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Are all the top betting sites that accept Paytm legit? Here is a complete guide of the best Paytm betting sites available in India.

With a Paytm wallet, you can conduct all your online payments using one mobile app! Discover how the Paytm betting apps works. In addition, get information about the best Paytm betting sites by reading this guide. On this page, we cover:

  • Information on betting sites that accept Paytm
  • How to create a Paytm wallet account
  • Steps on how to deposit and withdraw at Paytm betting sites through your Paytm wallet

What Is a Paytm Wallet?

Paytm is also known as Pay through mobile. Hence, it is a payment service for transferring money from a mobile wallet to for example betting sites that accept Paytm. This banking option allows you to withdraw funds into your bank account before transferring them to an online account.

Paytm makes payments online and requires no cash transaction. Moreover, payments are made via these mediums in a very short time. Paytm is very popular among Indian players due to its ease of using on the internet.

About a Paytm Account

Paytm is the world’s largest online payments platform. It facilitates transferring of funds using a smartphone. Accordingly, the Paytm app makes the betting experience easier and more seamless. The Paytm e-wallet is also known as Paytm Wallet. It is a safe gateway to make payments or remittances through bet sites that accept Paytm. In addition, it ensures security and privacy of your money. The best betting sites which accept Paytm as one of the Indian payment methods offer 128bit SSL encryption. This give your transactions additional protection.

As we mention above, Paytm stands for ‘pay through mobile’ and is an online payment app by Paytm Payments Bank. Operating from Uttar Pradesh, India, the company is a payment bank that is fully registered and regulated by the Reserve Bank of India. In addition, just like other payment banks in the country, Paytm aims to democratize the payment services to all Indians. Specifically those with no banking record or history. Paytm operates India’s largest mobile payments and e-commerce platform. As a result, merchants and customers can transfer funds to anyone without cost using a Paytm Wallet.

As part of its initiative to introduce this payment method to a wider audience, Paytm also allows its customers to make cashless transactions from different locations. With Paytm, you can complete fund transfers at a coffee shop, the grocery store, or even in a movie theatre. Traditionally, you can use the Paytm wallet to pay for utilities, travel tickets, or to make investments. At this time, many Paytm betting sites on the Indian betting market use the Paytm app to make safe and secure payments.

Why Do People Use Paytm at Betting Sites in India?

Among the most Indian players, Paytm is seen as a trustworthy and ease method for making deposits. It is very useful if you compare to other deposit methods. India players have access for any age, gender, or race. No wonder it is one of the most popular Indian payment methods.

Paytm is perfect for sending small sums. Hence, there is no need to be elite or rich to make a Paytm deposit to a betting platform. Moreover, you do not need to share any bank accounts details for Paytm. However, Paytm’s most benefit is its security. The e-wallet is under the regulation of RBI. It is very important to point out that your funds are secure with Paytm while making deposits.

Regarding popularity, it seems that there is no other method of payment that can compare to Paytm in India. When Paytm was first introduced, it almost immediately won the confidence and acknowledgement of many people. This is because of the many and flexible ways Indian players can use this method. You can both deposit and withdraw money at betting sites that accept Paytm. In addition, the UX design of the mobile application is very user-friendly and straightforward to use. In addition, the design facilitates for players to bet on Paytm betting sites.

This payment system providing a variety of payment options, which we will discuss below. Consequently, the Paytm betting app is the go-to option for anyone who wants to bet in India.

In this article, we also cover how Indian players can use it to their advantage while playing at online betting sites that accept Paytm. Read on to find out more.

Paytm Betting Sites & Paytm Betting Apps – Complete Guide

As mention above, Paytm is one of the most popular payment gateway in India. Paytm revolutionizes digital payments across India. For example, it is available in the local Kirana stores. Paytm is also still a favorite method for paying for goods. In addition, it is an increasingly popular method among Indian players, especially as a deposit method to Paytm betting apps. Many betting sites accepting Paytm due to its convenient deposit methods and for withdrawing money. Paytm wallets, Net banking and UPI offer many bet options to select from. But for people that need help using Paytm at online betting sites, we are here to help out to provide you with the top Paytm betting sites.

In India, Paytm has over 350 million downloads. It is a popular app for transferring money through online. Moreover, at the best Paytm betting sites in India, it is the number one payment solution available.

We must first find out which online betting sites accept Paytm wallet to make online transactions. Thereupon, below is a list of the best Paytm betting sites in India. We are going to discuss deposits with Paytm UPI later on.



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Best Paytm Betting App

Which is the best Paytm betting app in India? The answer is the Betway app. Betway is an international betting site with many years of experience. Betway offers the most innovative betting alternatives to be found online. Their sports betting offer including live betting and online casino offering are best- in-class. Moreover, Betway is one of many trusted global brands that offer a secure and legit customer experience. In addition, Betway offers a variety and convenient methods for secure payments in Indian Rupees. This includes solutions such as Paytm. Don not forget to claim the welcome bonus.

How To Bet on Betting Sites That Accept Paytm

You can use Paytm to enjoy a flexible way to bet on sports. For example, pre-math and live betting or play online slots. In order to enjoy the services of a Paytm betting site, you need to create a sportsbook account at one of the betting sites accepting Paytm. During the sign-up process, you need to submit your name, email, and mobile number. After that, you can proceed to add money through your Paytm deposit. Make sure to confirm your betting account by clicking on the ‘confirmation link’ that will be emailed to you by the operator. Once confirmed, you are ready to use your betting account to place bets using your Paytm wallet. Similarly, this process is the same at Paytm casino sites.

All Paytm Betting Sites listed here

Bet on cricket with Paytm

How Can I Use Paytm at Betting Sites?

Once up and running at your online betting site, the deposit bonus will automatically be available in your account as a welcome bonus. Furthermore, if you have no knowledge of online betting or the process for a Paytm deposit, you can easily follow the instructions given by the most Paytm betting sites. In addition, a rupee withdrawal procedure is as important for making the payment process easy.

How To Make a Paytm Deposit to Betting Sites

Since Paytm is an app-based payment system, you need to download the Paytm app. Secondly, you need to create a functioning account with the app before you can use this method at one of the Paytm betting sites. To create your new Paytm account, simply open the Paytm app and tap on ‘Create a New Account’. After that, just complete the account registration process to enabling depositing money. Before you can fully use the Paytm payment option at Indian betting sites that are accepting Paytm, you need to add money. This is done using your bank account, credit card, google pay or debit card. However, be aware that your Paytm website might have minimum deposit amount or even a maximum deposit amount when depositing money.

In order to make your first deposit on betting sites that accept Paytm, simply open your sportsbook account. Then look for the ‘Cashier’ section. Choose ‘Paytm’ from the list of payment options and decide on the rupee amount you want to deposit. Just follow the general steps on the page to complete your Paytm deposit request. Upon confirmation, the betting platform will instantly process your request. Furthermore, in less than 24 hours, you can use the funds to bet on any sports. All deposit transactions at trusted betting sites that allow Paytm listed here are safe and secure.

How To Withdraw on Betting Sites With Paytm

It is possible to also withdraw your funds through Paytm betting apps. To withdraw your money, you need to log in again to your account at the betting site that accept Paytm. After that, visit the ‘Cashier’ section. Here, you need to choose ‘Paytm’ from the list of available banking methods. You will also need to provide your Paytm account profile information and the amount you want to withdraw. Your request is subject to certain conditions including a minimum withdrawal amount and processing times. Besides, betting sites with Paytm in India have varying timetables on how long it takes to process and credit your money. At most Paytm betting sites, your request is complete in less than 3 days.

For first-time withdrawal requests, the processing time is longer due to additional security checks. For example, the betting site will confirm the transaction. At your first time withdrawing, you need to submit a copy of your ID and proof of billing. This is part of the ‘Know Your Customer’ policy as a way to protect everyone from fraud. This is a one-time requirement. Subsequently, on your next withdrawal at Paytm betting sites, the request will be process according to the original schedule when withdrawing money.

Are Betting Sites Accepting Paytm Safe? 

All the betting sites accepting Paytm that we list on this site are safe and have valid licenses. This means, when you register an account on for example a cricket betting site using Paytm, you can focus on what truly matters to you, i.e. betting on sports. If you have any concerns about the Paytm betting apps safety feature, we recommend that you contact its Support Team. The most trusted Paytm betting sites welcome these questions, and they will assist free of charge.

Is It Legal To Deposit Money With Paytm on a Betting Site?

Making a Paytm deposit on any of your favourite online Paytm betting site we list here is completely legal. Though betting websites in India have restrictions, you can still be sure to use a foreign gambling site to deposit on the Indian betting market. Hence, you are safe in knowing the legality of placing a bet on an Indian gambling portal using Paytm. Paytm is an extremely large and reputable company based in India with strict regulations from the authorities.

KYC Verification on Betting Sites With Paytm

The Paytm betting sites require the completion of a KYC verification when depositing money. The process may look tedious, but the goal of this is to allow you to transfer the money in monetary transactions legally. So, this is an essential part of prepaid Paytm accounts.

Users who have not completed the payment-kick-off form will have no access to Paytm. The person must keep $10,000 in his wallet balance and cannot deposit it in another bank account. This means completing a KYC process is essential when betting with Paytm. This is for your own protection and also part of responsible gambling requirement on your selected betting site.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Paytm Betting Sites

There are benefits and drawbacks of using any payment provider, especially when betting in online. However, the benefits of using Paytm wallet far outweigh the disadvantages. Below, we will go into more detail about the pros and cons of using Paytm at betting sites.

Paytm Betting Apps Advantages

Notably, Paytm is a great payment method and is made specifically for online users in India. Thus, Indian players who want to make bets in real time may also take advantage of the method’s convenience as a payment option. Using this mode of payment comes with several benefits, which we list below.

Fast and Safe

This payment method is perfect for making quick deposits while placing live bets. Therefore, it is highly convenient. If you choose Paytm to add money, you don’t need to worry about missing any betting opportunities. When betting with Paytm, you don’t need to wait for the cash to transfer, as you would with other payment methods. Besides this, it is a safe and secure method that is authorized and regulated by the government of India.

Seamless Paytm Withdrawals

You may also use Paytm to get your winnings by making a withdrawal request and logging in to your account. After you have add money, it is simple and quick to make a withdrawal since you are not required to go through any tedious verification requirements.

Qualify For Cashback Rewards

When you use a special promotional code, you qualify for cashback incentives, which is a bonus. Compared to other payment solutions, which require you to pay a fee in order to add money, this is an additional benefit. It offers several discounts and deals, which are to the player’s advantage. As it is made for betting sites accepting Paytm in India, there are no currency exchange fees.

Good Limit for the Pocketbook

This mode of payment is convenient for gamers since it accommodates a wide range of budgets and gaming requirements. For instance, if you are a high roller or withdraw large sums of money from your betting account, you can transfer whatever amount you want. In short, there is no limit on how much you can transfer.

Of course, if you prefer wagering more moderate amounts, you can also make smaller deposits and withdrawals.

Simple Refund Process

Because this type of payment has its own customer service system, you do not need to worry about any incorrectly completed transfers. In fact, you can get in touch with the customer service personnel and request a refund of your payments without experiencing a lengthy delay or losing any money.

Disadvantages of Paytm Wallet

Although there are many advantages to using this payment system, there are still some disadvantages which we list below.

Limitations From the Indian Government

Unfortunately, the Indian government imposes limitations on this payment system. Because of this, not all online casinos or betting sites enable deposits with Paytm. Therefore, players may need to find alternative methods.

Pros and Cons of Using Paytm Betting Sites – Summary

Pros of Using Paytm Betting Sites

  • Paytm betting apps are suitable for use with UPI Payment app or Net banking
  • Paytm betting sites are free of transaction charges
  • Deposits and withdrawals can be made in Indian rupees
  • Payments are secured through the Reserve Bank of India

Cons of Using Paytm Betting Sites

If you top up money into a Paytm betting site, transfer money can take up to 3 hours before you’re account is credited.

Trading Platforms Powered by Paytm

Players have the option to place bets using either the website version or the mobile app. On both versions, players can carry out transactions seamlessly. In addition, players can also scan items and pay for them using any platform. However, this payment method does not yet provide a platform that you can install on desktop computers.

Mobile Application

The Paytm app enables you to make deposits or withdrawals from any part of the world. For the privilege of using the cash section, an investor must pay a yearly fee of Rs 300. Players can now download the mobile version via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It features a user-friendly UI that is simple and easy to navigate.

Paytm Money is a reliable and protected app that comes with plenty of features. These include live market data, watchlists, price alerts, charts, and comprehensive details on all betting businesses and more.

Website Version

The website platform is a web-based online platform that allows players to explore different deposit and withdrawal options. These possibilities include scan and pay, UPI payments, and many alternatives which we list below. This platform also enables users to make orders, monitor transactions, participate in initial public offerings, and more.

Charges and Restrictions

This payment method is the most common for many gamers at Paytm betting sites. One of the main reasons is that there are no associated costs whether you are depositing or withdrawing. If you complete the verification process, you can add up to 100,000 rupees to your Paytm wallet.

Permitted Countries

This is a payment method that is prevalent in India and is among the top ones there since 2010. Besides that, the corporation began including Canada on the list of nations that they accept in 2014. This is fantastic news for players since the online gambling business in Canada now is open. More provinces in the country are announcing changes in their laws to permit an increasing number of online sports betting and casino gambling events and games.

The company has a separate website with the domain Therefore, Canadian players have access to all the information they need to start playing.

Available Currencies

Since this payment system is available in both India and Canada, the only currencies available for transactions are Indian rupees and Canadian dollars. However, Paytm services are available in 11 languages. This makes them accessible to all Indians as it is inclusive and everyone can use the language they are most comfortable with.

Types of Payments Using Paytm

Below are a few ways players can use Paytm to add money to Paytm betting site.

  • Payment Gateway: Players can access the payment portal to make deposits or withdrawals.
  • UPI Payments: If you download the UPI app, you can accept payments into your accounts right away.
  • Payment Links: This allows users to make payments without an app or website.
  • Subscriptions: These automate your collections and allow you to choose from a variety of payment options.

Paytm Payment Gateway

You can access the following methods while using the Gateway portal:

  • Paytm Wallet
  • Net Banking
  • Paytm Postpaid
  • Debit and Credit Cards
  • EMI Option

Through its Payment Gateway portal, digital wallet, and QR-based mobile payments, the Gateway gives offline as well as online punters access to a wide variety of different payment methods. Therefore, this seamless payment procedure contributes to its widespread adoption and positive reputation among bettors.

This payment gateway software is compatible with almost all debit and credit cards. This in addition to the online banking protocols of over 50 different financial institutions.

Paytm is not only enables you to make digital payments for all of your essentials. This includes paying for food and accommodation but also playing your favourite games at which betting sites accept Paytm. You can also shop for convenience and luxury items, and pay your utility bills. In short, this payment system makes life simpler and brings people and places all around the globe much closer.

When you make a deposit to your favourite casino or betting sites that accept Paytm, you won’t have to go through the hassle of inputting your card data each time. If you save your credit or debit cards in the app, you won’t have to enter the card number or the date the card will expire. As a result, you may use them in the future to make payments more quickly.

Paytm Payment Links

Payment links provide a secure and hassle-free method for betting sites to allow their clients to pay for their games in a short amount of time. They simplify the payment process and assist in the elimination of any additional barriers that could hinder certain players from completing a transaction. This because of the time consuming payment procedure that they would have to go through otherwise. Payment links make the process of making a payment easier. They are also easy to customize which is an another advantage.

These links collect payments from players, regardless of their location. A Paytm payment link is a simple web URL that is sent to one or more players using text messages, email, or the chatting application of your choice. When players click on the link, they can choose between finishing the payment using the app if it is already loaded on their phone or by using a straightforward payment page. This will appear on the mobile web browser.

You can also build payment links by using either your dashboard or the APIs.

Advantages of Using Payment Links on Betting Sites

There are a variety of reasons why payment links are of tremendous value to online betting sites nowadays. These may include the following:

  1. They may be put to use in a short amount of time. All you need to do is include some lines of code in a website, email, or invoice.
  2. Players are able to use them in a fast and simple manner, which guarantees a smooth payment process.
  3. Punters do not have to provide their information since it is not a requirement of using payment links to make deposits or withdrawals.
  4. Payment links make it easier for online betting sites to accept payments from players all over the world.
  5. Casinos can customize their payment links to resemble the casino’s brand and give the players the experience of being in a betting site or online casino.

Subscription Payments

To collect recurring payments, this payment system now supports the following payment methods, which are shown below:

  • Credit and debit cards are available from major banks such as Citibank, Visa, and Mastercard, among many others
  • e-wallet
  • ACH bank accounts
  • UPI automated links

Subscription payments automatically charge the player on a recurring basis. This is after obtaining consent from the player for the provided services on a continuous basis without any direct payment action on the player’s end. Subscriptions provide players with a multitude of payment alternatives in addition to sufficient flexibility to meet the requirements of your company. As a result, players save time and get paid more quickly.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that the maximum amount that may be added to a subscription via debit or credit cards, e-wallets, or UPI linkages is 15,000 rupees. The maximum amount for ACH banks is 10,00,000 rupees per transaction.

How the Subscription Works

Below is a guide of how the subscription system works for players at online betting sites.

Create Subscription

A player is given the option, within the context of the subscription plans, to pay a certain amount of money at intervals in exchange for continuous access to an online betting site. When a player makes recurring purchases, the total value of each transaction is automatically withdrawn from the payment option that they have chosen at regular intervals. Betting sites are required to provide the following information to the player if they are going to make a subscription:

  • Amount or the highest possible amount
  • Frequency
  • Starting and finishing dates

After the player chose a plan, the subscription is made and a unique subscription ID is given.

Activate Subscription

After setting up the subscription, the player will choose a payment method and be given one time permission to:

  • Make the first payment.
  • Also, make all future payments automatically from the chosen payment method. This will be based on the subscription plan given when the subscription was made.

The subscription is active once you approve it and the first payment is done.

Acquire the Money Due

Membership provides players with two different payment collection options:

  • The payment system automatically charges the customer on the next subscription due date. This is made in accordance to the subscription contract. This Automatic Collect feature will continue and mechanically execute the transaction and give you a confirmation of its completion.
  • You can also make a request to a client prior to the due date if you are using the manual collection method. It will conduct the payment and give you a confirmation after the associated payment instrument is charged. As long as the payment request is legitimate and in accordance with the subscription plan that was selected by the user.

Frequently Asked Questions About Paytm Betting Sites

We occasionally receive recurring questions from readers when it comes to depositing at a sports gambling site using Paytm. Players should always read the terms and conditions of the Paytm betting sites in order to determine whether they can use this mode of payment. When it comes to using Paytm as a means of payment at online casinos, there are a few questions that come up regularly among players. Please find the answers below!

Which betting sites accept Paytm?

On this page, we offer a complete list of indian betting sites accepting Paytm. Check our list of Paytm betting sites today before you bet on sports or favorite online casino games.

How do I use Paytm on betting sites?

You need to download the Paytm app and create a Paytm profile before you can use it on sportsbook sites that allow sports betting with Paytm or offering casino games. To complete a payment, just select the app from the list of methods and follow the instructions at the betting website.

How can I deposit money with Paytm?

A Paytm deposit can be used easily without any hassle and the process is quite simple and straightforward. Before using any Paytm betting site to gamble, you need to have an authentic paytm account. If you wish to register with Paytm for free, just follow this guide. Once a Paytm account is open, simply choose an acceptable Paytm betting site and make the initial deposit.

Can I use Paytm to deposit on UPI betting sites?

Paytm also allows UPI payments and you can also deposit on UPI betting sites using Paytm. In addition to having the ability to deposit on sites accepting Paytm wallet, you may choose between the betting sites with Paytm UPI.

Why should I use Paytm on betting sites?

We recommend the use of Paytm if you’re on-the-go as your gaming transactions are completed using mobile. Paytm transactions are also 100% safe and come with 24/7 support.

How long does it take to make a deposit on a betting site with Paytm?

You can use Paytm to add funds to betting sites quickly and easily! The money will normally be available at the player’s account in just a few minutes after completing the transaction. In some cases, however, it takes up to three hours before the money is ready for use. It is due to betting sites’ intermediaries using Paytm to transfer money.

What are the best betting sites for Paytm?

On this page, we list the best Paytm betting sites for you if you consider real money betting. You can also check out our reviews on our site to find more of our favorite betting sites.

Is it legal to deposit on betting sites with Paytm?

Paytm is a reputed payment method for the most part of India and is totally legal. If you deposit via Paytm, you don’t need to have any concerns about your transactions being shady or erratic. Paytm ensures the safest transactions for you! We recommend legit online betting sites in India which we list above.

What is the maximum amount you can deposit with Paytm on a betting site?

A betting site can accept a maximum of 10,000 coins per bet. With Paytm, it is possible to transfer big money frequently. However, the minimum deposit at almost all betting sites at around 200 rupees. Basically, anybody can start with just a small amount and receive a welcome bonus. Of course, Paytm also works well for people who often transfer smaller amounts.

Is it possible to withdraw money from a betting site using Paytm?

Yes. Withdrawal is easily done via Paytm. Is this simple? This usually takes 5 minutes or 2 hours to reach the account. Paytm is definitely the perfect way to withdraw cash from all your favorite online betting sites that accept Paytm wallet.

Is there a Paytm customer support option available?

Yes. If you click on the official Paytm website, there is a link labelled “24/7 Help Page.” If you click on that link, you will be sent to the support page for the website. Include your email address and a description of the issue, and the team will be able to get back to you as soon as they discover the solution to your problem and send it to you.

Can I use a credit card or debit card to finance my electronic Paytm wallet?

Yes. Players have access to a wide variety of payment options, including credit and debit cards. In addition, players can use ATM cards, internet banking, and IMPS. Just put in the right information and move through the steps as they come up and your eWallet is ready in no time.

Are there min/max. deposit and withdrawal limits with Paytm?

Yes. If the casino or Betting site accepts this payment method, all limits are stated in the terms and conditions section on their official website. All online casinos and betting sites have different minimum and maximum limits set for deposits and withdrawals. You can find these in the terms and conditions of the relevant website. As a precaution, double-check these details before registering for an account with the Paytm betting sites.

Are there any additional costs with Paytm?

No. Using this system to send money to another user or receive money from a different user is absolutely free. The same is the process of signing up for the service.

Are there options for international payments on the Paytm links?

Of course. You can send money to over 50 different countries. On top of that, you can also contact the customer support team if you encounter any problems or if you want to allow international payments on your account.

Paytm Betting Sites Conclusion

Since 2010, this payment system is very popular in the gaming industry. The main reasons are that it is safe, secure, and fast for transactions. Players can also transfer money via a variety of payment methods, such as wallets, to and from their online betting sites. Also, there are both mobile and web versions of the payment system to use at your convenience. However, the UPI system is the most user-friendly, secure, and uncomplicated way to send money. In fact, it is by far the most popular choice of payment method among all users. This is true regardless of whether the transaction is a direct bank-to-bank transfer to another account, a transfer of money to the user’s own account, or a payment to a merchant or vendor.

As a mobile app payment solution, Paytm provides operators and punters with a flexible and smart way of completing payments. Although the initial set-up requires a few steps, all succeeding transactions made using Paytm are secure and fast.

When you use Paytm to fund your sportsbook account, you enjoy instant transfers with minimal fees. The Paytm Wallet is built for safe transactions since it runs on a platform that complies with the requirements of Thawte and PCI DSS. All these features make Paytm a highly recommended online payment option for Indian sports bettors. Get into your favorite betting site and claim your welcome bonus. All the Paytm betting sites we list here are safe and legit.

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