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Find the best UPI betting sites available for players on the sports betting market in India. Our team of sports bettors review these betting sites that accept UPI deposits. In addition, our team makes sure that you can deposit and withdraw funds in a fast and safe manner.

In this professional review, we offer opinions on the following:

  • Background information about UPI betting sites
  • How to deposit and withdraw money from an UPI betting site
  • Safety and security of betting sites that accept UPI

What Is UPI at Betting Sites

With UPI, you can make payments and transfer money in a mobile application. Basically, UPI eliminates the requirement to provide your personal bank details. This means you do not need to share your account number or other details to for example an online cricket site. Normally, that is the case when requesting to withdraw money. In addition, UPI allows for easy interbank transfers. Again without sharing account number and with the use of just two-click verification. Moreover, it is an efficient method for transfers of cash between different parties. Hence, it eliminates the need for transactions in the banking sector.

Let us start with how to transfer cash using an UPI app. After all, knowing how to transfer money is helpful when depositing money to your favorite betting site accepting UPI. Usually, a UPI betting site allows the player to transfer funds either directly to their banking account or through VPA or PPI. All in all, this method is very easy to adapt which we will cover below. For this purpose, UPI offers 2 alternative methods of receiving the money. These additional methods do not necessarily apply to UPI betting sites. However, we will explain the methods for a possible future release.

More About the UPI Payment Method

Unified Payment Interface is a very modern way to make digital payments securely. This is the case regardless of which devices you are using. Many betting apps offer UPI payments for deposits or withdrawals into your bank account. Consequently, there are many app providers accept UPI payment. For example, the bank’s mobile app lets users transfer their funds securely to the same bank account with their smartphone. Therefore, in this guide you can read more about UPI payments and withdrawals. Furthermore, we cover details about apps, sites for betting and tips regarding the UPI payment method.

How UPI Works

With UPI, the user can easily transfer money between a bank account and smartphones. Payment is done using a mobile app. Rather than memorizing long accounts and other information, the user uses the UPI code for simple money transfers. This makes it one of the most convenient payment methods. Accordingly, it is one of the most popular payment methods in India. 

UPI For Betting Sites Payments in India

Since April 2016, Unified Payments Interface (UPI) has become a popular real-time payment option among Indian online sports punters. This preferred payment method was originally developed by the National Payments Corporation of India. Therefore, it also offers inter-bank transactions. As an alternative online payment facility, UPI is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India. Although, it is available through many different banks which are the Payment Service Providers or PSPs. 

Many Indian banks are operating on the platform through the national payments corporation. It promotes fast and mobile only transactions within India. To use the service, you as a customer needs to download the UPI app. Hence, this app facilitate the transfer of funds between your bank account and the UPI betting site of your choice. 

Once you download the mobile payment app, users can enjoy a secure and modern way of completing payments. In addition, at UPI betting sites, Indian players can enjoy around the clock availability. This with a single-click authentication at many betting sites by using its UPI ID. 

Best UPI Betting Sites in India

It is difficult to choose the most suitable UPI betting site to bet on depending on your needs. To ease your decision we review and compile a best UPI betting site list. 

How To Bet With UPI Betting Sites

Thanks to its convenience and security, UPI is now one of the most popular online banking deposit methods. Especially at many online Indian betting that accept UPI as a banking method. To deposit and play using UPI, simply choose and click on one of the online betting site top list on this page. We review all UPI betting sites for your security. 

We have done this to make sure that you can enjoy a stress-free way of transferring your cash funds for betting with UPI. Once you select your favourite sportsbook, register and verify your betting account. Thereafter, you are ready to deposit cash to your betting account using UPI. 

Deposits and Withdrawals From a Bank Account on UPI Betting Sites in India

How To Transfer Money With UPI?

This guide will show you all of the different ways you can transfer funds using UPI payment system. This method can work for any application that supports UPI. Without the need of a debit card. 

Depositing on UPI Betting Sites

Choose your favorite betting site by selecting our top UPI betting sites. Thereafter, you can make UPI betting deposits with bank transfers. First you need to create a new account at your UPI betting site. Secondly, check for the UPI payment apps. 

The process of depositing money with UPI is very easy. In addition, the deposit amount is available on the account within minutes. Best of all, without any further bank account details. Although, if you do not receive your account credit within an hour, contact UPI’s support team for a fast refund. 

Additionally, you may also be eligible to receive an exclusive deposit bonus or free bets from a UPI betting site in India. However, it might require a minimum deposit and normally only works at your first deposit. 

When you send money through the UPI India betting site, it is commonly called Push. If you want to send money through UPI, you just need to open the UPI wallet and select “Send Money”. Thereafter, you must enter the virtual UPI ID as well as the deposit amount that you are sending.

Use the PIN for verification purposes. The UPI deposit process in India is fairly simple. 

UPI Betting Site Deposit Tutorial

UPI deposits require you to simply create a UPI ID which connect directly to your bank accounts. It is possible to get an UPI ID from apps that offer it. UPI ID starts on the phone and follows @ and the name for the app that you are using. For example, suppose you use the BHIM app, your BHIM UPI will display @BHIM. Moreover, if you use a different app like Paytm you can see the @paytm. In addition, you can also add a unique UPI ID if you prefer.

If your first deposit is through the UPI app, you will have the UPI ID of the requesting individual for your account on the betting site. While each betting site has a different interface, the basic principle of the deposit is the same at most betting sites. Check out below how to deposit with UPI to ComeOn!

How To Withdraw on Betting Sites With UPI

Obviously, after winning a bet, you will have to withdraw with UPI. The UPI betting withdrawal process at UPI betting sites is equally simple as UPI depositing. However, at the first withdrawal it is necessary to complete the identity check process on UPI betting websites.

The convenient process of transferring funds also extends to the withdrawal process from a betting site. To withdraw funds from your bookmaker, just visit the ‘Cashier’. Choose UPI as your payment solution. Enter the cash amount that you want to withdraw and approve the process. Keep in mind that UPI payment option currently only accepts small withdrawals. 

Your initial withdrawal request, however, may take some time. As part of the gaming licensing requirements of running these UPI betting sites, operators needs to verify the identity of customers. It is part of the ‘Know Your Customer’ policy. In fact, this is for your own protection as well as responsible gambling. 

After the initial KYC verification, further withdrawal requests made at UPI betting sites are completed as scheduled.

Is UPI Safe?

UPI Payment systems are supported and controlled by the state governments and the Reserve Bank. This was developed by Indian National Payment Corporations. That is why payments are as safe as possible. UPI payments lets you transfer the money directly to the betting platform in just one click. Just log into your UPI account on your application. 

A second advantage is that you can access this information by using a smartphone account. Basically, as long as it has your phone number as this is your account. Secure data is encrypted to protect the payment process. In addition, all apps have security protocols. Moreover, you can normally use 2-factor authentication like a fingerprint to confirm payment.

Top 10 List of the Best UPI Betting Sites?

A UPI wallet is among the most popular methods of payment in India. There are several betting sites in India that accept the UPI. This means Indian cricket bet fans can easily make deposits in sportsbook accounts anywhere. However, not all betting sites in India which accept UPI deposits are having the same quality. Accordingly, this article will give you some good UPI betting tips and information about Indian sports betting.

Best Cricket Betting Sites That Accept UPI

Not many other sports are as enjoyable to bet on than cricket. Indeed, we know you love betting on this great sport! There are countless gambling sites that have several cricket betting options. Of course also including a betting exchange and live betting offering. However, it is often impossible to distinguish these sites. Therefore, we review and list all the best cricket betting sites accepting UPI. All, with a large amount of live betting markets.

Start Depositing With UPI for Cricket Betting

We believe UPI deposits provide cricket fans with a good option as online payments. Hence, they are extremely simple to build with no transaction fees. There is also an assortment of UPI wallets available. This means you can search if you need a UPI deposit method. Make sure to receive the deposit bonus or welcome bonus which normally are available at the betting site. 

UPI Betting Sites

Are UPI Betting Sites Safe and Legit?

All UPI sports betting websites that we recommend on our top list are safe and legit. In addition, the mobile applications that the banks are using pass stringent security checks. Evidently, all your transactions are always safe and your personal information is kept private with this payment method. 

In case of concerns regarding the security of online cash transfers, you can always contact the UPI betting sites Customer Support. There, you can learn more about their safety routines. In addition, contacting Support is free, and most of the customer service on UPI betting sites are available 24/7.

In addition, all betting sites that we recoomend hold a valid remote gambling license. This means they can operate and offer real money gambling to players. Betting online should always be done with such experienced and trustworthy sports operators, preferably on a betting site recommended here.

Best UPI Apps in India

Google pay: Google pay uses Google’s software support. This is extremely convenient and popular. In addition, this tool allows for creating a UPI ID for quick transfers. 

PhonePe: PhonePe is growing in popularity with betting platforms in India. With the UPI user ID, transactions can be made quick and easy. 

Paytm: Payments using Paytm can be available directly in your account. Moreover, this is an interface for money by Bharat. Most bank account uses BHIM UPI as their gateway. Basically for sending and receiving debit and credit cards.

Benefits of Using UPI Apps

The use of UPI deposits on betting websites can offer many advantages. Especially when open an account at a betting site. Normally, it is done with no hassles. Basically as you do not need to provide any credit card information when paying. Hence, the credit card number is never a necessity. UPI payments have many advantages: UPI Transaction is normally very easy and fast.

Banks That Accept UPI Payments Online

There are currently more than 300 bank branches worldwide that support UPI payment and UPI betting sites. Furthermore, many betting sites accept UPI in India. This will help you use UPI payments for deposits on a betting site. In our list above, we list the most popular betting sites in India accepting payment with UPI.

UPI Payment Links

Online UPI betting sites can make and send payment links to their players. Basically so that they can use UPI apps to send and receive payments.

Consequently, when creating UPI payment links they may be sent using a variety of channels like email. Thus, players are able to make payments by picking a UPI app on their smartphones and then tapping on the link.

Steps For Creating an UPI Payment Link

  1. Visit the official website, and then choose the Payment Gateway option from the dashboard.
  2. Under the payment gateway tab, choose the Payment Links option, and then choose “Create Payment Link.”
  3. Choose the option labelled “Create UPI payment link.”
  4. It needs to mention why the player is making the payment. To make sure that the player understands why they are being charged, betting sites must give a short and clear explanation.
  5. Adjust the maximum allowable time for the payment link to remain active.
  6. To distribute the link, you will need to provide the your information. For example email address and mobile phone number.
  7. A betting site may decide whether or not to send automated payment reminders to the players.
  8. Additionally, UPI betting sites can add extra descriptions and special markings for their own use.

UPI Alternatives

There are many alternative ways to pay online for UPI betting. Best betting options are designed to satisfy your personal needs. In addition, provide you with security, convenience and access. Below, we compile alternative choices that will make selections easy.

Using Skrill With UPI

Many gambling sites only accept payments from credit cards or wallets such as Neteller or Skrill. Alternatively, a betting site that does not offer MasterCard, VISA or UPI can offer a virtual wallet with a UPI account. Players are now able to pay via UPI on bank accounts using Skrill. For example, Betfair and Bet365 accepts Skrill as payment method. The benefits of using Skrill for online transactions is that it includes a number of payment options.

Using Neteller With UPI

Another eWallet that was neck-on-neck with Skrill for a decade was Neteller. Punters have the ability to link their bank account in UPI with Neteller wallets. This enables to make fast withdrawals from a betting site of Indian origin. Neteller has been less popular than Skrill due to a 2.75% fee for each deposit. However, both charges a fee on currency exchange rate. In addition, both allow free international payments to customers. 


Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular at betting sites in India. Consequently, several cryptocurrency products are today supported top Indian gambling sites. 


PayPal provides excellent online services. Customers can easily deposit money online and enjoy 24/7 fraud protection.

Google Pay

Google Pay betting has many choices. It has been rolled out for use on most banks and credit card brands as well as UPI cards.


Several e-wallets are available which have many different advantages and disadvantages.

UPI Betting Sites FAQ

Which Betting Sites Accept UPI?

Most of the leading betting sites in India offers UPI for their Indian players. For a full list of the best betting sites that accept UPI, check out our updated best UPI Betting Sites list. All the betting sites listed are trustworthy. 

How Do I Use UPI on Betting Sites?

To use this payment method at UPI betting sites, you first need to download the UPI app and create a Virtual Payment Address or VPA. Once the address has been set up, select UPI from the list of payment options offered by the listed betting sites.

Why Should I Use UPI on Betting Sites?

If you are looking for a fast and secure way of transferring funds using your mobile, then UPI wallet is highly recommended. There is a withdrawal limit imposed by most UPI betting sites. However, you can sort by making several safe UPI withdrawal requests. 

Which Are the Best UPI Betting Sites?

There is an increasing number of betting sites in India using UPI. In our top list, all the betting sites that accept UPI as a payment option are all recommended for your review. Make sure to claim a welcome bonus or a deposit bonus when you deposit money. 

Our Conclusion

With UPI betting sites, punters can enjoy instant transfer of funds between banks using a mobile device. The communication between the banks and the betting site is completely private and secure. It uses a Virtual ID that is secure without the need to share login credentials. In addition, you can use a single application to access different bank accounts. Furthermore, UPI betting sites offer round the clock customer service as well as a welcome bonus to new players. 

Furthermore, UPI offers complete and responsive support in case you would face any sort of technical issues. All in all, these are the main reasons why Indian bookmakers that accept UPI as payment method are some of the most trusted destinations for your betting adventure!

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