Ahead of the 2023 season, the Republic Bank Caribbean Premier League (CPL) and Massy Women’s Caribbean Premier League (WCPL) have implemented fresh penalties to address the issue of slow over rates.

The CPL has introduced penalties similar to red cards to combat slow over rates, with the rule stipulating that a player will be withdrawn if the fielding team is lagging behind schedule at the commencement of the 20th over of an innings.

In the T20 tradition, teams are granted 85 minutes to complete their overs, but this year’s tournament intensifies the watch. The fielding side’s progress is marked: the 17th over by 72 minutes and 15 seconds, the 18th by 76 minutes and 30 seconds, and the 19th by 8 minutes 45 seconds. Third umpire scrutiny monitors over rates, communicated by on-field umpires to captains, also shared with spectators and TV viewers via graphics indicating the pace. Exceptions for injuries, DRS, and batting side time-wasting are allowed as needed, ensuring a balanced approach in the game.

The new regulations for CPL 2023 enforce stricter over-rate penalties for both fielding and batting sides. According to the report, if the fielding team falls behind the required over rate by the commencement of the 18th over, an extra player is mandated inside the fielding circle, increasing the count to five players inside the circle.

Additionally, should the fielding team still lag behind the over rate as the 19th over starts, two more fielders must enter the fielding circle, totaling six players inside the circle.

The stakes escalate further in the 20th over, where the fielding side, if still behind the required rate, must select one player, as chosen by the captain, to leave the field. This will leave six players inside the fielding circle as the team strives to catch up.

However, the responsibility for maintaining the game’s pace isn’t solely on the fielding side; batting teams share this obligation. Following a first and final warning from the umpires, any subsequent instances of time-wasting by the batting team result in a 5-run penalty. These measures aim to ensure a lively and timely sporting spectacle while maintaining fair and balanced competition.

Expressing his thoughts on the modifications, Michael Hall, CPL’s Tournament Operations Director, stated, “We have been disappointed that our T20 games have been getting longer and longer each year, and we want to do what we can to arrest this trend. It is the duty of those involved in cricket to ensure that the game keeps moving and we have sensitized both the franchises and our match officials to this duty ahead of the tournament. We hope that these in-game penalties are not needed, but we believe they are proportionate and necessary.”

The 2023 CPL men’s tournament kicks off on August 17, with the women’s event scheduled to commence on August 31.

Last Updated on August 13, 2023

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