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PhonePe is an online payment app operating from India and an accepted payment method at many online sportsbooks. Before you register a betting account, read our complete coverage of the best PhonePe betting sites. In this guide, we offer insights on the following:

  • Information about PhonePe payment app
  • Steps on how to deposit and withdraw using the app
  • Security features of betting sites that accept PhonePe

About PhonePe

PhonePe is a leading online payment app that is founded by an Indian company for the Indian market. Established in 2016, the company envisions an online payment system that can accommodate the fast-growing demands of the online payment industry. 

The company traces its beginnings to Flipkart with its payment app released in 2016. By 2016, the PhonePe app was the first unified payment interface app that recorded more than 10 million app downloads on both the Google Play and Apple Store. And by 2019, the payment company managed to score several milestones that have affixed its reputation in the market. During this time, the company has generated more than 2 billion transactions on the app. The company has also managed to collect several industry awards. For sure, that help cement its standing as a reliable payment app. 

Today, PhonePe continues its service of providing a flexible and reliable online payment app for merchants. The mobile app is currently available for download and installation on your iOS and Android mobile device.

PhonePe is a popular digital platform based in Bangalore in India. It is available in over 11 native Indian languages. The company was established by Engineer Burzin, Rahul Chari, and Sameer Nigam.

Its availability in several native languages has helped it grow in popularity in India. It made it easier for the locals to embrace it. Some of the native languages it supports include Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Gujarati, Odia, Malayalam, and Assamese.

It had over 10 million online and offline outlets including sportsbooks in 2018. And by December 2019, it had processed over 50 billion transactions.

Currently, over 25 million merchant outlets in over 15,700 villages and towns use this payment system. PhonePe has over 35 million users with about 15 million active users every month.

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How To Bet With PhonePe on Betting Sites

PhonePe offers a premium and flexible way of betting and requesting payments. To enjoy PhonePe betting, you need to set-up a sportsbook account. But before you register an account, make sure to download the app for your iOS or Android device. Once the app is fully installed on your device, you can register an account with your preferred sportsbook. After completing the registration process with your PhonePe betting sites, remember to verify your account by clicking on the activation link sent to your mail by the betting site. With your confirmed account, you can now deposit using PhonePe and bet on your favorite sports!

PhonePe is an exceptional payment method that offers bettors an easier way to access their winnings and make deposits. It also lets them safely store their winnings while waiting to use the cash when necessary. Remember, it is one of India’s most popular and widely used payment methods.

But before placing your wager or opening a betting account, you need to open a PhonePe account. Next, you will input an email address and a 4-digit password for making your deposits and withdrawals. Once it is set up, you can complete it by linking it to your bank account or debit/credit card.

If you do not want to link the UPI-based account to your bank account, then you should not worry. After all, there are several ways you can fund your PhonePe betting site account. Some of the most popular methods to fund their accounts include the following:

Direct-Debit Transfer Using UPI

Before we discuss the other methods of transferring cash, we should first talk about direct transfer. After all, it is one of the most popular options among bettors and quite reliable.

For direct transfer, you need to fill in your bank account details. For example, your name and account number, through a BHIM-UPI service. Furthermore, direct transfers are safe and the fastest way to fund your sportsbook account.

Plus, you can either fund your UPI-based e-wallet directly or transfer the cash to your betting account. But it is safer, and you can access your statement from the bank.

Card or Debit Cards

If your e-wallet does not have funds, you need more than enough methods to fund it. For sure, one of the best methods is using your credit or debit cards. Remember, some sportsbooks do not allow direct deposits from some credit cards.

But with e-wallet, you can fund your sportsbook account and place your wager.

For this method, you must link your card to the account. To do this, fill in your card details and complete the transfer to your e-wallet and the cash to place bets.

External Wallets

As one of India’s most popular payment methods, this e-wallet has partnered with several external wallets. These includes JioMoney, Airtel, and Freecharge. Some of these wallets have their app built into PhonePe’s wallet. Therefore, you can still deposit to your betting account using these e-wallets.

You can also withdraw your winnings to these external wallets and use them when necessary.

PhonePe Wallet

Like most online payment methods, PhonePe comes with a reliable wallet. Its e-wallet lets you store your winnings and use them whenever a need arises. In addition, you can fund the wallet using your debit/credit cards, bank account, or your winnings from betting sites.

How To Deposit on Betting Sites With PhonePe

PhonePe offers a secure and comfortable way of completing your payments. However, the initial setting-up of the account and deposit may take some time. If you are new to PhonePe, you need to create an account with the PhonePe app. The procedure includes verifying your number, supplying your information, and creating your Virtual Payment Address (VPA). 

Think of the VPA as your username that you will use at PhonePe betting sites for money transactions. You are also required to link your bank account in order to transfer funds to the PhonePe betting sites.

Once you have set up the account, funding your PhonePe betting account is fast and easy. Simply log in to your sportsbook account and choose ‘Deposit’. From the drop-down menu, choose ‘PhonePe’ as your preferred payment method. Provide the amount you want to deposit and click confirm. Your sports betting PhonePe operator will instantly process your request and credit the money to your account.

Depositing On 1xBet

As aforementioned, there are several PhonePe betting sites. Although, the most popular being 1xBet. 1xBet is popular in India. Indian players have been using their platform for years. Fortunately, 1xBet provides several payment options, the most popular being this e-wallet.

To deposit to your account correctly and avoid mistakes, you should do the following:

Log Into Your Betting Account

If you have a 1xBet account, you already have your username and password. But if not, you should sign up with your personal details and log in to your account. Make sure you verify the account before placing your wager.

Click The “Deposit Icon” on Its Main Page

Look for the “deposit” icon on 1xBet’s main page and click it. A list of all the payment methods will pop up.

Pick a Deposit Method

Most sportsbooks have over five deposit methods. Therefore, start by selecting PhonePe. Next, fill in your details in the pop-up form. You will be asked for the amount you plan on depositing, your name, and your number.

Complete the Process

Finally, you can finish by clicking the “Continue” icon on the payment page. Clicking it means that the bettor has requested a deposit from the sportsbook account. You will be transferred to an intermediate account page. The intermediary account is the receiving account for the sportsbook.

This account page will have an email address, name, and number showing that it is registered. In addition, you can save the intermediary account number on your smartphone. Finally, you can finish the transaction by using the cash in your e-wallet. In addition, you can transferring cash from your credit/debit cards or bank account.

Depositing in Other Sportsbooks

Generally, these PhonePe betting sites are similar. Especially when it comes to the payment processes. You first have to visit the deposit page and pick your preferred payment method. Sportsbooks like 10Cric have UPI, bank account, and debit card options.

Remember, PhonePe is UPI supported. This mean that you can pick that option and then select PhonePe. Finally, finish by clicking the “Pay Now” icon.

How To Withdraw on Betting Sites With PhonePe

PhonePe betting sites also allow its players to enjoy a seamless way of withdrawing funds. Basically, if you are planning to withdraw potential winnings, simply login to your bookmaker account. Thereafter, proceed to their ‘Banking’ section. You need to select your preferred payment option and type the amount that you want to cash out. Once confirmed, the operator will process all payments within 24 hours. But if you are requesting funds for the first time, the process is likely to take longer than usual. This is part of the sites’ license requirements and the ‘Know Your Customer’ policy. Under this policy, the PhonePe betting sites will ask for documents that can confirm your account. It is a standard one-time policy and done to ensure player and bookmaker security.

Are Bookmakers That Use PhonePe Safe?

If you use our list of betting sites that accept PhonePe, you can be sure of safe and private transactions. We have reviewed all the PhonePe betting sites on this list. We review the license, quality of support, and security protocols used. For concerns or any other questions, you can directly contact the Customer Support team of the bookmakers. 

Can You Use PhonePe in Sportsbooks That Does Not Display This Wallet?

Even though some betting sites do not always present PhonePe as a payment method, you can still make deposits using the PhonePe app. Remember, PhonePe is a UPI-based app. Therefore, you can use it with any betting site that accepts UPI payments. Some of these sportsbooks include Betwinner, 10Cric, and 1xBet.

Therefore, you can still use PhonePe to fund and withdraw from sites that do not have this payment method as one of their options. Hence, all you have to do is look for the UPI payments option.

The other method for paying in accounts with no PhonePe option will depend on how much you know about the sportsbook or how long you have used it. For example, if you know its IFSC code, bank details, or UPI ID, then you should not have any problem depositing or withdrawing from your betting account.

Fortunately, most PhonePe betting sites provide their clients with these details. Therefore, you will always have this option when placing your wager on a wide range of sportsbooks. Hence, the depositing process with sportsbooks that do not display the PhonePe option but are UPI-supported works the same way as 1xBet.

Remember, you will be using an intermediary account. This means that once the sportsbook receives the cash, they will credit your betting account. One of the best UPI-supported firms that use intermediary accounts is Betwinner. Therefore, you can still enjoy all the bonuses, promotions, and boosted odds from your favorite sportsbooks.

Deposit Conditions

Before placing your wager, you must first deposit in your account. Secondly, you use your cash if you do not have free bets. You can make a deposit of some cash or withdraw your winnings to your PhonePe account. Thereafter, use it when you need it.

Since most companies do not permit cash payments and checks, this e-wallet has made life easier. Remember, most international sportsbooks work with either USD or EURO. This means, you should be aware of the exchange rate. In addition, do your calculations correctly before sending cash to your betting account.

Safety of Payment Method

Other than the safety features introduced by sportsbooks’ payment methods, PhonePe has its own security measures. For instance, all transactions must be verified using a password, UPI PIN, and face/fingerprint ID. Therefore, no one can steal your funds even after you have withdrawn your winnings.

Another security feature that can keep your cash safe is the app’s payment policy. Remember, the details of the payment account and the sportsbook must match. And only the sender and the receiver of the cash can be able to see the transaction’s details.

This company has a reliable team that monitors your account’s suspicious activities. Hence, this protect you from fraud. Therefore, every transfer must be examined, and if it does not succeed, the cash is refunded to your account.

On the other end, the sportsbooks have done everything possible to keep their accounts safe. Plus, they would never share your details, which means that you will be safe while betting.

Payment Policy

A winning bet’s profits are usually paid to your betting account. Therefore, after the sportsbook’s system has confirmed that the outcomes are as predicted, it will automatically send the cash to your betting account.

Moreover, provided it has exceeded the withdrawal minimum set by the sportsbook, then you can withdraw into your e-wallet. Remember, the withdrawal limit varies at PhonePe betting sites. After requesting a withdrawal, it can take up to 24 hours for the cash to reflect in your PhonePe account.

In addition, you do not have to use the same deposit method when you withdraw. Accordingly, you can deposit via direct transfer and withdraw to your app.

Remember, this e-wallet gives you more payment methods. Additionally, you can use the cash anytime you need it. You can even store some cash and use them to bet or play your favorite poker games later.

PhonePe Betting Sites FAQ

Which betting sites accept PhonePe?

As a payment app designed in India, PhonePe is one of the preferred banking methods. Especially at betting sites that accept Indian punters. You can use our list on this site to find out the leading PhonePe sports betting platforms.

How do I use PhonePe on betting sites?

You need to download the PhonePe app and create an account before you can deposit and play on a PhonePe betting site. Once your account has been created, you can now top-up your real money account at a sportsbook.

Why should I use PhonePe on betting sites?

If you are looking for a flexible way to deposit funds to your betting account, then PhonePe is the right method for you. Payments made using PhonePe are processed within 24 hours.

What are the best betting sites for PhonePe?

Some of the best online PhonePe betting sites are geared towards the Indian punters. Check out the list of recommended betting sites that accept PhonePe. In addition, you can read some of the reviews here on our site to find the best bookmaker for you.

Our Conclusion

PhonePe is a popular financial mobile app in India. It can be used to deposit and withdraw payments. In recent years, punters are using the free PhonePe betting app to simplify their transactions at their preferred sportsbooks. With PhonePe, one can deposit funds using a mobile app that works on both iOS and Android devices. Additionally, all transactions made on the PhonePe app are processed instantly. Indeed, this is favorable for a busy punter. Furthermore, PhonePe uses a fully encrypted network and it complies with the requirements of PCI DSS. With all these features, the PhonePe app for betting is a perfect tool for the punters who are looking to streamline their sports betting experience!

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