Best Badminton Betting Sites Online

There are many betting sites online in India to choose from when it comes to betting on badminton. Our sports experts have done an extensive research to ensure that Indian gamblers can sign up for the best badminton sites available. We have considered what gamblers look for in online sportsbooks when betting on badminton. In addition, we have also looked closer at important gambling operator aspects such as safety and trustworthiness.

The one thing that has been rising in the search bar of the Indian region in Google is “how to place a badminton bet”. The badminton association in India has been quite busy. Their players have been performing well. India has not had a great history in badminton. However, in recent times we have seen how they progressed and have taken the badminton world by storm. They are now giving a proper challenge to the top players.

There are several competitions in badminton including the Thomas cup and Uber cup. You can place free bets on most of the single badminton match. 

Complete Badminton Betting Guide

To ensure you are betting on a safe badminton betting site, we have compiled this complete badminton betting guide. The recommended betting sites for badminton are the best to make cash bets on all the action in the badminton area. Amongst other things you can learn about the following in this article:

  • Best Badminton Betting Sites Online
  • How to Bet on Badminton Online?
  • What is Live Badminton Betting?
  • Badminton Betting Tips & Strategies
  • How to Find the Best Badminton Betting Odds?

Best Badminton Betting Sites Online

At the moment there are no ongoing badminton tournaments or badminton events. We will update as soon as next events kick in! In the meantime, enjoy cricket, football and other sports with our partner sites!



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The best badminton betting site will always include different betting options. These includes free bets, information on different badminton bookmakers, in play betting, and the ability to bet on the game live.

Punters will be able to find all the best badminton betting sites top list above. These sites are the ones that we recommend you to sign up for. They have passed our sports team review process and are the chosen ones from a vast number of betting sites available in India. These best badminton betting sites offer and cater to a wide range of betting markets to bet on. In addition, they also offer fair and competitive odds for several badminton markets.

Our recommended online betting sites also offer badminton odds on most of the leading leagues and competitions in India and around the world. More and more online sportsbooks are increasing their focus on the sport and offering badminton bets. However, we see that there is a difference in the number of leagues and bet markets between online sportsbooks.

Best Badminton Betting Sites -

History of Badminton Sports Betting

Like other internationally famous sports, a contemporary form has been developed in British society. Like all sports, its historical background is older in nature. It remains uncertain whether the actual home was in China, India, and ancient Greece. A variation is likely in all three. Similarly, the Brits play badminton across their empire. In the 19th century, the sport gained an official name after Badminton House in southwest London as well as documented rules. In 1893, the British Badminton Federation was established, and in 1895 they won a sixth-year All England title.

A badminton match includes 3 sets of 21 points each. It is a game between two teams, be it singles or teams of two.

Betting via Mobile Phone and Badminton Betting Apps

If you prefer to bet on the go, from the comfort of your mobile phone or tablet device, you can absolutely do so. Today the sites offer fully optimized betting opportunities on badminton events. In addition, you will have access to customer services for your mobile device. The mobile sites and downloadable badminton betting apps work just as fast as the computer website.

The online sportsbooks that offer badminton events to be watched through the live streaming service, can also be watched on handheld devices. As long as you have an internet connection you can connect to the world of online gambling entertainment!

Online Badminton Betting Sites Safety and Payments

Our top list of badminton bettings sites promote themselves on the safety and security measures that they have in place. SSL encryption is there to safeguard customers’ sensitive information. Besides, all the recommended badminton betting sites above also hold valid remote gambling licenses from a respected gaming authority. This allows you to bet in peace, knowing that your cash payments and information are in safe hands.

Furthermore, there is a wide range of popular Indian payment methods accepted at our list of badminton betting sites. You can find debit cards, e-wallets, and bank wire transfers, with UPI and NetBanking, Paytm and many more. The minimum rupee cash deposit and withdrawal amounts are clearly written on the cashier page.

Badminton Betting Welcome Bonuses and Promotions

You will be happy to find that most of the top-tier badminton betting sites offer a welcome bonus for new players to take advantage of when signing up. You will as well find ongoing promotions for loyal customers when you stay betting with the same bookmaker.

To be able to boost your starting betting funds, receiving a welcome bonus is a key parameter for an online badminton betting site to stay competitive. You can learn more about the different types of badminton betting sites and welcome bonuses that are offered here on our betting promotions page.

Finally, when you are able to take advantage of excellent welcome badminton bonuses and ongoing promotions you should. This ensures that you can make the most of your cash money when placing bets.

Betting on badminton can also bring you a lot of badminton betting bonuses. However, always read the bonus rules attached to the promotion, so you know what rules to expect.

Most online sportsbooks offer badminton bonuses promotions for new players. Bonuses are a lot more attractive than the average offer of cash. This is why the best badminton betting sites offering hefty welcome bonuses to new Indians for badminton betting and other sports.

Although welcome bonuses are generally the commonest and often the largest bonuses available for one installment, others offer additional incentives to you based upon cumulative benefits. Using sportsbook loyalty schemes like percent back you can generate several incremental rewards based on your wager.

Badminton Free Bets 

Free bets are the most popular bonus that you will see online when betting on sports. A free bet can be awarded to you after you have successfully registered your betting account, made the first deposit, or placed a cash bet. It allows you to place a bet without using your own money.

Similar to badminton free bets, some sports betting sites also offer badminton risk-free bets. Here, punters will be able to claim their losing cash stake back and use it again as a bonus bet. This ensures that the first bet doesn’t lose.

Risk-free betting often results in low returns. However, for those people who are new to this, risk-free betting is the way to learn things before going for bets filled with risk and high returns. However, always remember to play responsibly!

Badminton Boosted Odds 

Boosted odds promotions ensure that you can win more on your potential bet returns after you have made a winning badminton betting prediction. This is because the badminton betting odds is higher than normal. Boosted odds is a popular promotion to new players when betting for the first time.

How To Pick the Best Betting Sites for Badminton?

In terms of gambling, the sport of badminton is not overwhelmingly popular. However keeping track of the badminton tournaments, especially around Asia and Europe, will help you to find the best badminton bookmaker. Here some tips what to look for:

Variety of Betting

Sometimes it costs less to select the winner. Find online betting sites with more choices available. Like in any sport, it’s easy to watch live games in order to react quickly to events in a badminton live betting event. Check sites that provide badminton betting with an extensive number of bet markets. Bet markets should we available both for pre match betting as well as live betting on badminton. In addition, rupee payment methods shall be available such as UPI, Netbanking and Paytm.

In order to help you out, here on, we have a list of the best badminton betting sites that offer key features for a good betting experience.

Badminton tournaments can be of all sorts. The world championships held by the badminton world federation, the Thomas cup, or the England Open Badminton Championships are among the most popular.

However, it may be easier for you to place a bet on the badminton games of the world championships because that would help increase your odds. Basically due to the increased competition among badminton betting sites.

Badminton is one of the most popular sports in the world and it is growing in popularity among Indian online sports betting fans as well. Some claim it to be the second most popular sport in India after cricket. That means that there are a vast number of badminton tournaments and competitions for punters to bet on.

Keep looking for any ongoing badminton tournaments or badminton events. We will update you as soon as the next events kick in! In the meantime, enjoy cricket, football, and other sports with our partner sites!

Here are some of the most popular badminton tournaments that you can expect to find badminton betting tips on:

  • India Open
  • BWF World Championships
  • Hyderabad Open
  • Syed Modi International Badminton Championships
  • Premier Badminton League
  • Sudirman Cup
  • Summer Olympic Games

India has seen solid success in the Summer Olympic Games Badminton. The country’s first Olympic medal was won in 2012 by Saina Nehwal in the women’s single. The second Olympic medal in badminton was won four years later in 2016.

World Badminton Championships

Badminton World Championships are undoubtedly the most respected competition in the sport. The World Championships were originally started as an annual event from 1977 until it was shifted from 1985 to 2005. However, since 2006, it is again each year, giving more players the chance to win the contest. Although, the competition does not take place in the same season as the Summer Olympics, since the best athletes compete in the Olympics.

How To Bet on Badminton Online? 

For players to be able to start placing real money bets on badminton tournaments, you first need to sign up for one of our recommended badminton betting sites. This will ensure you will get the best betting experience possible online. To begin the sign-up process, click one of our ‘Play Now’ links. There, you will enter the requested details to complete registration.

Once you have registered and verified your email address, you can make your first deposit of cash funds to your account. All of the online sportsbooks above allow deposits in rupees. Rupee deposits are possible through debit cards, e-wallets, bank wire transfers, or by popular Indian banking methods such as UPI and Paytm. Once cash funds have been successfully deposited, you can take your time and learn more about the online betting rules of badminton. Our completed badminton betting guide is a good start. After that, you are ready to start placing real cash bets on all of the most popular badminton betting markets.

You will find all open pre-match bet markets in the sports lobby. After completing your badminton bets, don’t forget to confirm your bet slip to make sure it is properly registered. After your bet slip is confirmed, you only need to wait for the badminton match to be finished. The bookmaker will then settle your bet and possible cash winnings paid out to your account.

You might be thinking that it will be hard to bet on badminton matches since it is not that common. However, you will find a variety of betting options only for badminton. In addition, at a badminton betting site, you will also be able to find casino games as well. 

What Is Badminton Live Betting Online?

Online live betting on badminton is popular among Indian punters. It allows bets on the in play action when the badminton matches are actually being live. This essentially means that you can make real money wagers on the player/team that you think will win the match during game time. The option to do this is by having the possibility to recalculate the betting odds continuously based on match events.

Live betting creates a richer sports betting experience as you do not need to sit around and wait for the match to end to get some betting action. Remember, the badminton betting odds may change regularly. This means finding the right time to make your cash bets is the key to success. In play betting really enhances the excitement of watching a badminton match. Regardless if you are a dedicated supporter or just watching a random match live or on your TV. You can try out live betting with all of our listed and trusted badminton betting sites.

Initially, it was not common for Indian players to go and place free bets or in fact any bets on badminton matches. However, now live betting is much more common in India.

Badminton Betting Tips & Strategies

Betting on badminton events is extremely enjoyable for an ever-growing number of online bettors. The sport is fast and full of action events, which we find very appealing. There are a number of tips that you can look into before making a wager with the best badminton betting sites.

Money Management for Online Badminton Betting

A great strategy for making money is to utilize available promotions as well as bonus offers. We’ll explore these features further here on Remember, be aware of the importance of increasing your betting capacity through good bonuses. 

Another important factor in managing money is using reliable badminton betting sites. When you have no digital wallet, you should think twice before depositing the money. Look for evidence of a security such as multiple licenses or reputable security certifications, and a good review. Finally, be aware of how much money is spent while playing online.

Online Badminton Betting Strategies

The most successful badminton betting punters do proper research before placing their badminton bet. Contrary to a game of luck, betting in sports relies upon a successful effort of many players to exert a great effort. All players display some level of proficiency in various areas of gameplay. Some players are good servers and can control where the shuttlecock is but struggle in the same situation. Others excel in singles badminton but can’t transition these abilities to team play in doubles matches.

Below are some tips that you might consider before making a cash wager on badminton matches: 


The form of the badminton players involved is of course essential. This will give punters background knowledge about how good the athletes involved are. Should a badminton player be on a long winless run, then you could be wary of betting on them. This is often reflected in the betting odds offered on the badminton bet market. The higher odds on the player, the lower the form of the player is based on the data available.


You can also examine previous head-to-head matches. There could be a pattern that points to one of the players being slightly more favorable and as such possibly making them a more secure option. Even though a badminton player can be rank higher than their opponent, head-to-head could be the best betting predictor of a match. Hence, athletes can struggle when meeting certain opponents. The head-to-head records are therefore a good compliment to review before making a cash bet.

Start Small

Badminton is a very enjoyable sport to bet on. If you’re a beginner, then you could start with placing smaller bets before steadily increasing the stake. Play responsibly is key to all forms of betting. 

If you have an interest in the latest betting tips on games, please check our sports betting tips and predictions page.

How To Find the Best Badminton Odds Online

The best badminton betting sites will let you know what game handicap exists between the competition. These sites usually have the best badminton sportsbooks. Badminton is still not one of the popular sports and its betting may not be as popular as cricket betting.

Betting on the best possible badminton odds is a sound long-term strategy. To optimize that you are placing your bets with the best betting odds available, sign up for an account at a few different sports betting sites.

This is to enable you to compare the available odds before making your bet. However, even with only one account, you can rest assured that your betting odds are not far from the market average. We only recommend online badminton betting sites with attractive and competitive odds.

To find the best competitive badminton odds you will have to do proper research on a good badminton betting strategy. If you are looking to get different bet types and learn which bet types are excluded from the websites you will have to search upon that as well.

Best Badminton Odds

You will find the best odds online on doubles matches. The match winner or the game-winner, mixed doubles, the badminton game, in general. Badminton fans are normally less used to compare odds in relation to fans of other sports like football and cricket.

It is not a popular betting event in many ways but bets on badminton are increasing and so the odds. Thanks to the success of nations including China, India, Indonesia and Denmark, badminton has continued growing. Consequently, players are now more often turning to online badminton betting. This should not be surprising, however, because of several of the top badminton betting platforms available.

Many still exploring “Is it possible to place a bet on badminton?” The right online sports books will help in making badminton betting decisions. The top-rated and best badminton betting sites for badminton offers numerous advantages such as competitive badminton odds. In addition, they offer numerous market opportunities, appealing badminton betting bonuses and much more.

Badminton Betting Markets 

Betting on badminton can be done on the best badminton betting sites that we list in this complete badminton betting guide. The best sites will have more features like horse racing, a welcome bonus, an online casino, and in play betting as well.

There are a vast number of online betting markets available for gamblers to wager their money. However, badminton games are a treat to watch. When you see the players in a given badminton match how they move and compete. You will be surprised to see their reactions.

These are some of the most popular markets you can expect to find when betting on badminton with the recommended bookmakers on this page:

  • Player To Win
  • Winning Margin
  • Team Competition Winner
  • Correct Score
  • Handicap Betting
  • Over/Under Points

The Popularity of Badminton Betting in India

What is the story behind the sport that is so popular amongst sports fans? Next to cricket, badminton is one of the favorites for sports enthusiasts. The history of badminton is long. It has been around and played in India for hundreds of years in the current modern format. But the origins of the game can be traced back thousands of years!

In recent years the game has again increased its fans. Due to the many international success stories of Indian badminton players in the Olympics. The increased access to badminton live streaming and badminton online betting sites in India has helped get a lot of new attention to the sport.

As compared to other big arena sports like cricket or football, there are fewer sports fans attention to live betting for badminton. So this game definitely benefits from the increased usage of mobiles and badminton betting apps with easy access to badminton live betting sites online.

FAQ Badminton Betting

Can I bet on badminton online for real money?

Yes. Real money bets can be placed on badminton with the recommended and licensed sports betting sites we list here.

Which are the best badminton betting sites?

Our recommended sites for betting on badminton online are top-listed. They are tested and reviewed by our sports team. This ensure they cater to a great selection of badminton betting markets, rupee payment methods, and welcome bonus offers.

Can I bet on badminton on a mobile badminton betting app?

Yes. All the best badminton betting sites allow and accept real money badminton bets to be made on mobile phone devices. The sites are fully optimized and fast. You can place bets, make deposits, withdraw winnings, contact customer support, and much more. Through either the badminton betting apps or mobile web of the betting site.

Which are the most popular badminton bets?

The most popular market with the highest betting turnover for badminton bets is most often the ‘player to win’ bet selection.

Our Conclusion

Punters looking to bet on badminton can not go wrong with wagering real money on the best badminton betting sites our sports team top listed for you on this page. We review that all the relevant online gambling security is in place and that the sites offer excellent welcome bonuses.

These online sportsbooks also offer an extensive number of betting markets. Sign up with one of them and start making cash bets online today. Good luck and enjoy the action!

Last Updated on March 16, 2024