In a CPL 2023 match held at Basseterre, Sunil Narine achieved the unfortunate distinction of being the first cricketer to receive a red card due to an over-rate violation.

This unique disciplinary measure was introduced by CPL organizers to address the perennial issue of slow over-rates, ensuring that teams complete their allotted overs within the stipulated 85 minutes. The penalty results in a team losing a player of the captain’s choice and necessitates having six fielders inside the circle.

At Warner Park, the Trinbago Knight Riders struggled to maintain the required over rate, prompting them to progressively bring fielders inside the 30-yard circle. Regrettably, after the 19th over, an umpire displayed a red card. Captain Kieron Pollard was tasked with selecting the departing player and chose Sunil Narine, despite Narine’s excellent bowling performance of 4-0-24-3. Remarkably, Narine had already bowled his full quota of four overs before being withdrawn for the final over.

Despite this setback, the Knight Riders managed to secure a six-wicket victory over the St Kitts & Nevis Patriots.

“To be honest, it will take away the hard work everyone has done. We are like the pawns and we are going to do what we are told. We are going to play as fast as we can. If you are penalized for 30-45 seconds in a tournament like this, it is absolutely ridiculous,” TKR Skipper Kieron Pollard voiced his discontent with the penalty.

In preparation for the 2023 Caribbean Premier League, organizers introduced a unique strategy to combat slow over rates.

If a team failed to complete their 17th over within 72 minutes and 15 seconds, they’d be compelled to position a fifth fielder inside the 30-yard circle.

Similarly, if they couldn’t finish the 18th over by 76 minutes and 30 seconds, they’d be required to have a mandatory sixth fielder, reducing the number of outfielders to just three.

In case they couldn’t bowl the 19th over by 80 minutes and 45 seconds, a drastic penalty would ensue, reducing the team to a 10 versus 11 contest, with one fielder removed by the fielding captain before the 20th over.

Following a single warning, batting teams will incur a 5-run penalty for each instance of time wasting, emphasizing their responsibility in maintaining game pace.

Last Updated on August 28, 2023

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