Free Betting Sites: Best Free Bets Sites in India

India is one of the countries with a great passion for sports. Many people living in India can play sports wagers on free betting sites. Meanwhile, we can also play bets in our local currency. Additionally, many sites allow free bets. The difference between a traditional bet and a free wager is that we can not get the potential earnings ourselves.

Here are what we have covered in this article:

  • The meaning of free wagers and the best sites that offer free wagers
  • How to get free wagers and the type of sports that allow free wagers
  • The steps to consistently earn money from free wagers
  • FAQs about free wagers and how to use free wagers

Best Free Betting Sites With Free Bet Offers

Many betting sites offer free wagers. We will list these sites below. Note that the sites we will list here come highly recommended after a thorough evaluation. If we want to enjoy these offers, simply read the conditions of the offer and make choices. Here are the best free offers with no deposit in India:



100% Bonus up to ₹20,000
  • UPI / Netbanking
  • Cricket Betting
  • Great Promotions


100% Bonus on the 1st deposit up to ₹8,000
  • Weekly sports bonus
  • Cash races
  • Bitcoin bonuses
Cricket Offers3


100% Bonus Up To 11,000 INR
  • Cricket Markets
  • Android App
  • Live Streaming


Get Up To 8500₹
  • IPL
  • Daily No Risk Bet For IPL
  • Get Up To 8500₹


Get 150% Up To ₹20,000
  • Cricket
  • Fast Payouts
  • Mobile App


700% UP TO 90,000₹
  • Live Betting
  • Cricket Betting
  • Live Casino


INR 20,000 in Bonus
  • Generous Bonus & Promotions
  • Secure Payment Methods
  • Live Betting

Free Betting Sites – Terms and Conditions

We also ensure that the relevant customer support channels are in place, and can be reached should a player have an issue. For example if you have questions about your free bet offer, account registration or how to make a deposit. You want to be able to get fast responses. We also examine the free bets rules to ensure that the bonus terms and conditions in conjunction with the offer are fair and reasonable. For example, this means that the possible wagering requirement tied to the free bet winnings are reachable as well as that there is a wide selection of markets available for Indian players to select from.

Last but definitely not least. Before we recommend a site offering risk free types of bets, of course we also look into the payment methods available to make sure there are sufficient numbers of trusted and popular Indian payment options.

What Are Free Bets?

It is common for betting platforms to create incentives to encourage customers to continue using their platform. Free wagers are one such scheme that betting platforms use to encourage customer loyalty. Furthermore, the goal of a free wager is to promote consumer loyalty. It can come in the form of a discount or a bet that is totally free to play. Furthermore, free wagers are bonuses that bookmakers offer gamblers. They are incentives for new customers who are signing up on a betting platform. However, we can also get a free bonus as an existing customer.

In particular, Bet Free offers do not have wins. Also, there are different varying types of free wagers. These offers can vary depending on the bookmarker. We can get a credit to bet instead of actual cash. Sometimes we may have to make a cash deposit before activating the offer.

Additionally, there will always be minimum odds when we play our qualifying bet. For example, if we play a free wager with 10 rupees on odds 3/1, our potential winning will be 30 rupees rather than 40. Let us discuss everything we need to know about free betting offers in India; read on.

Free Betting Sites – Types of Free Bets

Most bookmakers need us to deposit money into our bet account. Additionally, sometimes we may have to place a bet before the platform can release our bonus offer or free wager. Our first bet may get some stipulations, like selecting a certain number of odds or higher before we can enjoy the offer. These types of offers usually come as match stake bets. For example, it can be a 25 rupee bet to get a free bet worth 25. However, some betting platforms can offer gamblers better incentives, like a 10 rupee bet to a free wager worth 30 rupees.

The big bookmakers offer the best free wagers because they meet the budget requirements to provide competitive promotions for potential players. Meanwhile, the most popular free wagers are deposit-free wagers, no-deposit-free wagers, enhanced odds, and matched free offers. Others include matched deposits and no stake returned. Let us discuss these options below.

Deposit Free Bets

Deposit-free wagers bridge the gap between players and bookmakers. This option has become more prevalent in recent times. Furthermore, we must put money into our bet account to enjoy deposit-free wagers. Our initial deposit amount can be within the range of the platform’s minimum bet amount. 

The betting limit can be a minimum of 10 rupees or the equivalent in the platform’s currency. This amount will be matched with the bonus we will receive when we deposit funds. Hence, we can double our stake in a single bet because we combine our bonus and main bet deposit. It means a higher potential earning.

Free Bet Offers No Deposit India

As expected, the offer of free wagers without a deposit is the option we all prefer. It allows players to try new platforms and win money occasionally with no risks. Although it is the most sought-after type of free offer, there are not many of these types of bonuses out there. However, we can also seek betting sites free bets no deposit from time to time. No deposit-free offers allow us to enjoy bonuses without making any deposits into our bet account.

Enhanced Odds

This type of free wager offer is not as complex as the others. The platform offers new players an easy outcome with tremendous odds. Furthermore, the bigger the odds, the higher our potential earnings. Gamblers must follow the maximum and minimum stake amounts for this type of bonus offer. Moreover, the betting site will provide enticing odds for promotional purposes. These odds can be merged with our regular bet.

Matched Free Wagers

Bookmakers provide matched free wagers to new players after signing up for an account. Hence, our bet will be matched by the betting platform to improve the total bet amount. For example, if we are staking 25 rupees, the platform can match it with an extra 25 rupees making it a total of 50 rupees for our bet.

Matched Deposit

For matched deposits, we are not necessarily given a free wager. Instead, the bookmaker may match our deposit amount with a bonus amount on their casino. The matching amount can be as high as the deposit amount. For example, suppose a gambler is playing a 30 rupee bet. In that case, the bettor can end up playing a 60 rupee bet because of matched deposits.

No Stake Returned

A no-stake returned offer is one of the most common free bets. However, for this offer, the platform only releases a player’s winnings as a part of the bet. It is not added to the stake but is more about the player’s winnings.


Most free offers on betting sites give users promotions like cash back. In this case, they can make promotional offers in the way of consolation prizes. For example, we will get a free bet credit if we lose our first bet.

Insurance Offers

For insurance offers, all we need to do is to bet on special events. If we lose our bet, but there is a unique situation during the game, we will get our stake back. Note that this cash return may not be the full amount. It will only return as a free wager of a certain amount of money. For example, if we bet on soccer and the teams involved draw the game, we can get our stake back up to 10 rupees.

How To Get a Free Bet From Free Bonus Betting Sites

Although it is called free, there is a catch. This incentive comes with terms and conditions that we must consider before deciding. We can use free bets to our advantage, depending on the bookmarker. For example, depending on the terms and conditions of the platform, we can easily claim free wagers. Meanwhile, for some platforms, we must deposit funds first before claiming the reward. Additionally, we might have to play more bets before collecting our potential earnings. Also, to qualify for a free offer, we need to:

  • Create an account with the platform (provide our data).
  • Register with one of the payment methods on the platform.
  • Place a wager on any sports event.

We might not be able to play qualifying bets on evens or odds. The goal of most platforms is to stop us from backing almost sure winners. Before offering a free offer, we must read the terms and conditions. The main things to check are geographical restrictions and the play-through requirements.

Register to Free Betting Sites – Guide

Time Needed : 3 minutes

  1. Select a Recommended Bookmaker With Free Bets on Offer For Indian Players

    Read the promotion offer terms and rules on how to claim free bet. If you are looking to bet on a specific sport, ensure that the free bet offer is available for that market.

  2. Register a Betting Account

    Select your favourite recommended Indian betting site. Then follow the registration process and complete registration process by verifying your betting account.

  3. Place Your Free Bet

    Navigate to the sports lobby, find your sport and place your free bet selection on that market and enjoy the game risk free!

  4. Cash Out Your Winnings

    If your bet is settled a winner, the cash winnings less the free bet amount is paid out to your betting account.

  • Smartphone or Computer

Playing Free Bets Where There Is a Geographical Restriction

Some betting sites can decide to implement geographical restrictions to these incentives. For example, only players staying in certain regions can access free wagers. The platform lists the countries that can enjoy their free package and the exempted areas. However, if the platform does not mention geographical regions, that means the offering applies to users from anywhere.

Playing Free Bets Based on Requirements

It is common to see free wagers with generous offers. However, we need to check the free bet rules to verify the play-through requirements before accepting it. It means there is a particular value we need to accumulate before we can clear the winnings from a free wager. If there is a play-through requirement on the free wager, we should multiply the stake by the number of times it will turn over. Players can also check by betting the total value of the wager. For example, if the platform gives us a free bet worth $100, we must use it to bet and win three times the value before we can withdraw. Note that each platform has its specific play-through requirements.

Free Betting Sites – No Deposit Requirements

This is basically the classic and original Free Bet in sportsbook promotions. It’s title has just become longer to for bookmakers to clarify further the promotional message to the players. We check any sites offering free bets with no deposit requirements. The betting sites’ free bets no deposit bonuses are specifically popular with new players. Which means that we are always keen to tell you about them and whether they are available at specific sportsbooks. Various types of betting promotions in India are always a huge factor to incentivise players to sign up or stay with a bookmaker.

Free Betting Sites – Welcome Bonus

The bigger the competition between the sport betting sites become, the better the welcome bonus offers to Indian players look like! New players can often get a really nice welcome bonus package which includes both a match deposit sign up bonus offer and select amount of one free bet or multiple free bets.

Free Betting Sites – Bonus Offer Rules

Unless a specific league or title event is specified in the promotions terms and conditions, these bets can most often be wagered on any sports market. If your free bet wins, the free bet amount will be deducted from the payout of the bet when the cash winnings are settled to your betting account. You can place a new bet or withdraw the cash winnings after the settlement is completed. Other bonus terms and conditions that you should be aware of include:

  • Minimum odds threshold – usually 1.5
  • Restrictions on deposit methods
  • Time-limits on bets – expiration date of offer
  • Wagering requirements

What Are Risk Free Bets?

A risk free bet means that when you as a player place a cash bet with your own money will get the money, that you bet, back from a losing wager. It is an excellent bonus offer, as you will have two chances to place a bet and select a winner after making the first deposit. The sportsbooks that offer these risk free bets to Indian players will also have a number of bonus terms and conditions. Some of the bonus terms and conditions that need to be followed with risk free bets can include a wagering requirement. To meet this requirement, simply make sure you have placed the correct amount of money on your bets.

In order to place the bet using the risk free bet offer there are minimum odds that must be offered on the bet market. Similarly as with the free bets. Some bookmakers only accept qualifying bets after funds have been added with a specific payments method. Regardless, the risk free bets bonus remains one of the most exciting ones available in online sports betting. For returning players, who already have money in their player account, the bookmaker can send segmented risk free bets no deposit bonuses promotions. As you are not required to make a new deposit to your account, this offer becomes basically a free bet.

How To Find Free Bets in India

We have observed that most bookmakers have their terms and conditions. It means all sites that offer free bets in India would not give players the same conditions. We also understand that each betting platform in India will come up with an offer. The goal is to give players the best offer. We recommend that we look for an offer that suits our best interest.

Additionally, we must consider things like how much we want to deposit or how much we want to stake when thinking about these types of offers. Furthermore, the number of free wagers available can increase depending on the time we invest. Most of the platforms we listed in this article will help players find the best sites that offer rewards in India.

Meanwhile, we can find free wagers on events like the free Grand National wagering and free Cheltenham Festival betting. In addition, we also have free World Cup Betting. Also, we will have access to free wagers as long as we are betting on a big sporting event. We will discuss a broader list of significant sporting events that can give players access to the rules of free wagers. These types of offers can be seen on most betting sites in India. 

After we checked out some of these sites, we discovered free wagers could come as welcome bonuses. Meanwhile, some of these sites do not only reward new users. They also provide rewards to returning customers.

Free Offers Categories For New and Old Customers

There are two categories of free wagers available to gamblers in India. Let us discuss them below:

New Customer Free Betting Sites Offers

Most betting platforms in India can entice their potential customers by announcing a new lucrative registration process. Furthermore, the incentive will allow customers to bet free on their website after opening an account. In some cases, we can access the offer after we have made a deposit. However, some of these offers do not require any initial deposit. 

For example, some platforms can offer us free bets with no deposit. Sometimes the incentive can come when we are placing our first bet. Meanwhile, most bookmakers have their terms and conditions when it comes to free wagers.

Existing Customer Free Betting Sites Offers

As the name states, it is an incentive for existing users. That is Indian gamblers who have already been using the platform. What’s more? This type of offer can be in the form of free money back. It can either be a minimum or maximum bet as long as the outcome we expect plays. 

For example, we can get free money back in horse racing when our horse finishes second with one head. Additionally, we can also earn cashback when our horse comes second with SP. Furthermore, these types of offers are widespread in popular sports betting platforms.

How To Best Use Free Bets at Free Betting Sites

Free wagers give players an excellent way to try out sports betting on different events since it is free. Moreover, we can also define it as an option that lets us practice and improve our betting skills. Furthermore, free wagers will benefit us, whether new or returning customers. We have listed some of the best ways to use free bets below.

Gain More Betting Experience

Analysts recommend that players use free wagers to get more betting experience. We can keep trying new techniques to improve our skills. The more we bet, the more we gain experience. It is irrelevant whether we lose or win. After all, these bets are free of charge to play.

Win More Money

Again, the more we bet, the more we win. Besides, it is free wagers, meaning we are not spending anything to play these bets. Hence, we recommend players that we keep trying. However, we must also remember that gamblers will need some luck to win more often. It does not mean we should keep playing unrealistic bets or overbetting. We also need to play our games carefully.

How To Make Money From Free Betting Sites

Here are the different ways we recommend to make money on free offers.

Double the Bankroll With a Free Wager

When gambling, we can improve our earnings with a free bet. It is probably one of the most common uses of a free bet. For example, if we have a particular stake we want to play in mind, we can play it on a platform that offers free wagers. As long as our bet gets the desired outcome, we can improve our bankroll.

Hedge With the Free Wager

It is another way to use a free wager. If there is a bet we want to play, we can use a free stake to do it. Just make sure it is played as a hedge. For example, we can wager on our favourite team to win the game in a traditional bet. Furthermore, we can use a free offer to bet on the second team in our accumulator. This model will increase the odds and improve our chances of getting a higher potential payout without spending more than we have to.

Turn Our Free Wager Into Real Cash

Yes, players can turn a free wager into money. Meanwhile, to do this, they need to apply matched betting. This type of betting involves placing a free wager on a particular outcome and betting against the same result in a betting exchange. Furthermore, this type of betting is profitable because we are not spending anything to play it. It makes no difference whether we win or lose the bet.

Free Betting Sites – Wagering Requirements

In order to make a valid bet with the free bets and risk free bets, the selected bet market has to have a minimum odds selection. Often 1.5-2.0. Before the cash winnings are paid out to your account, in the case your bet is settled a winner, the amount of the free bet will be deducted. Some promotion offers have a wagering requirement on the free bet if settled a winner. For example, you receive a free bet with the value of 500 Indian Rupees with a wagering requirement of 3. Now if your bet wins and pays out 3000 Indian Rupees, you have to turnover further bets for the value of 3 x 500 Rupees before being able to make a cash withdrawal. Not all offers come with turnover requirements. To ensure you always stay on top, make sure to read the bonus terms and enjoy your betting.

On Which Sports Can I Use My Free Bets?

Most betting sites in India allow users to play free wagers on all markets. This reward is applicable in both pre-match betting and live betting. Additionally, we recommend approaching customer service to learn more about the particular betting site. We must do this if we are not sure of the terms and conditions of their offering. Also, we should do this after we have signed up with the platform. Furthermore, we have also given brief highlights on some of these pre-match events below.

Free Cricket Bets

Free Betting on Cricket

To no surprise of any reader here, cricket is the most popular sport in India. It has the highest amount of turnover in bet amounts. Which is simply amazing. For the huge amounts of Indian players following the IPL and other Cricket Leagues, our focus is to keep the best Cricket Betting Sites and their offers updated at match time. We are happy to note that many of the bookmakers operating in India really understand the growing popularity of online betting. They also cater specifically for Cricket fans with attractive free cricket bets promotions.

Free Bets on Football Events

Bookmakers offer daily free wagers as a bonus or loyalty gift for signing with them. These free bets can be credited within the respective account to be placed at the bookmaker’s own choice or on a specified market. Moreover, free wagers can be a part of our potential earnings. Also, we will get some extra credits after joining the platform and placing a bet with our first deposit. 

A free football bet allows players to bet on a football game. For example, after opening an account with a sports betting site, and there is a game the following day, we can get free credits.

Sometimes a bookmaker can offer players free wagers on in-play sports markets. We can wager on the three legs on a parley bet. Players can also access free football bets via a daily subscription on some betting sites. The subscription exposes players to free first-deposit betting points often. Meanwhile, we can use these bets however we wish or limit them to minor odds. In any case, to benefit from this option, we need to be patient.

Why Are Betting Sites Offering Bets Free?

Most of the betting sites listed here offer free wagers to attract customers. Furthermore, we see sites that provide free bets as a great way to ensure that customers return. Moreover, it will save players money because we do not need money to play (although terms and conditions apply). The nature of this reward program proves that it is a win-win offer. Betting sites can also offer players special contracts and incentives. Let us see the benefits of free wagers.

Benefits of Free Bets

Just like other betting offers, free wagers have their pros. We will discuss the advantages below.

Bet With No Risk

The main advantage of playing a free bet is that we can bet without risks. Also, we are gambling with credit. Moreover, we may have to merge our betting amount with the bonus offer to play the free wager. It means we lose little or no money when we play free bets. Moreover, it will be a token if we must deposit money to claim a free offer. In any case, the risk is significantly lower.

Playing Free Wagers Is Entertaining

Of course, we will enjoy playing free wagers when we realize the minimum or zero risk involved. Meanwhile, we would not be under any form of pressure, considering we are only investing little to nothing in our bets. Hence, we should look for free offers so we can continuously enjoy ourselves and win some money. Meanwhile, because the stake is free does not mean we should not make calculated bets. If we keep betting because it is free, we will be throwing away the opportunity.

Free Betting Exposes Us to New Strategies

We might fail to see that free wagers allow us to play and try something new. Since we are not paying for the bet, we can quickly develop and test new systems to see what works. We can also play bets from different markets to see how their system works. It is also ideal to try new strategies in a low-risk to the zero-risk environment.

Free Wagers Help Us Get Experience

Experience comes when we keep doing something frequently. The more a player bets, the better we become at betting. Furthermore, improvement can only come with experience. Of course, we might make many mistakes while betting, but does it matter? After all, we are not paying any prize to get the experience or improve our betting abilities. Finally, free wagers will help us bet, make mistakes and learn from them. This way, we can reduce our losses and improve our potential earnings.

Free Bets FAQ

How does a free bet work?

Free offers are bonuses that allow us to play sports betting for free. Players can get a free wager after signing up on a betting platform. Or we get it on certain conditions as an old customer. Also, several conditions are attached to free betting offers. We must follow these terms before we can be awarded.

Can I get free cricket bets?

Yes, most of the promotions are available to place bets on all sports. During the popular cricket leagues and title events make sure to check our partner betting sites specific offers.

Can I cash out my winnings with a free bet?

The answer is yes, you can keep your winnings with a free bet, but you will have the free bet amount deducted from Yes, we can keep our winnings from free offers. However, there are specific conditions applicable.

Are free bets a scam or legit?

The sports betting sites we recommend above are 100% legit. Offering free bets for new customers is the standard practice of most online betting platforms. Not everyone will agree that gambling on free betting sites is worth it.

Which are the best free bet sites?

We have listed some of the best sites that offer free wagers above. Additionally, we strongly recommend these sites. Hence, we don’t have to be scared of trying them out. However, make sure to check their free bets rules before accepting their offer.

Free Betting Sites – Conclusion

As we have discussed here, free betting offers players many benefits. It is one of the best ways to enjoy sports betting with little to zero risks. We will also have a chance to improve our betting experience when we try different strategies since we are not spending money on our bets. However, free offers also have several drawbacks, like ridiculous terms and conditions. But the advantages of free offers outweigh the downsides. So it is not a bad idea to try out free wagers. We can also play it for fun. To get the best outcomes, we just need to prepare ourselves.

Treat free wagers like real money bets. It is best that we only play real money bets when we have the money we can afford to lose. Meanwhile, we should also be patient about the terms and conditions of free offers. We should trust the system and remember that there is no special trick to winning bets. Even with the many strategies available, we will still need a bit of luck to win bets. It is best to play the bet and wait for the outcome. Suppose it comes in our favour, then it should be fine. However, if it won’t, then we must move on. In any case, we can always test our skills with free offers.

Last Updated on March 16, 2024