises bid farewell to some of their cherished players, the Royal Challengers Bangalore, in particular, raised eyebrows with their retention choices. 

Ahead of the auctions, each team could retain only four players and RCB decided to go ahead with just three players while releasing all others. The franchise chose to keep Virat Kohli, who had stepped down as captain, for INR 15 crore, Glenn Maxwell for INR 11 crore and Mohammed Siraj for INR 7 crore.

However, the surprising exclusion of Yuzvendra Chahal, a veteran spinner and fan favorite, sent shockwaves through social media. RCB’s decision prompted intense debate among cricket enthusiasts, with fans questioning the rationale behind letting go of a key performer who had been an integral part of the team’s success for the past 8 years.

Speaking on YouTuber Ranveer Allahbadia’s podcast ‘The Ranveer Show Hindi’, Chahal bared his feelings about the lack of communication with the RCB management and his disappointment at being overlooked by the franchise. 

“I played there for 8 years. RCB basically gave me the India cap, because they gave me a chance to perform. From the very first match, Virat Bhaiya showed trust. So, it felt bad, because it almost feels like family when you spend 8 years on a team. Many rumors came in like I asked for a huge amount of money. I clarified at the time that there wasn’t anything like that,” Chahal said, echoing his emotions. 

However, what hurt him the most was the complete lack of communication from RCB’s end. After playing 113 matches for the team, he expected at least a conversation about his future. This emotional setback led Chahal to vent his anger, refusing to interact with RCB coaches even during matches.

Having etched his name in Royal Challengers Bangalore’s (RCB) history with 113 appearances, Yuzvendra Chahal was an indispensable asset to the team since 2014.

The transition to Rajasthan Royals (RR) marked a turning point for Chahal, as he embraced the unpredictability of auctions with a positive outlook. While retaining fond memories of RCB and their passionate fans, Chahal expressed gratitude for the opportunities that Rajasthan Royals offered him.

Last Updated on July 16, 2023

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