Amidst swirling controversy, the long-awaited India-Pakistan ODI World Cup showdown is set to unfold at Narendra Modi Stadium. Indian captain Rohit Sharma, in a recent interview, playfully dodged the question of naming the toughest bowler from Pakistan. Aware that singling out one could ignite a firestorm, Rohit cleverly sidestepped the query.

Pakistan team mein sab ache hai. Mai kisi ka naam nahi loonga. Bada bada controversy hota hai (All the pacers in Pakistan team are equally good. I will not going to pick any individual. It creates big controversy),” said Rohit in an event in the USA. The internet is abuzz with a viral video capturing Rohit’s hilarious response.

In the upcoming four months, Pakistan and India are set to cross paths multiple times. Initially, they’ll clash twice during the Asia Cup, and potentially a third time in the final. Subsequently, the rivalry continues at the ODI World Cup with a face-off scheduled at Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium.

Last Updated on August 8, 2023

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