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On this page, you will find the most popular American Express betting sites. In details, all these bookmakers have been reviewed. We have looked into their licenses, security, and dependability of their cashier services. Moreover, when you pick a site from our list, you enjoy a safe way of transferring funds to your account. In this Amex betting sites review, we cover the following:

  • Amex Betting Deposit and withdrawal procedures
  • Security information about this payment method
  • American Express Betting Standard processing times


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Betting With American Express

American Express is one of the oldest and most established financial institutions in the United States, Hence, its operations date back to 1850. As a respected American company, American Express is listed at the Dow Jones Industrial AverageIn general, Amex offers a variety of financial products from credit cards to traveler’s cheque. Through its decades’ worth of operations, the company has managed to boost its portfolio. Nowadays, it has expand the reach in the market.

Becoming American Express

Nowadays more commonly called Amex, the American Express company can trace its history. So long as way back to the days of stage coaches and steamships. It started up in Buffalo, New York, as an express mail company.

This was a merger of several existing companies. Evidently, this led to the firm enjoying a near monopoly throughout the state. During this time, it made deals or merged with railroad companies, ship operators and other stage coach firms. Such as Wells Fargo. By 1874 it was prosperous enough to move its HQ to a prestigious building in Manhattan.

However, Amex was not content to remain a successful freight company. Back then, the only way to conduct business without cash was to use Letters of Credit. Essentially, this was where one party promised to pay back anything the bearer of the letter took on account.

Unfortunately, it was an unreliable system. With creditors often refusing to accept the letters. This time in 1864, the United States Postal Service created money orders. These were a response to the disruption of the Civil War. It allowed Union soldiers to safely send money home to relatives using the postal system. American Express, which had diversified into financial services a few years earlier, noticed this with interest.

American Express For Online Betting Sites

As of today, Amex is a standard payment option in many licensed online sportsbooks and casinos. As an illutstraion, the credit cards of Amex corner +20% of the market in total dollar volume of card transactions. In addition, in the delivery of its financial services to users. The company invests in premium customer support and complete protection.

In order to respond to the growing demands of online and mobile transactions, American Express now offers a mobile app. All in all, it allows users to manage their accounts on mobile in real-time at for example Amex betting sites.

How To Bet With American Express on Betting Sites

Following sports and placing your bets using Amex is safe and easy. Basically, if you have an existing Amex card, you just need to choose one of the available sportsbooks. All included in our list of Amex betting sites. Once you have selected a sportsbook, just register an account and complete its verification. Upon confirmation, you can top up your account using your Amex card details.

Amex betting sites make placing a wager swift and trustworthy. Above all, this allows the Indian players to enjoy the betting experience without needing to be concerned about the security of their stake. Because placing a bet requires the same interactions as making any online credit card purchase. Hence, the process is a familiar one. This means Indian players can focus their full attention on the matter at hand.

Deposit With American Express – Safety

Secure payments are a constant theme with Amex. Remember, they invented the first international Money Order in 1882. Back them this allowed people to send money securely anywhere around the world. One of the main beneficiaries was American immigrants. Suddenly it was simple and safe to send money back to families in their home country. As of now, the same security come when depositing to Amex betting sites! 

How To Deposit on Betting Sites With American Express

With your Amex card, you can deposit funds and enjoy the offers at Amex betting sites. Hence, sports events and services of your preferred betting account. To deposit, you need to login to your Amex betting sites account. Afterwards, choose ‘Deposit’ from the options provided.

Secondly, type the amount you want to transfer in Rupees and approve the transaction. Moreover, most betting sites that accept American Express process deposits instantly.

Furthermore, if you register an account with one of our recommended bookmakers, you enjoy betting with complete security. We only review and recommend reputable Amex betting sites. This means that you can expect a stress-free way of completing your transactions.

American Express Payments

This company has always excelled in making payments safe and easy. It has been responsible for a number of innovations. Such are now standard practice in the world of financial services. For example, it was the bad experience of one of the company’s earliest bosses that led to the creation of travellers’ cheques.

In the late 1890s, American Express president J.C. Fargo returned from a European trip in a terrible mood. During his trip he had found it very difficult to get currency outside the main cities using old-style Letters of Credit. He asked the firm’s financial inventor, Marcellus Flemming Berry, to come up with something to remedy the problem.

Berry was the brains behind 1882’s Money Order, and soon devised an elegant solution. This became the world’s first traveller’s cheques. The American Express Traveler’s Cheque debuted in 1891. It denominations of $10, $20, $50, and $100. Since then, they have proven invaluable for anyone visiting another country who doesn’t want to carry around lots of hard cash.

How To Withdraw on Betting Sites With American Express

You will find American Express sports betting sites that allow withdrawals using Amex. This means, if the sportsbook allows this transaction, you need to follow the same general steps as with the deposit. In general, on the ‘Cashier’ section, choose ‘Withdraw’ and specify the amount you want to process and approve. In most cases, withdrawal requests made using Amex normally take 1 to 3 days. However, with some sports operators taking up to 5-10 days to credit the account. 

The waiting times can be much longer if it is your first time to make a withdrawal. Generally, as part of the ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) policy. The American Express betting sites may require you to submit scanned copies of your ID or the front and part of backside of your credit card.

However, this is a one-time procedure to establish the ownership of your account. This also means to promote safety and transparency on the site. Following your next withdrawal requests made on American Express sports betting sites, the processing times will follow the bookmakers standard processing times.

Amex betting sites offer the company’s credit card as one of the safest and fastest ways to cash out your winnings. Credit cards have existed for similar reasons of security and convenience since the late 1950s. However, once again we can see American Express seeking to innovate in this field. 

The American Express Card

Sadly, American Express was not the inventor of the credit card. That honour goes to Diners’ Club, Inc.. They launched the world’s first credit card in 1950. However, American Express was not far behind. Just eight years later, its own card was on the market, giving Diners’ Club a run for its money.

Although American Express had scooped second prize for credit cards, it still had one innovation left in this department. It would take less than a year. By 1959 there were numerous credit cards in circulation. They were made from either plain cardboard, or celluloid, like cinema film. For its part, the original American Express Card was a flimsy item. Basically it was made of paper and inked in purple, like its traveller’s cheques. 

Fortunately, the company adopted the new material of the age. Namely, the— plastics. This was made in order to remedy the fragility problem.

Soon all of its cards used by customers were purple plastic, Moreover, with Amex’s new Centurion logo visible in the top left-hand corner. That year, the company issued some quarter of a million cards. Nowadays, all credit cards are plastic by default. With the result of an incredible 112 million belong to American Express.

Are Bookmakers That Use American Express Safe?

American Express brings in decades’ worth of experience and competence in financial transactions. After all, the American Express betting sites that we recommend on this site are also safe. This means they have a reputable site and offer complete protection for players.

However, if you still have questions regarding the security or privacy policy of the American Express betting sites, you can send an email or chat with the operator. Generally, contacting the support services is free and they are most often available 24/7.

Our review section points out that with so many years of experience and a top-notch reputation, American Express betting sites are among the safest there are. In addition, Amex even provides 24/7 support to quell any doubts. This is part of a tradition of security stretching back to the company’s earliest days.

Find the Logo at American Express Betting Sites

The original American Express logo, dating back to 1850, was a drawing of a faithful watchdog. Relaxed but vigilant, it lay atop a shipping trunk with AM. EX. CO. printed on the side. The logo updated in 1890 to take advantage of the exciting new “photo” technology. This time there was a snap of a tough but friendly white pitbull with a spiked collar. On top of the chest. “AM. EX. CO.” was printed on the dog. In addition,  “American Express” was engraved on the chest. The dog and trunk logo had been chosen to symbolize the company’s values. These were security, service, trust and vigilance.

This remained the logo for decades, changing in 1951 to the Roman-style Centurion figure. This appears on cards and is still seen elsewhere today. However, for most of us, when we log on to American Express betting sites, we see the company’s more corporate look. This is the clean blue square, with the words AMERICAN EXPRESS outlined in white.

Sporst Betting With American Express

There is a natural link between sports betting American Express sites and the company itself. Perhaps tiring of the dry world of finance. Basically, Amex loves to get itself involved in the more glamorous sporting and showbiz sectors. 

From 2004, the company launched a series of promotions. Mostly around the central theme of its successful “My life. My card” campaign. The campaign was intended to show prospective customers the kind of fun and glamorous lifestyle. Such lifestyle could be theirs if they would only sign up to Amex.

To do this, they saw glamorous Hollywood celebs living their best lives. Naturally, this campaign featured sports stars, musical artists and fashion designers. These alongside other famous faces from film and TV. These included Andre Agassi, Ellen DeGeneres, Diane von Furstenberg, Alicia Keys, Robert De Niro, M. Night Shyamalan, Shaun White and Kate Winslet.

More recently, at the L’ATTITUDE 2022 business symposium is in place. Award-winning Hamilton creator, songwriter, actor, producer, and director Lin-Manuel Miranda spoke at an event about partnership and community.

There, he talked of his partnership with American Express. Miranda has worked with Amex since 2017. This after being attracted by the company’s historical support for small businesses and the immigrant communities that sustain them.

Amercian Betting Sites – FAQ

Which betting sites accept American Express?

As an established financial and credit card company, American Express is a popular payment process at top bookmakers today. Our list of American Express online sports betting sites includes Intertop and other recommended sites.

How do I use American Express on betting sites?

You need to choose Amex from the list of payment options offered by the bookmaker. Indicate the amount you want to deposit or withdraw and approve the transaction.

Why should I use American Express on betting sites?

For sports betting American Express is a very recommended option. It is one of the oldest and most reputable sites on the market. For sure its name has instant recognition. What’s more, like all credit cards, all transactions are doubly protected. Once by the betting site and again by the credit card company itself.

What are the best betting sites for American Express?

There’s more to the top Amex betting sites than just accepting the card as a payment method. To truly appeal to a gamer, an online casino must offer a wide variety of betting markets and wagers. In addition traditional casino games alongside the latest slots. Please see our list of recommended casinos for the best ways to go sports betting American Express.

Our Amex Betting Sites Conclusion

American Express is a trusted American brand. It offers credit cards and cheque services to its customers. Nowadays, it’s a standard payment method for Indian bookmakers. With Amex banking, you can enjoy the convenience, security, and complete mobility.

It offers a mobile app that allows you to track your account. Moreover, you can complete deposits using your mobile phone. Deposits are often processed instantly. In addition, your withdrawal requests are often credited to your account within 1 to 3 days. To protect customers from fraud, Amex provides a Fraud Prevention Desk that can assist you any time. Finally, signing up for the services of American Express betting sites is recommended thanks to its fast deposit and payouts!