Best Virtual Sports Betting Sites in India

Our team of sports experts has picked out the best virtual sports betting sites for you. We carefully considered what fans are looking for. As a result, we only recommend the sites that pass our tests with flying colors. We have also taken into consideration safety and security. With this in mind, only sites with licenses from regulatory bodies such as Malta Gaming Authority make it to our list.

Virtual Sports Betting Tips -

You may be wondering about the available betting markets in virtual sports. To summarize, there is a huge variety including: betting on the race winners, virtual cricket, virtual basketball, virtual cycling, motor racing, virtual soccer, virtual football, virtual motorsports, and virtual horse racing.

Furthermore, as well as learning about the best sports betting virtual sports sites, readers can also find out about the following on this page:

  • Virtual Sports Bonuses and Promotions
  • What Are the Most Popular Virtual Sports to Bet On?
  • How to Bet on Virtual Sports?
  • Virtual Sports Betting Tips & Strategies

There are many virtual sports events every year but a major one is the virtual football betting markets. In addition, virtual betting sites have recently started promoting virtual basketball, virtual motorsports, virtual cricket, and virtual soccer.

Virtual Sports Betting Sites in India



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  • Cash races
  • Bitcoin bonuses
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Betting on virtual sports is now easy our team has examine all the leading virtual sportsbooks. The sites we list above are the ones that stand out from the crowd. The best virtual betting sites in India above offer a product with a range of virtual sports to bet on.

Furthermore, the safety and security of customers are important to these sites. All of the sportsbooks we recommend operate using SSL encryption. This means that they ensure that all sensitive information in the registration process, and later on as well, is safe for you.

The virtual betting sites above also hold trustworthy licenses that have a good standing around the world such as Malta Gaming Authority. This ensures that gamblers will have a fair experience when staking their money on the sites with no suspicion of manipulation.

Betting on virtual sports is also effortless with the virtual betting sites that we recommend. They accept a wide range of payment methods available in India including UPI, NetBanking and Paytm. Moreover, most of the sites accept debit cards, e-wallets, and bank wire transfers. This ensures that they cater to a wide range of potential new customers.

Virtual Sports Bonuses and Promotions

Taking advantage of exciting welcome bonuses that the leading virtual sports betting sites offer is an excellent way to ensure that you get your money’s worth. These offers come in a variety of different forms, out of which these are the most common ones you can expect to find: 

Free Bets

The majority of the leading sportsbooks offer free bets. These ensure that new customers get free bets to use on virtual sports after they have signed up for an account. To be noted, free bets are not always available in the virtual sports product. However sports deposit bonuses should always work fine. 

Risk-Free Bets

One of the other most popular welcome bonuses that customers will be able to take advantage of are risk-free bets. Here, customers can get losing stakes returned as free cash. However, risk free bets are rarely available in the virtual sports product. 

Virtual Sports Betting Sites  Betting on Virtual Sports in 2023

Virtual football is a faster, electronic version of a traditional live game. Hence, 90 minutes of excitement and adrenaline squeezes in minutes with the help of unbiased computer algorithms. Virtual sports betting offers a great opportunity to enjoy sports whenever you like. If you have questions about how the market works we will give you a complete list of everything you need.

A virtual sports betting site normally has a dedicated virtual sports section. In fact, there are many different bet types like betting on the race winner. On the best virtual sports betting site, you will be able to exchange bets, bet on traditional sports.

Additional information on virtual betting sites is a plus. For example, if your virtual sports bookies are giving you extra information on virtual football, or virtual cricket then that will open doors for you to explore different bet types on a single virtual sports match.

What Is Virtual Sports Betting?

To put it into simple terms, it is betting on a virtual sports match. However, you need to get familiar with terms like free bets, bet slip, exchange bets excluded, free bets expire, and free bets valid. There are a few bet types not available at a few virtual sports betting sites but do not worry, once you experience a few bets you will understand it all.

Sports betting is only easy if you understand the games. Therefore, do your research and if you play real sports, is just an added benefit. Moreover, you may get the benefit of having free bets credited to your account as well.

Virtual sports betting combines traditional gambling techniques with virtual sports streaming and video gaming. This create an online gambling experience that is live 24/7. Most traditional sports betting sites today offer online virtual sports betting.

At your chosen virtual sports betting site, a virtual football list is displayed alongside the fictional league table with several popular betting markets to bet on. Immediately following the match, you can see the results in a visual way similar to FIFA betting. To point out, virtual sports results are random, and bookmakers have no control over the results.

History of Virtual Sports Betting

Sports bets were introduced from time to time as men fought, discussed, and argued with one another. The industry began gaining ground with the passage of gambling legislation during the 1960s. The high street betting industry started at the beginning of these years. People would visit betting stores in order to gamble sports.

As computers were introduced in the 1970s the industry evolved. The first game came on the scene quickly. The movie generated interest worldwide in computer gaming. These games are rudimentary, some are already in use in mainstream gaming.

Virtual football betting is now common however. Generally, virtual sports betting has consisted majorly of virtual football betting since its inception. So far, virtual horse race betting is not that common on a virtual sports betting site but for sure shows an increasing interest. At the present time, you will find many virtual sports betting options on the best virtual sports betting sites we list here.

In the past, there was little to no knowledge about free bets paid, a free bet valid, or even a bet slip. Real sports is now available on virtual sports software where you get a virtual sports bookmaker as well. You also have to learn about the bet credits stake before making your first bet.

Bet on Virtual Sports

After seeing the positives and negatives of gambling online, we have to find some answers. Is gambling on virtual sports a good idea? It doesn’t come straight into the question. At first glance, this seems like the idea of gambling on online sports is absurd. It’s hard to beat bookmakers with smart wagering here.

You may lose money over time and you don’t have the ability to change this. However, don’t worry, this happens to most of the people who bet on sports. Certainly because most people don’t have the time, skills or the resources to gain a better advantage over the bookmaker. This is where a virtual sports betting site can be a good choice. Rather than skills, betting on virtual sports is more about having fun and feel the thrill.

As the outcome of a virtual sports event is purely random, it’s not much research to do before you making your bet. With that said, it’s of course important to learn how to play virtual sports. First, get to know the basics as it differ significant from real sports or traditional sports. Secondly, focus on all the around-the-game features. Make sure to explore you virtual sports betting options by examine the ongoing virtual events.

A virtual betting site list the available betting markets in the virtual sports section. Virtual horse racing, virtual cricket, motor racing, virtual football or virtual basketball can all be found here. Most virtual betting sites in India offer incentives as well so don’t forget to check what’s available for your betting account. Free bets valid are normally credited to your betting account without any effort. Make sure to use them before the free bets expire.

Virtual Sports Betting – The Ultimate Guide

Esports exists everywhere, for many centuries and allow gamers to enjoy them fully. This by building an extensive and competitive market around them. Subsequently, it was just a matter of time before virtual sports betting websites eventually reach the industry. When gambling and betting were booming in esports it began attracting more sponsors and monetizing everything, a clear plus. A huge global audience gives it a global reputation with new stadiums popping up every day.

If you have opened this article there must be two questions in your mind. The first one may be what is virtual sports? While the second one may be related to virtual sports betting sites, virtual sports betting markets, virtual games and other virtual sports. Moreover, you may want to know more about different virtual sports events.

Virtual sports are like real-world sports. However, the difference is that virtual sports are on a screen at a virtual sports betting site. There are many betting sites that allow you to bet on all sorts of virtual sports. Traditional sports have also moved their way into becoming virtual sports.

There are many virtual sports betting sites that offer virtual sports betting. Here at, we have a list of virtual sports betting sites that our team of experts has gone through in detail. Our goal is for you to find the best virtual sports betting sites out there.

An up-and-comer in virtual sports betting is virtual football which is getting more common for fans who want to place a virtual sports bet. Virtual sports bets for virtual football have been becoming one of the most viable virtual sports betting options.

Virtual Sports Betting Sites and How To Use Them

You probably noticed some betting websites offering virtual sports. We are here to help you find some interesting tips for learning and improving your skills. How do you bet on virtual sports online? We will explain what it’s all about and provide some strategies for your coming success.

We explore various virtual sports options and the betting markets available and discuss their pros and cons. Moreover, we list the most successful betting sites offering virtual sporting events.

Why Should I Bet on Virtual Sports?

Occasionally, virtual sports betting offers more advantages than real sports gambling as it can offer a better value. Since virtual sports are computer simulations, virtual sports bookmakers are able to determine the number of virtual sports matches played and the frequency of these matches. As the result, matches tend to last longer or shorter than a minute.

This unlimited betting opportunity is perfect during the off-season and day hours when very few sports are being played.

Virtual Betting Sites in India – Tips

We have several helpful tips for betting online on virtual sports. To be fair, this will not help your chances of winning consistently. This kind of gamble is utterly impossible. The virtual sports betting tips we offer are here to help you have a safer experience and understand the concept.

Our initial advice is purely philosophical and not practical but still important. To begin with, do not believe you can earn a profit by playing a virtual sports game. Even when your streak is good and you’ve earned money occasionally, you’re betting against a computer with a predetermined pay out ratio.

Betting on virtual sports is similar to play online casino where it’s over time not possible to beat the house. With that said, virtual betting is a fun entertainment with the chance of winning real cash.

Different Virtual Sports To Bet On

Depending on the bookmaker, virtual sports are available in different variety. This section takes you to the virtual sports offered by bookmakers. When you see the possibilities, you can see what you should expect.

Bet on Virtual Football Betting

Virtual football betting has become popular among virtual sportsbooks. This game is very much like soccer. In this case, the game is play virtually. In virtual football betting, there are two clubs or international teams as examples. Each game includes virtual football betting markets like correct score, match winners and total goal. In this situation, the different odds are depending upon market conditions which is predetermined.

A number of bookmakers also provide highlights and information that contains the major statistics on the virtual sports match. Bet credits are quite common for this virtual sports events.

Virtual Motorsports Betting

The motor racing industry is increasing in popularity as it offers many online betting events to watch. Of course, the virtual motorsports betting market has followed. With the mimics as actual motorsport with betting markets and multiple sizes. Nevertheless, drivers’ actions are not a decisive factor in virtual motorsports betting.

As with virtual sports betting, a mathematical algorithm calculates the results. The whole event is an animation.

Virtual Greyhound Betting

Many online betting websites provide virtual greyhound betting. The competition consists of computer-generated greyhounds battling on a virtual track. Similar to other virtual events, there are live statistics, bet markets and odds available.

You can choose to place a single-way wager or choose a winner for an event. Once you place your wager the results only take a moment of time.

Bet on Virtual Horse Racing Betting

Horse races are among the popular virtual sporting activities at virtual sports bookmakers. Virtual horse racing betting feature horses racing in the field at the tracks created by computers. All horses are given their winning chance multiplied by a wager. You may even make virtual horse racing betting on the forecast of the following horse race online. Virtual horse racing betting is really showing an upcoming trend at the moment in India.

Bet on Virtual Cricket Betting

Cricket is the most popular real sports to exist in India. Therefore, you can for sure get bet credits on virtual cricket betting. Most web-based virtual cricket betting sites offer India punters a wide range of virtual cricket matches. Which cricket league you find varies greatly depending on which virtual cricket betting site you chose.

In fact, it is possible to gamble anytime on cricket in this way. Among the most common virtual cricket betting markets that you will find are match winner or match boundary.

Virtual Speedway Betting

Virtual speedway betting is the term used by motorcycles in motorsport where four or six motorcycles are positioned on a virtual oval track. In addition, this event is built around a real motorcycle race. Basically, virtual speedway betting is about trying to figure out which driver will win.

When the race runs is determined by the virtual speedway betting bookmakers and virtual software providers.

Virtual American Football Betting

For all NFL fans out there, Virtual American Football betting is really a thing for you. Virtual NFL betting is the event gaining most of the interest. Unlike the real-life games, virtual American Football betting uses an algorithm in which virtual events are determined. The advantage is that the virtual American Football betting player can follow an actual simulation of the match from start to finish.

Bet on Virtual Darts Betting

Virtual darts betting is a virtual sports game that has become hugely popular. Virtual darts betting are really entertaining for beginners as it has surprisingly simple markets. The virtual darts betting bookies offer you an animation that follows the game. You are aiming to guess the possible end results of the virtual event.

Virtual Tennis Betting

Tennis is another popular game on virtual bookies. Virtual tennis betting involves betting on games and try to have the right prediction. Like other virtual games, online virtual tennis betting has real animated graphics highlighted and live statistics. The features makes betting on virtual tennis very entertaining.

How Do I Join a Virtual Sports Betting Site?

Before placing a virtual sports wager online, you must register at a virtual sports betting site. Below we have summarized the steps required to join virtual sports bookmakers.

Choose a Virtual Sports Betting Site

You need to pick a virtual sports bookmaker. Use the virtual betting site reviews like these on our site. Have a look at the reviews thoroughly to find what is best suited for you. Hence, check betting options such as available virtual sports betting markets, odds, or bonuses.

Choose a Payment Method and Deposit

When placing a bet online, you must deposit a certain rupee amount. Select an appropriate method to deposit your money. The most common India payment methods are available like UPI, Paytm or NetBanking. In addition, you certainly find solutions with the credit/debit cards, Visa and Mastercard. You may also initiate payment through online wallets such as PayPal and Skrill.

Make Your Bets

The final thing is that there should be wagering. Select your favorite virtual sports events to bet on. Afterward, you can examine previous statistics to see whether they are correct. Start by placing the wagers and complete your bet slip. If you want more details about how to bet, read our complete virtual sports betting guide as you certainly will find most of the answers to your questions.

However, please take into consideration a responsible gambling and always bet responsible. In addition, don’t forget to claim your welcome bonuses or free bets. Enjoy!

Pros and Cons of Betting on Virtual Sports

Is there any advantage to betting on sports virtually? Betting on virtual sports should be seen as a fun and enjoyable event. Moreover, it is a good complement to traditional sports as it is available 24 hours, 365 days a year. See your bet on virtual sports as a relaxed way of getting some thrill from sports in a less serious environment. Here, your skills are not tested as with betting on traditional sports given the random outcomes which is impossible to predict.

It Is Pure Gambling

The disadvantages may seem comparatively simple, but they should not be underestimated. First and foremost virtual betting online is simply betting. It’s impossible to beat bookmakers other than with luck. There will not be any advantage to you because of the fact that you know the game better than other recreational players.

There can’t be any value bets and therefore they can’t be built on long-term strategies. The game has a fixed house edge as it is played in the same way as casinos. However, this can also be seen as an advantages which we will go into further below.

No Need To Invest Time and Energy To Prepare

It takes quite a few weeks to prepare to wager in traditional sports. That is, if you want to be successful. For example, consider betting on football in particular. You must examine both teams and take an examination of their recent performances. This means; check out the performance of their top players and evaluate their schedule. The sport has many variables that are considered and it can sometimes seem exhausting.

In virtual soccer however, you don’t need that preparation. In virtual betting, everything is random and no one needs to check weather conditions and player forms. Just choose the virtual football betting markets on offer by the virtual sports bookies. Make your bet on a chosen virtual sport then hope for the luck.

Truly Random Events

Our recommended virtual sports betting sites use the best virtual sports software. In addition, they have strict control over their operations from reputable gambling commissions. In any event, this ensures the virtual gaming simulator is truly random. So, there is an assurance that the game will be fair.

The game will never be fixed by any player or referee whose decisions will affect this result. Virtual sports events have randomness and fairness, unlike real football matches sometimes.

Quick Turnaround Time for Each Bet

Another major issue with real world sports is waiting for the winning bet. Even if you bet on oncoming events you will not see results until about a half-hour. When you bet on bet virtual football however, it’ll be easy for you to determine the virtual sports results within minutes or even seconds. How often can simulated sporting events be created and displayed? This is purely up to the virtual sports betting websites to decide.

Once you’ve finished playing your simulated virtual events, you can determine the race winner or the virtual sports results for your chosen event.

The Action Never Stops

Virtual sport provides an attractive feature. Without delay, you can always access it. In real sports, a timetable must be set. Usually, it’s impossible to make any wagers for several days. On the contrary, this is no issue for the popular virtual sports. Virtual sports betting markets are always available. For example, virtual sports matches start once every 2 minutes for an hour. It is easy to register and make a real money bet.

It’s only a few seconds – which means fewer hours of work.

Play Responsible – It Is Easy To Lose a Lot, Fast

People might experience virtual sports abuse. Certain advantages like 24/7 events and quick turnarounds suddenly become huge disadvantages when one does not control himself. You might have lost money if you bet on online sports at the very least.

Betting on virtual sports has become hugely popular as it offers a variation to betting on a typical sport. However, most importantly you decide when to play. Subsequently, players have action guaranteed 24/7 and can play virtual sports on the side when following a real football game for example. Some of the most popular sports are available to wager on with the leading virtual sports betting sites.

This means that you will be able to make bets on the following virtual sports among others:

  • Bet on Virtual Horse Racing Betting
  • Virtual Football Betting
  • Virtual Motorsports Betting
  • Bet on Virtual Basketball Betting
  • Virtual Tennis Betting
  • Bet on Virtual Cricket Betting
  • Virtual Cycling Betting
  • Virtual Greyhound Racing Betting

How To Bet on Virtual Sports

It is easy to start betting on virtual sports. Although, before making your first bet, you must register an account with a virtual betting site. To start the registration process, you first follow a ‘Play Now” link on this page to one of the recommended sites. After following the link, you complete the registration process at your selected virtual betting site.

After registration has been completed, the final step is to verify your email address by clicking the link sent to your mail. Now you are ready to deposit money into your account. You may deposit funds by using an e-wallet, UPI, Paytm, NetBanking or a debit card, or a bank wire transfer. Once funds have been added to your account, let your virtual sports betting journey begin!

Virtual Sports Betting Tips & Strategies

Betting on virtual sports is completely different from any other sport. As a result, this means there are a number of tips and strategies that should be followed. These are some of the virtual sports betting tips that you might want to make use of to ensure long-term success.

Virtual Sports Betting TIps -

Like all gambling, whether real or virtual, it may be possible to learn new skills. Due to random number generators, a virtual football game plan may not be possible to develop. Some suggestions may be helpful when it comes to increasing your bet sizes but also to improve your winnings. For example, an excellent virtual betting sites will usually have excellent bonuses to boost your gaming expenses as well as promotions such as free bets.

This booster is useful for virtual sports bets at the most important events before spending any money yourself. Most betting sites have smoother procedures for the free bets valid. The virtual betting sites in India pay out the bet credits stake more quickly and offer better interfaces.

Bet With the Best Sportsbook

First and foremost, you should bet with trustworthy virtual betting sites in India. They offer the best virtual sports betting odds and also have the biggest number of markets available. Most important, they are safe and secure to deposit your money.

Avoid Looking for Patterns

If you’re betting on any other sport, you might be looking for a pattern to make a knowledgeable bet. However, that is not the case when it comes to betting on virtual sports. That means you should avoid looking for a pattern and just make a bet using the general gambling knowledge that you have as these games are random number generator games.

Money Management

The most important tip when it comes to betting on virtual sports is to be smart with your money. You should only wager what you’re willing to lose. This is to ensure you are always having a good time at your virtual betting site.

How To Find the Best Virtual Sports Odds

Finding the best betting odds virtual sports have to offer is always important. The best way to ensure that you get the best value for money is by signing up for one of the recommended online betting sites in Indian rupees. A virtual betting site that we list here at our site ensures you competitive and fair odds.

Virtual Sports Bonuses and Promotions

Taking advantage of exciting welcome bonuses that are offered by the leading virtual sports betting sites is an excellent way to ensure that you get your money’s worth. These offers come in a variety of different forms, out of which these are the most common ones you can expect to find: 

Free Bets

The majority of the leading sportsbooks offer free bets. These ensure that new customers get free bets to use on virtual sports after they have signed up for an account. To be noted, free bets are not always available in the virtual sports product. However, sports deposit bonuses should always work fine which is close to a free bet.

Risk-Free Bets

One of the other most popular welcome bonuses are that customers will be able to take advantage of risk-free bets. Here, customers can get losing stakes returned as free cash or another free bet. It is noted, risk-free bets are rarely available in the virtual sports product.

Virtual Sports Betting Markets

There are a number of sports available to punters betting on virtual sports. Hence, this means the markets are slightly different depending on the sport you are betting on.

In 2023, no one wants to wait. The best virtual sports bookers treat punters and pay them promptly. No matter the payment method selected, the best virtual betting sites provide excellent customer service and prompt payments. With regards to betting options, there are quite similar to the ones in the real world.

These are some of the common markets that you will be able to find:

  • To Win
  • Forecast/Tricast
  • Match Result
  • Correct Score
  • Total Goals
  • Over/Under Goals
  • Double Chance

Virtual Sports FAQ

Can you bet on virtual sports for real money?

Yes, all of the sportsbooks we recommend allow punters to make real money bets. In addition, some of them allow you to make trial bets for free in virtual sports.

What are the best sites for virtual sports betting?

The best virtual sports betting sites can be found at the top of this page.

Can I bet on virtual sports on mobile?

Yes, we only recommend sites that enable bets to be made on mobile devices or through virtual betting apps.

What are the most popular virtual sports bets?

The most popular bets that can be made on virtual sports can be found in the Match Result market.

Our Virtual Betting Sites in India Conclusion

The popularity of betting on virtual sports is going to continue to grow. This means that there has never been a better time to sign up for one of the virtual sports betting sites on this page. The sportsbooks found here will ensure that there are a vast number of markets and competitive odds.

Meanwhile, new players will also be able to take advantage of the enticing welcome offers at all the leading virtual betting sites in India!

Last Updated on March 16, 2024