Best Fantasy Cricket App List

Playing fantasy cricket is a must for all lovers of the sport as this allows you to engage with the sport. Even if there are no ongoing leagues or games. You can learn all about the best fantasy cricket tips and the best fantasy cricket app list in this dedicated guide where we’ll go through:

  • How to play fantasy cricket
  • Top fantasy cricket app list in India
  • Top 10 fantasy cricket apps review
  • History of fantasy cricket

In addition, we will get into a newly launched fantasy cricket app having features like instant withdrawal, a chance to win real cash daily, and different free contests.

Fantasy cricket apps in India do offer these qualities and are a good pastime for people who are trying to develop a hobby. If you are an Indian there is a 70 percent chance that you are a cricket fan. For that reason, you must know all about the best fantasy cricket apps in India.

What Makes a Good Fantasy Cricket App?

Let us agree here, cricket has now evolved from being just a sport to a religion. Especially in India, cricket has become a part of the daily lives of everyone. In addition, India arguably has the best league in the world that you might know as the Indian Premier League. It will be safe to say that India has a big contribution to the cricketing world.

During the T20I Worldcup event, we can see how the emotions of people are on the rise and the heart keeps skipping a beat.

However, people are earning money from that as well. In this article, we will tell you all about how you can take part in Fantasy cricket through a fantasy cricket app.

Many are already familiar with fantasy football and virtual team creation. However, there are good news for cricket fans as well. Hence, you can win real cash by using the top fantasy cricket apps. All having a user-friendly interface.

Fantasy Power for Cricket Fans

Imagine making your own team in a fantasy league, with a captain and vice-captain of your own choice. If they win matches you win cash prizes. A fantasy cricket game app allows you to attach your bank account to collect your cash prizes in real cash.

Benefits of Fanstasy Cricket Apps

Fantasy sports are one of the most popular ways to increase excitement in the sport. Certainly, cricket is no different. You can have very enjoyable experiences with all of the sites and apps that we have mentioned on this page. Moreover, you could be in with a chance of winning a jackpot prize if you finish on top of the leaderboard.

To start playing cricket fantasy games, simply pick a site on this page, sign up, and have fun!

What Is Fantasy Cricket?

Online fantasy game is something that is getting more popular nowadays. You can join the fantasy cricket market world and build your fantasy dream team. You will need to have some sports knowledge. In general, if you play fantasy football, you do have that.

However, for the cricket fantasy market, you will need to have cricket knowledge.

Fantasy cricket is one of the most exciting ways to follow the action and gamble at the same time. There are a number of different sites available for you to play; all you need to do is select a team from one of the matches selected.

Knowledgeable fans of the sport will instantly be drawn into a fantasy cricket app. Since they will be able to use their knowledge of the sport to join contests and, what’s even better, win money!

The leading fantasy cricket apps and sites offer a variety of fantasy cricket leagues. However, each of them will operate slightly differently. The players that do best in fantasy cricket will be those that are able to accumulate the highest number of points. 

Moreover, these can be accumulated through players taking wickets and scoring runs.

Established in 2008, the first company to establish a fantasy league was Dream11, as they were formed in 2008. Since then, the popularity of fantasy cricket has accelerated. As a result, a number of competitors have joined and offer fantasy cricket games.The different fantasy apps offer players a chance to enjoy fantasy sports for the Indian Premier League. Nowadays, fantasy cricket is one of the most popular ways to play while watching the sport in India.

Best Fantasy Cricket Apps in India

In this heading, we will tell you the best fantasy cricket apps in India. A free fantasy cricket app provides almost the same features as a paid app. Basically, if play fantasy games you will be familiar with the apps mentioned below.

There are a number of different fantasy cricket apps and sites available to customers to get into the game. These are some of the most popular sites that you can play on throughout the cricket season.

You can get a variety of useful functionality from these apps. For example, the upcoming match, and different cash contests, select your vice-captain, and play cricket virtually with your squad.

Top 10 Fantasy Cricket Apps in India

Good news for all cricket lovers, dream cricket is not a dream anymore. When we were younger we all wished that we would be able to create our own teams with superstars. Moreover, get them to compete with our friends teams.

In a real fantasy platform, you will be able to create teams, play games, win exciting prizes, and side-by-side get the best fantasy gaming experience.

Fantasy cricket apps in India are a lot more common now if you compare with 10 years ago. The sport itself has become a matter of pride in India, so has the fantasy cricket apps. Further, it has recently faced a huge rise in fantasy cricket apps in India. 

Undoubtedly because of Kohli’s good consistent performances.

We at really loves the excitement of playing fantasy cricket. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best fantasy cricket apps in India.

Dream11 Fantasy Cricket App

There isn’t a more popular way to play fantasy cricket online than with Dream11. It is one of the most respected fantasy sites available online. Moreover, it became the first Indian gaming website to join the Unicorn Club back in 2019.

As well as cricket, players will also be able to play different fantasy sports like football, basketball, and Kabaddi.

It is one of the biggest fantasy cricket apps in India. Many Indian players argue that it is the most popular app as well.

App Benefits

When we talk about the biggest and best cricket apps in India, it is important to know what benefits will you get out of it. If you do not know what benefits the app gives you there is no point in downloading the app.

Dream11 is one of the top fantasy apps to exist. You can practice contests, go into a cash contest in different fantasy formats, and check your cricket skills as well. It can be argued that it is the biggest fantasy sports app.

In addition, attractive cash contests bring in a lot of new and motivated customers.

Other than being a gaming website it is a great gaming app as well. Other fantasy cricket apps may not have the same features as Dream11.


Dream11 was established in 2008 and started offering fantasy sports four years later. It is able to stand out of the crowd as it is the most popular in India, with over 45 million registered users reported.

There are both free and paid contests available to players on all fixtures during the IPL season. However, all customers must be at least 18, and verification is required before playing.

Howzat Fantasy Cricket App in India

Couldn’t locate a future match. How is the Howzat fantasy games app? How can I learn to play fantasy cricket with my blog Howzat?

It is an Android app for a fantasy cricket fan. Howzat started its operations in 2019 and is currently the best fantasy sports platform in India.

Sports Offered by Howzat

Howzat offers sports fans a fantasy-inspired experience by combining sports skills and cash prizes. Users may pick a virtual team from cricket, football, kabaddi, and other sports on

Features of

Below are some of the amazing features of Howzat cricket app in India that will help you in determining why it is one of the best fantasy cricket apps in India.

Easy-to-use interface

Howzat has an intuitive gaming room that gives you an easy choice to select matches. Howzat offers a very user-friendly interface to create your dream games. For fantasy sport, the winning player requires complete knowledge and excellent insight before joining the squad.

Match Prediction

You can make informed choices by analyzing the predictions and changing teams. Howzat publish daily match forecast blog articles on their website. Match predictions from an expert provides this.

You can read the prediction about a particular match to get all the important details like pitch and weather conditions, history, etc.

Big Welcome Bonus And Exclusive Offers

You receive a welcome bonus based on the maximum amount you’ve already deposited. However, that is not all. Enjoy a variety of special day-long offers, referral bonuses & other things that will make you return to Howzat, the best fantasy app for fantasy!

You can withdraw your winnings immediately

After the game ends, you can transfer your winning amount at Howzat’s wallet within the next 24 hours. You can withdraw your money at any time you wish, and you can enter an upcoming contest and get more.

Fast and smooth

Howzat makes playing online and mobile games simple. Some of its greatest attributes are: zero load time and very small storage. This is one of the fastest and smoothest fantasy app!

Play Legends

You can challenge and play cricket legends such as Harbhan Singh, Yuvraj Singh, and Shaddul Thakur. In addition, if you beat these guys you will be get your reward in cash.

HalaPlay Fantasy Cricket App

HalaPlay is another one of the top fantasy cricket apps and is also one of the most popular fantasy cricket apps available. There are a number of different options for players with this brand, as there is the option to choose to play in public or private leagues.

The private leagues enable you to play fantasy cricket against your friends. Moreover, there are also head-to-head leagues that you can join!

App Benefits

HalaPlay fantasy cricket app isn’t just open to action in the Indian Premier League, as there are also fantasy opportunities for T20, ODI, and Test matches.

The points that can be scored in these codes are different. Hence, reading up on the rules is essential.

However, certain points stay the same across all three, with players awarded one point for a run and 20 points for taking a wicket. It is an excellent fantasy cricket app for players looking to engage all their friends.

BalleBaazi Fantasy Cricket App

BalleBaazi is one of the newest editions to the fantasy game market for Indian cricket fans who want to play fantasy games. The BalleBaazi fantasy cricket app was introduced in January 2018. With out delay, BalleBaazi wasted no time in showing their fans in India that it was dedicated to offering an excellent experience. The official fantasy cricket app was launched just eight months later.

It quickly became a common choice for fantasy players. In fact, there were a reported 400,000 active users in just 12 months after it was launched.

Like the other best fantasy cricket apps that we have mention here, BalleBaazi sticks with the same eleven-play selection. This is made of by the batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders, and a wicketkeeper.

Points will be scored depending on the runs, wickets, and centuries that the players in the team score. There are a number of cash competitions available for India players to join.

MyTeam11 Fantasy Cricket App

MyTeam11 is an award-winning option for those looking for an interesting fantasy cricket app. The brand was launched in 2016 and was founded by Vinit Godara and Sanjit Sihag.

Playing on this fantasy cricket app is pretty straightforward. Firstly, players will start to determine the game that they want and select a team.

Secondly, once they have chosen the game, they must select the eleven players that they believe will win the most points for their team. Players will also have the big decision of who to make captain, and who to make vice-captain.

The player you choose as captain will get double the number of points at the end of the match. Once you select the team, you can join one of the many leagues that are available. Moreover, there are both private and public leagues available, with cash prizes up for grabs. 

In addition, you can create your own team and then in a fantasy league compete against other people’s teams. This way you will get a hang of the game and it will boost your chances of winning.

RotoBash Fantasy Cricket App

One of the biggest factors in RotoBash’s favor is how straightforward it is to sign up and play at their fantasy cricket app. It is much simpler than many of the other fantasy sites. This means, players can get straight into selecting their team and potentially winning money.

After signing up, you need to select the match that you want to pick a team for. The site covers the majority of major fixtures from around the world.

Before selecting your team, you will need to choose the league or contest that you want to be play in.

After selecting your team, you will then need to set the batting order and pay to enter. You then watch live on the app how your team is performing throughout the match.

Paytm First Games Fantasy Cricket App

First Games is an Indian game developer that is set to become a leading fantasy platform in 2022. Sachin Tendulkar became an ambassador as he gained the trust of audiences. Since Sachin never advertised a product that could cause a negative effect on society.

Paytm’s First Games offers a big payout and customers are allowed to earn up to 1 crore every day they are also allowed to earn up to five crores daily from PayTm cash.

You may play several other fantasy sports aside from cricket. Above all, it is including Ludo Rummy Games and Puzzle categories among other activities.

Paytm First Games is a fantasy app in which you can get the best fantasy cricket experience. It is also one of the top fantasy cricket apps. You will be able to win cash prizes on this fantasy cricket platform.

GoSuper11 Fantasy Cricket App

The best fantasy cricket app that earns you money? GoSuper11 has fantasy cricket games that are suitable for all the fans of cricket. Its developer is Deepak Kumar. In June 2018, the project aims at transforming India’s fantasy games market.

GoSuper-11 offers instant cash settlement, making the app unique from many others. Its users can also create and join virtual teams and participate in competitions to receive prizes from GoSuper11.

If you are looking for a way to make money which you can easily withdraw, you can choose GoSuper11 as your fantasy cricket app.

Moreover, this app has a very good user interface and good user experience feedback. For sure, you will find this app attractive for fantasy sports.

Gamezy Fantasy Cricket App

Best app for cricket to make a fortune: Gamezy is a product by Indian innovator Gameskraft Technological. This fantasy cricket app was launched in IPL 2019 with obvious differences compared with many other fantasy sports apps.

Users can continue playing during matches in the second annual Innings Fantasy & live Fantasy Contests. With a 100% secure and reliable payment processing system, you can withdraw any winnings immediately.

11 Wickets Fantasy Cricket App

11 Wickets, a fantasy cricket app that earns you money. The company operates eleven crickets and operates Ability Games. 11 Wickets is a fast-growing fantasy cricket application in India, gaining 50,000 users per year.

In March 2019, 11 Wicket’s Brand Ambassador Sunny Léone launched ‘Select Your Substitute’. This means, players can provide a substitute for an unproductive player.

My11Circle Fantasy Cricket App

My11Circle’s fantasy cricket app is available for domestic and international cricket. My11Circle hired Sourav Ganguly as its brand ambassador. The Dada Challenge invites users to enter the contest to beat the expert.

If a number 3 is in use, the user gets a three-time payout. X’s value can vary from game to game. On this app, you can easily play fantasy cricket in a bit different way.

LeagueX Fantasy Cricket App

LeagueX is offering a fantasy cricket app for avid gamers. More players join every day. This fantasy cricket app were launched in April 2018 and soon became one of the top ten fantasy sites.

League X allows for immediate money withdrawals and various league games for its users.

Faboom Fantasy Cricket App

The Faboom fantasy cricket app is now among the most downloaded fantasy cricket apps available today. Unlike the majority of fantasy cricket platforms where the player elects captains and vice-captains, Faboom has a different ranking system. However, the basics are the same as other fantasy apps.

If you are looking for a good experience you should try this app for sure.

Nostra Provincia Fantasy Cricket App

Nostradamus Pro is India’s most acclaimed fantasy cricket app offering incredible gameplay in cricket fantasy. Users can also participate and receive rewards for just predictions about their opponents’ winning matches.

This fantasy app is great because the predictive features are also available for other sporting activities such as badminton table tennis and boxing. In addition, if fantasy sports don’t suit you then you may also enjoy playing games such as poker and rummy.

You can also participate in quiz games and casual games. Let us see the best feature in NostraPro: the ability to attach a bank account and play bowling fantasy. It is one of the best fantasy cricket apps.

MPL Fantasy Cricket App

The mobile premier league is an application for fantasy cricket that was created for the mobile league in 2022. Moreover, it features Indian skipper Virat Kohli as a brand ambassador. If you want fantasy soccer or fantasy cricket or fantasy basketball, the options on this site match the options offered in many more sports.

You can find all these awesome free online casino games at MPL alongside a few other games and also earn rewards. In addition, the best part about these fantasy sports apps is the fact that they don’t have predefined limits on the amount you can withdraw from an account.

The Mobile Premier League is one of the most popular apps that earn money in the United States. This due to various feature events where the winning players have the chance to win phones, bikes, cameras, etc., the game was rapidly growing.

The software is very intuitive to use and provides quick cashouts with Paytm UPIs and bank transfers. Virat Kohli is the latest to become the brand ambassador for the team. This is a great fantasy cricket app for cricketers who want money.

Playerzpot Fantasy Cricket App

Playerzpot offers a fantasy cricket game with several rewards. Above all, while other fantasy cricket apps are offer cash rewards, Playerzpot offers free cash prizes.

Moreover, Playerszpot also includes the new Weekly Log In feature in which players receive free play by registering weekly on the website. Don’t miss that!

The weekly log feature is something that excites everyone and will help the app in gaining more customers.

Other Popular Fantasy Cricket Sites

There are a number of other alternatives for players looking to play fantasy sports aside from the ones we mention above. However, you should read through all the alternatives before carefully selecting the one that you want to sign up for in order to play fantasy cricket.

Basically, ensuring that you understand what each site offers is the most important factor. As all of the recommendation listed on this page are safe for all customers to play at. These are five other fantasy cricket apps where you can play different fantasy sports on:

  • FanMojo
  • WorldTeam11
  • FanFight

The above-mentioned apps do require you to add your bank account as you will be then competing with other players from around the world. Certainly, you will want to win some real cash.

Fantasy apps and in general cricket apps like the Howzat fantasy app allow you to win real cash after attaching your bank account to the app.

A fantasy game gives chances to the users in playing cricket fantasy leagues. However, the best fantasy cricket app will allow you to attach your bank account and win money while playing a fantasy game.

How To Play Fantasy Cricket

All of the fantasy apps that we mentioned operate very similarly and use the same principles for the fantasy game. This means that you simply need to select a team of players. Secondly, these players have then rewarded points based on how they perform in the match that you are playing.

Leadership Board

There is also a leaderboard, with the player that scores the most points with their fantasy team taking the top spot in the rankings. Depending on the fantasy apps that you’re playing with, you could even end and win real cash prizes!

However, before playing on any site with fantasy sports, you first need to sign up for an account. Just follow the link on this page to the site you have chosen and then start your registration process.

Playing Fantasy Cricket – Essential Information

You have to provide information such as your name and address to complete this. Moreover, you also need to set a username and password, which will be the login details that you will use for future gaming sessions.

Once your account is set up, you can play the cricket fantasy games available.

Fantasy Cricket Tips

There are a number of factors that you may take into consideration before you start to play fantasy sports. Follow these tips to ensure that you have the best chance of finishing at the top of the leaderboard after the round of fixtures.

Altogether, here are some of the fantasy cricket tips tips to be following:

Don’t Just Pick Your Favourite Players

This is something that newcomers to fantasy sports will forget. However, it is often one of the most important factors that you shall taken into consideration. You shouldn’t just pick a player in your fantasy team because he is your favorite.

Hence, this isn’t the best decision to make; you should instead base your selection on the form of the players and their statistics.

Do Analysis of Several Players

When you are making your own team, you do not want to only pick your favorite players, Instead, do proper research to find out which players are best for your team.

Do Research

You should always aim to include the players that are in the best form. Basically, study the recent performance of players that you can select. You don’t want to select a player that hasn’t scored many runs in the current season or a player that hasn’t taken a wicket. 

Check Out Your Competitors

One important thing that you should be on the lookout for is your competitors. Your competitors are someone who might be better or worse than you. However, it is always good to look at the competition so you know what you are getting yourself into.

The best fantasy cricket apps in India allow you to see your competitors.

Enjoy Fantasy Sport 

Most importantly, you should ensure that you enjoy playing fantasy cricket. The game is all about enjoyment so you should avoid stressing about the decisions that you have made.

What’s The Difference Between Fantasy Cricket & Cricket Betting?

Fantasy sports isn’t a form of gambling. It is described as a ‘game of skill’. Furthermore, for the most part, players will not need to wager money in order to play fantasy sports.If you want to find out more about the best online cricket betting sites, read our guide.


How to win in fantasy cricket?

You win at fantasy cricket by accumulating more points than the opposing players in your league.

How to earn real money from fantasy cricket?

You will be able to earn real money from the game by finishing at the top of the public leaderboard.

How does fantasy cricket work?

You will be able to select your fantasy team after signing up for an account with a fantasy cricket app or site that is being mentioned on this page. Create your own team and see how they perform.

Our Conclusion

The best fantasy cricket apps in India will help you get the perfect fantasy sports experience. You may be wondering if you can do this full-time. Well, people do pursue it as a full-time hobby. However, it is more of a side hobby for everyone.

The best fantasy cricket app will help you realize that it is particularly easy to use and that you can make money from it as well. You only need to attach your bank account to it. Once you win some money you will be able to withdraw the amount from the fantasy app to your bank account.

Last Updated on March 16, 2024