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AstroPay Betting Sites Bookmakers Accepting AstroPay in 2022

AstroPay provides a fast and safe way to fund your betting site account. AstroPay is secure, private, virtual prepaid card with instant deposits. Find your Astropay betting sites right here!

Based on a prepaid card and your local currency, Astropay offers a stress-free way of completing all your payments. To fully understand the services of the top Astropay betting sites, check our complete review. We offer you opinions on the following:

  • Background of Astropay as a reliable payment method
  • Procedures on how to deposit and withdraw funds
  • Security and safety of the transactions

About AstroPay

Astropay is a leading payment solution for customers and players based in Asia and Latin America. The company offers a virtual prepaid card that can be used to pay for products and services, or topping up accounts, at casinos and online sportsbooks. It focuses on international transactions by addressing the complexities in local markets and by providing its consumers with fast and efficient financial transactions.

Using its virtual vouchers, customers can complete transactions in real-time using their local currencies when a payment method using a bank transfer can take up to three days. It also adopts a single integration that allows customers to withdraw money as well from the site. Thanks to the adoption of this withdrawal system, clients can now enjoy a seamless way of withdrawing funds. The payments and withdrawal transactions are completed by following strict compliance to security standards like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). For these reasons, Astropay is now one of the most preferred payment facilities online and here you can find the top Astropay betting sites.

What Is AstroPay?

AstroPay is a payment system that helps gamblers who need to protect their personal information. It allows you to deposit money in most Indian gambling sites easily and securely. This is one of the most commonly accepted betting site payment option in India and common in the betting industry. It’s also a legal deposit method used to buy online at home in India.

AstroPay bets are typically available outside the European Union. The company was founded in 2009 and has been used widely by most people around the world for both betting and shopping. How do you pay Astro Pay? Its either by credit card or debit card. You charge your cash as it functions as a normal bank account.

It will have a balance and you will be able to use the funds that were deposited into the account. The card is available everywhere, and it makes the card especially useful for spending cash stored with the Astropay card.

Ultimate AstroPay guide

The guide will help you to all of the best AstroPay betting sites and bookies, the limits, origins and many other information and tools. AstroPay is widely used outside Europe as a reliable way to deposit money. It has been a long-running business and has certainly gained some reputation. And the public is trusting Astro Payment to cash in. The AstroPay app also allows gambler to change currencies and can wager on several countries.

How Can AstroPay Be Used at Betting Sites?

On this page we will help you with the basics of the use of AstroPay for betting online. Casino and Sportsbook players in India have access to the online, downloadable AstroPay account and can find the best way to get one. If you want to make an AstroPay payment online you first need to make sure whether your betting site supports this payment method and whether they are safe and legit.

All bettors have numerous reasons for choosing Astropay bets. These include: Quick payments and safe transfer of funds to an online payment system. The rejections are almost non existent. Excellent security protocols. SSL certification enables scalability in two steps to guarantee the security of the information you send in the account. Many Astropay online bookmakers offer a free welcome bonus, a free bet or even several free bets while others don’t. There are many ways for registering a betting account. In order to claim free bets, make sure to read up on the terms as qualifying bets normally is required. Qualifying bets are a certain rules for your bet to be regarded as an accepting one. With a welcome bonus, restrictions as qualifying bets are not normally required. As free bet credits are made for online sports betting, several online gambling sites that accept astropay cards as a payment method offer online casino games where a welcome bonus can be used as well.

Like most of the other online payment methods AstroPay has its downsides. Availability in bookmaking limited: While Astropay is an increasingly popular payment method, most books do not even accept it. The biggest problem with betting on Astropay is that a lot of bookies are not allowing withdrawal options. Players must choose a cheaper alternative method to apply fares. You can also use a bank account, such as Neteller. Bank transfers are also possible, but require higher fees than wallets depending on banks’ policies.

Creating an AstroPay Account

This AstroPay guide will explain your process to make a deposit with AstroPay on online gambling platforms. How can I obtain the AstroPay card? We can also answer this question with our guide for generating AstroPay cards which you can use on your online betting sites.

AstroPay’s Security Features

AstroPay works on a more efficient and secure system. In order to protect our customers’ privacy we use a site that contains AstroPay prepaid cards and other prepayment services which have advanced security features. The card also generates the new set of card numbers, expiration dates and card holders which means that you won’t ever be required to disclose your credit card details directly to the online betting site. These features are great for the gamblers who have always been reluctant to provide any private information on any of the online bookmakers or when shopping online.

Although Astropay is available in many countries, it’s not always available to online bettors. It is regarded as the best deposit method to bet on a variety of countries around the world. Astropay also operates in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, China and Indonesia. This product is popular in Africa including Uganda, Kenya. Since August 2021, Astropay provides service to Spain. In England, Spain and Portugal. However not all online betting sites accept AstroPay deposits. A broader issue is that Astropay can’t provide betting on big markets like Australia or Canada.

How to Bet With Astropay on Betting Sites

With its simplicity and security, you can now enjoy this payment processor at many Astropay bookmakers. To join other punters in enjoying its services, all you need to do is to sign up for an account with one of our recommended Astropay betting sites. As a new customer, you need to complete the registration process by providing your name, address, and mobile number. Make sure to activate your account to start betting using Astropay.

AstroPay card is a virtual card so customers buying this card can receive this information by mail. Once you select your preferred option and deposit the amount you will be sent an e-mail containing your card information. Here you will receive 16-digit card numbers, together with CVV and expiry dates. User must realize the card may last only a few years but that you’ll have to stop funding the card once again. During your spend, your virtual card will be unusable. However, you can still proceed through that process again and buy new cards for playing online slots.

Play at the Best AstroPay Betting Sites Today

If it’s your first looking to find an online sports book which accepts Astro Pay then you have come to the right place. We only show you the most trustworthy sites to help you locate the most appropriate Astropay betting site for your needs. On Sportsbettingmarkets we have listed several bookmakers. All these betting sites accept AstroPay to make deposits. This will save you time by manually searching for one site after another. If you have seen a site that suits you just have to click and start betting.



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Depositing and Withdrawing at Betting Sites That Accept AstroPay

Once you have bought the card, you will receive an online card number. You’ll be able to make a free deposit by simply visiting the betting site using the AstroPay Deposit option. Remember, this page shows you the best online sports betting sites accepting Astro Pay.

AstroPay websites allow for easy and quick deposits. If you’ve set up an account you can easily purchase an account with a single click. Pick a card of different sizes according to your needs. Fix amount such as € 1525 or € 100 is provided, however you can also customize your cards. You can also deposit into AstroPay’s account. Almost every online wallet is powered by Neteller. BRL, INR and YPY are all currencies available.

How to Deposit on Betting Sites With Astropay

AstroPay is an online prepaid card that you can generate for deposits on betting websites. If you don’t understand what to do to deposit monies with AstroPay then this will be explained in a very detailed way.

Often punters are concerned about deposit limits with this online payment method. In terms of card usage, this limit is very low as card fraud is very common. Before a betting site increases the deposits limit, they should check whether it is legal, this is frustrating. AstroPay allows you to deposit more because it is already confirmed that the money used in the Astropay account has been legitimate and because this is a prepaid card. It is no chance for copying the Astropay card when betting online.

One of the strongest points of Astropay is its simplified payment system with instant transactions. If you want to top-up your account using Astropay card details, you need to first buy the card from their website, or you can download their mobile app. The card is available in different amounts and ranges from $15 to $500. Simply tap the card that you want to buy and you can use it when depositing funds. To complete the deposit process with this payment method, just log in and choose ‘Deposit’.

In this section, just indicate the 16-digit code and follow the instructions when you bet online. Payments using your Astropay account are processed instantly compared to a bank transfer which can take days. You can always count on security since all the best Astropay bookmakers that accept Astropay that we recommend are safe and regulated. However, keep in mind to bet responsibly.

AstroPay Deposit Limits and Fees

As mentioned, Astro payments can be paid immediately and are free of any fees or taxes. But now we need more depth in our details. We searched all of the recommended sites for AstroPay before determining what are your deposit fees.

Astro Pay is free of charge. This is a major advantage of this payment system. Only by submitting a request on your behalf the bookie can make payment. It’s rare to find any of the top gambling websites with AstroPay on our list.

Often punters are concerned about deposit limits. In terms of card usage, this limit is very low as card fraud is very common. Before a betting site increases the deposits limit, they should check whether it is legal, this is frustrating. AstroPay allows you to deposit more because it is already confirmed that the money used in the account has been legitimate and because this is a prepaid card, it has no chance for copying. As free bets normally comes with a requirement of qualifying bets when making a first deposit, minimum and maximum limits might be good to check in order to be able to place qualifying bets.

AstroPay works on a more efficient and secure system. In order to protect our customers’ privacy we use a website that contains AstroPay prepaid cards and other prepayment services which have advanced security features. The card also generates the new set of card numbers, expiration dates and card holders which means that you won’t ever be required to disclose your credit card details directly to the betting site. These features are great for the gamblers who have always been reluctant to provide any private information on any of the betting sites.

How to Withdraw on Betting Sites With Astropay

With Astropay betting sites, you can also enjoy a convenient way of requesting funds. To complete your withdrawal process, you need to visit the bookmakers ‘Payments’ section and select ‘Withdrawal’ from the options presented. At most betting sites that use Astropay, this payment is not supported for withdrawal transactions. If you deposit using Astropay, you’ll be given an option to choose an alternative way of requesting funds, often through your bank. Just follow the standard procedures by indicating the amount and approving the request.

In most cases, payments should take 3 to 5 days. However, the first withdrawal request might take slightly longer as the betting site may request documents like scanned copies of credit cards or ID’s to establish the ownership of the account. It’s a standard procedure in online casinos as part of the ‘Know Your Customer’ policy. This ensures the protection of everyone and prevents fraud. Once this step has been completed, the subsequent withdrawals at betting sites that use Astropay will be completed according to the set schedule.

One major drawback to the best Astropay betting sites is that the site rarely offers withdrawal options as other payment methods. This mostly is a result of geo-limitations and a solution can be found. The easiest method to claim winning on sports gambling is using e-wallet and e-mail systems like Neteller/Skrill. PayPal can also be an attractive alternative, and if you need more security you can use cash or credit cards as well as google pay. Remember that withdrawal by bank transfers are slower.

Are Bookmakers That Use Astropay Safe?

Our listed providers of Sports betting using Astropay are safe and secure. As a prepaid card, there’s no need to share your information or banking details when completing your payments. Astropay offers a disposal card which you can use once. You can also manage your finances as each card contains a set amount that you can use in your preferred sportsbook.

More importantly, all Astropay betting sites that we review and recommend are safe and licensed by the most trustworthy gaming authorities. If you still have concerns regarding the security or safety of the betting platform, you can directly contact the bookmakers Customer Support Team.

There are several alternative payment methods available in case of an issue with Besides PhonePe Betting, there is also an e-wallet in similar to Neteller and Skrill. Online bookmakers offers countless alternative deposit methods to choose from, so you can decide which is the best option for you. Ensure you check all limits and the processing time when deciding on the alternative payment method to your betting accounts.

Choose the best deposit or withdrawal option. It also means that you will not need to find other means of withdrawing your profits like in Astro Pay betting application.


Which online betting sites accept Astropay?

Astropay is a reputable payment facility and popular among customers based in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Check out our list of betting sites that use Astropay.

How do I use Astropay on betting sites?

You need to purchase a card before you can deposit using Astropay. Once the card is ready and loaded with funds, you can use it to top-up your bookmaker account.

Why should I use Astropay on betting sites?

If you value convenience and security, then sports betting with Astropay is the way to go. At betting sites that accept Astropay, you don’t share your personal or banking details and it’s instant deposits.

What are the best betting sites for Astropay?

The best Astropay betting sites have their strong points and features. When it comes to safety, betting opportunities, and bonuses, you can always rely on established brands.

Is AstroPay legal in India?

Are AstroPay services available in the country? Yes. You have no limitations on AstroPay since this is legal in India.

What can I do with AstroPay card?

The AstroPay card is designed to allow users to buy easily using local currencies. You can even choose the preferred payment method which is available in the country of origin. The Astro Payment Cards are easy to download and does not require additional charges or fees.

Our Conclusion

Astropay is a globally recognized payment solution that offers a seamless and comfortable experience when paying for products and services online. What’s interesting about Astropay is that it democratizes access to a payment solution. There’s no need for a credit card or bank account to top-up your account on your preferred Astropay sportsbook betting sites.

To enjoy the betting services, you need to buy an Astropay card in one of two ways- buy the card online or use the mobile app. The lowest amount you can purchase is $15, just the right amount to satisfy the minimum deposit requirements at most Astropay betting sites. Astropay also allows you to manage your budget based on your betting lifestyle meaning that it’s a great payment method for Indian bookmakers! Find your best Astropay betting site, make your first deposit and claim you free bets!

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