Momentum One Day Cup Betting Guide

Punters will have fresh opportunities in the Momentum One Day Cup (MODC), as the competition enters a new era in 2022. The MODC will feature new teams and greater depth.

The cricket will be better and more comprehensive. That also means betting markets will be more attractive for cricket followers.

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What is the Momentum One Day Cup?

The MODC is List A cricket tournament sanctioned by Cricket South Africa (CSA).

For sponsorship reasons, the Momentum One Day Cup was previously the Benson and Hedges Series, Standard Bank League, then the Standard Bank Cup, and the MTN Domestic Competition.

The Momentum One Day Cup now features eight teams, following a revamp implemented by Cricket South Africa ahead of the 2022 domestic campaign.

However, the tournament has consistently evolved since its inception. The first One Day Cup featured five provincial teams. By the end of the 1995 summer, the One Day Cup had expanded to 11 provincial teams.

The One Day Cup expanded to 12 teams for the 2003 summer, after Namibia joined the tournament. The One Day Cup was revamped once again a season later when the provincial and regional system was dismantled, and a franchise system was introduced for the 2005 campaign.

The 2005 One Day Cup season ushered in a new era for South Africa, which saw six franchises competing for the title of domestic One Day Cup champions. The six One Day cup franchises that were to become the face of South African domestic cricket for more than 15 years are the Dolphins, Titans, Lions, Eagles/Knights, Warriors, and Cobras. 

How Does The Momentum One Day Cup Work?

The Momentum One Day Cup is one of three tournaments that are sanctioned by Cricket South Africa. The other tournaments are the CSA T20 Challenge and the 4-Day Franchise Series.

The Momentum One Day Cup is a Double Round-Robin tournament, where the Titans, Boland Rocks, Western Province, Dolphins, Warriors, Lions, Knights, and North West compete for the title. The 2022 Momentum One Day Cup season will usher in a new era for South African teams.

The Titans, Dolphins, Warriors, Lions, and Knights have continued with their existing brands. Meanwhile, the old Cobras franchise has been split off into two teams. They are Western Province and Boland Rocks. The final addition to the revamped Momentum One Day Cup tournament is the North West.

The CSA T20 Challenge also features the Titans, Boland Rocks, Western Province, Dolphins, Warriors, Lions, Knights, and North West. They also compete in a Round Robin and Knockout tournament. The CSA T20 Challenge effectively replaced the Mzansi Super League.

The 4-Day Franchise Series is a First Class Double Round-Robin tournament which features 15 teams, competing in two divisions. The top division features the Titans, Boland, Western Province, Dolphins, Warriors, Lions, Knights, and North West.

Who Are the Favourites to Win the Cup This Year, and Why?

The Dolphins will start the 2022 One Day Cup as the tournament favourites, having won three of the last four finals. In 2018, the Dolphins shared the Momentum One Day Cup title with the Warriors, after an otherwise successful campaign in which they only lost three times.

In the 2020 Momentum One Day cup tournament, the Dolphins finished the season at the top of the table, after winning seven of their ten matches. Because of the pandemic, the Momentum One Day Cup knockout fixtures could not be played and the Dolphins were awarded the title.

The 2021 Momentum One Day Cup was shared between the Dolphins and the Lions.

Nevertheless, there is a consistency about the brand of cricket that the Dolphins play, and that is primarily because there is minimal disruption to the squads that they enter into the tournament. That makes them a threat in every match that they play, whether that be a round-robin match or a semi final.

Betting On The Momentum Tournament

It is also worth noting that Dolphins players are generally better suited to a limited-overs match. The Dolphins are particularly threatening if that match is a semi final because the players are usually clutch under pressure. If you were to place a bet on any team, the Dolphins would be it.

The Titans are another team with a lot of recent momentum in the One Day Cup. If there is another team you should place your bets on, it should be them. The Titans feature prominently in most cricket betting tips, because they won the tournament in 2019, when they beat the Dolphins.

The Titans also won the tournament in 2017, when they obliterated the Warriors. They were also champions two years prior to that when they beat the Cobras.

However, cricket betting tips are never that simple. In the 2021 Momentum tournament, the Titans did not feature in the play-off fixtures at all, despite the brand of free cricket that they play.

Betting on this year’s tournament should also take into account that tournament formats have changed. Sports betting should also take into account that there are more teams competing in the 2022 tournament. Any betting should also take into account that a T20 tournament has just been completed in South Africa. That tournament should provide more valuable insights than historical 50-over competitions. The winners of this competition were the Boland Rocks.

How Do You Bet on the MODC?

You should sign up with a reputable sportsbook, and deposit money into your account. Once you have money in your account, you can wager on all the domestic cricket matches.

What Are Your Options?

  • Top Team Batter
  • Top Team Bowler
  • To Win Outright
  • Tournament Correct Score
  • Series Leader
  • Match and Series Double
  • Series Score
  • Team With Highest Innings Score

What Are the Risks and Rewards Associated With Betting on the MODC Tournament?


  • You can lose your money
  • It can be time-consuming
  • Winning returns are lousy


  • Cricket can be very predictable
  • Form counts in your favor when betting
  • Cricket gambling can be thrilling.

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How do win a cricket bet every time?

You can’t win a cricket bet every time, but if you want a decent return you need to watch a lot of cricket and conduct serious analysis.

Why do punters always lose?

Punters usually lose because they have not actually watched the games. They also lose because they have not analysed the statistics comprehensively enough.

Can I bet on both teams to win?

Yes you can bet on both teams to win, but it doesn’t really make financial sense to do so.

Is There MODC in 2022?

Yes, the competition starts on March 11, and ends on April 8.

Who Won Last Edition Of The MODC?

The Dolphins and the Lions shared the title after the rain stopped play in the final match.

Final Verdict

There will be more opportunities to win in the 2022 MODC, because the format has been expanded. Team structures have changed and few of the matches are likely to be affected by rain, as South Africa enters its dry season when the competition starts.

Last Updated on March 7, 2022