While the Andhra Cricket Association stated that they are still awaiting Vihari’s response regarding a show-cause notice, Hanuma Vihari asserted that he had already responded to it.

Veteran Indian batter Hanuma Vihari denied claims by the Andhra Cricket Association (ACA) that he did not respond to a show-cause notice regarding his comments about his treatment during the 2023–24 Ranji Trophy season.

Vihari had earlier expressed his disappointment with the ACA, alleging that political interference led to his removal as captain and vowing never to play for Andhra again. The ACA responded with a notice over email requesting clarification for his statements.

Vihari maintained that he has replied to the notice, whereas an ACA official told PTI, “Yes, we have served him a show-cause notice, and we are awaiting his reply. He has not reached out to us, so this is a chance for him to come out with his grievances.” In his response, as quoted by ESPNcricinfo, Vihari stated, “I want to move out and play for another team. I’ve asked ACA for a no-objection certificate. I’m awaiting a response.”

Earlier, Vihari elaborated on his situation. In an Instagram post, he claimed he was pressured to resign as captain, though he never abused anyone personally. “I never said anything on a personal note to the player, but the association thought the player was more important than the guy who gave his body on the line last year and batted left-handed, took Andhra to the knockouts five times in the last seven years, and played for India in 16 Tests,” wrote Vihari in his defence.

However, despite the rift, the Andhra Cricket Association acknowledged Vihari’s valuable contributions, shedding an optimistic light. “After all, we value Vihari and his contributions to the growth of state cricket, as he has played a big part in Andhra going up in the ranks in domestic cricket,” ACA remarked.

Last Updated on March 29, 2024