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Best RuPay Betting Sites in 2022 | Betting Apps With RuPay

RuPay is a domestic payment network in India. Several bookmakers have included this payment network in their list of available payment options to make it easier for punters to begin their sports betting adventure! Read our review and learn more about RuPay betting sites:

  • Safety and security with RuPay payments
  • Tips on how to complete your payments
  • Recommended betting sites accept rupay betting sites in india

Online gambling via RuPay can be quick and easy for you. RuPay charges small fees to provide these services. Sportsbooks that offer RuPay for payments offer excellent odds with minimal deposits and offer maximum security and privacy. Bettors can use RuPay as a payment method to claim deposit bonuses in online gambling activities. Please see more information about this topic below.

About RuPay 

Thanks to the popularity of online and digital payments, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) envisioned a ‘cashless Indian economy’. The result is the development and introduction of RuPay, a payment facility established by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). It is a domestic payment network in India and it uses the brand name ‘RuPay’, a portmanteau of ‘Rupee’ and ‘Payment’. This online payment scheme captured the country’s initiative to promote deposit and credit card payments. More than an online payment solution, it also attempts to express Indian national pride. To deliver a convenient payment experience to its customers, RuPay has collaborated with India’s top banks like the Bank of India, ICICI bank, Punjab national bank and Canara Bank.

History of RuPay

In a reversal of the trend of increasing the number of international credit card companies introducing new forms of payment to combat their over-recession in international transfers. RuPay has seen some of the best response for digital transactions. In an effort that would prevent this foreign card from a popular choice for Indian consumers, RuPay was launched as a card payment service. In 2012, RuPay payment system mechanism was introduced with the objective of becoming the largest payment option available in India. The National Payments Corporation is the first Indian payments organisation. RuPay cards were introduced across India to also cater for online transactions. Before 2020, RuPay was only available for Indian users in the nation and from September 19, 2020 RuPay was internationally adopted.

Over the last few years, this payment network has made a significant impact on the payments industry. RuPay is not only accepted by customers for shopping or paying bills. Online bookmakers in India are now also accepting payments via RuPay, meaning that online sports betting enthusiasts can now enjoy sports betting at RuPay betting sites.

What is RuPay?

RuPay reflects the vision of the Indian government to be cashless. The RuPage payment service was launched in 2012 and is managed under the National Payments Corporation of India and supported by the Reserve Bank of India. By 2019 RuPay had processed 200 million transactions on both online payments and offline platforms. RuPay is a debit card similar to MasterCard provided by Indian banks. The added benefit of a contactless card reload will facilitate simple transactions with debit cards. Payment can also be made online using RuPay cards. RuPay should never be a surprise to many Indian punters and can easily be used on the RuPay betting sites in India for deposits and withdrawals.


RuPay users can pay a small amount of fees with this payment method when a transaction is performed online or offline. Depending on the transaction fees, the transaction is possible with a RuPay card. Unlike online sportsbooks, the deposits and withdrawals fees are usually non refundable when you choose RuPay. The cost depends also upon the RuPay Betting sites you use for online betting. It is possible to pay fees to the online bet site during the deposits. For details, please see your betting site and see their terms.

How to Get a RuPay Card?

If you wish to use RuPay betting services in Indian casinos, you will be asked to use RuPay’s debit or credit card.There’s a couple of simple methods of obtaining the card. Firstly, it’s possible to just click on the RuPay website to get your card. Secondly the banks can contact you directly. It can tell a customer how much RuPay is supported by their bank and your bank will have all necessary information and documents to switch to RuPay.

How to Bet With RuPay on Betting Sites 

Playing at sports betting sites that accept RuPay is easy and simple. If you’re a beginner, you can start with our list of recommended RuPay betting sites. To fully experience RuPay, you pick a sportsbook from our list and create an account. You complete the registration process by submitting your details including name, password, email, and mobile number. Once your betting account has been verified, you can make your first deposit. With money in your player account, you navigate to the Sports betting lobby where you select your favourite sport, pick a bet market, make your first real money bet and enjoy the action!



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RuPay in Betting

RuPay is an excellent option to pay Indian punter. It’s easy for you to pay with a RuPay card from your bank account, verify the payment and you’re finished! It’s not as easy as it seems. RuPay provides an additional option for Indian players who want to make a fast withdrawal and deposit money, and it is also free of fees or other fees. Furthermore, the whole process of this company’s operation is monitored. RuPay is so popular that almost every online sportsbook offers this method of payment to its customers.

Security of RuPay

The Rupay system works very securely and can be accessed from the Internet. It also uses encrypted encryption protocols for online and offline payments. A second authentication of user transactions will ensure all transactions will be validated using two factor authentications. The payment mechanism is funded and controlled by the Reservebank of India and collaborates with some of the best banks across India for the purpose. You can also be certain that every transaction and payment is checked and scanned so there is no fraudulent activity. You may be unable to pay securely using RuPay online.

RuPay’s bets are incredibly secure thanks to their highly secure encrypted systems and are regularly checked. RuPay has been regulated to offer reliable gambling sites. RuPay payment systems are also extremely secure. RuPay utilizes a 256-bit encryption protocol online and digital purchases are authorized using 2-factor authentication.

How to Deposit on Betting Sites With RuPay 

Making your first deposit to your betting account with an online sports betting site that accepts RuPay is pretty straightforward. Just pick a trusted online bookmaker from our site, click the ‘Play Now’ button and follow the steps indicated in their registration and Cashier page. If you’re a first-time depositor, proceed to your player account pages and look for ‘Cashier’. Choose ‘Deposit’ from the options available and select ‘RuPay’ from the list of accepted payment options. Select the amount that you want to transfer and confirm your deposit transaction. RuPay does not charge transfer fees and most deposits are instantly processed.

All deposits you make at RuPay betting sites are safe and secure. We review and list licensed and reputable sportsbooks so that you can enjoy a stress-free betting experience at all times.

Make a RuPay Deposit and Claim Your Bonus

You can get exclusive offers on a bookmaker’s website if you deposit with RuPay. RuPay Sportsbooks casino games offers an impressive selection of bonuses, including Free bets, registration offers, etc. To get a bonus, some RuPay Bet sites require a minimum deposit. Make sure that you read these terms of service regarding bonuses.

How to Withdraw on Betting Sites With RuPay 

RuPay lets you withdraw money from the betting platform. You may be requested to do so before you can verify your user information. RuPay betting sites need this procedure to be simple to comply with regulator requirements – all of their users are legitimate and are protected online. You can withdraw your RuPay bet money quickly by clicking the links below.

For your first withdrawal, you need to log in to your sportsbook account. Proceed to the ‘Cashier’ section and click ‘Withdraw’. Keep in mind that most sportsbooks process withdrawals with the payment option originally used to deposit your funds. On the screen, look for the logo of ‘RuPay’ and follow the instructions. You may be asked to provide your financial information, address, and phone number. Make sure to review the information before you approve your request.

On most betting sites in India, that allow RuPay, the withdrawal transaction is completed in 1 to 3 days. However, you should expect a slight delay if you’re making a withdrawal for the first time. Under gaming regulation, the operator may require personal documents from you as part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. This is to safeguard you against potential fraud. The security protocol is only applicable for your first request, which means that your succeeding withdrawals on the site will be processed using the original fast processing times.

Are Bookmakers That Use RuPay Safe?

The online sportsbooks we have listed on this site are safe and secure. We have reviewed these RuPay betting sites and compared them based on their gaming licenses, certifications, and security protocols. If you have further inquiries on making your first deposit, you can always contact the sportsbook’s customer service. Using the live chat service or sending an email is fast so you can contact the bookie’s support team anytime.


Which betting sites accept RuPay?

We have created a list of the sports betting sites that accept RuPay as a payment method. All RuPay betting sites listed offer a mobile sportsbook for those who want to play using their mobile.  They also support all the popular payment methods for betting in India.

How do I use RuPay on betting sites?

To use this method on RuPay betting sites, all you need to do is login to your chosen sportsbook online. Look for the ‘Cashier’ section and choose RuPay as your deposit method.

Why should I use RuPay on betting sites?

High security and fast fund transfers when you register and bet using the RuPay option are the main reasons why this method stands out. All listed sites offering for example Cricket betting using RuPay come with security features like the use of an OTP to encrypt every transaction. RuPay is safe introduced by National Payments Corporation.

What are the best betting sites for RuPay?

If you’re searching for the best betting sites in India with RuPay, you can use our recommended list. All sportsbooks included in our list are legitimate and safe to play and enjoy the action at Indian betting sites.

Our Conclusion 

The introduction of RuPay shows India’s initiatives towards a fair, open and accessible online payment system. With RuPay for online betting, you can easily register and create betting accounts without using cash. As an online payment facility, the company offers several security features to protect your money when you’re for example enjoying cricket betting with RuPay. As a start, each transaction uses a One-Time Password or OTP to encrypt the information. Furthermore, the site invests in security measures to protect players against phishing. In short, betting with RuPay allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds: a secure sportsbook platform and a reliable payment facility. Enjoy the sports action!

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