MS Dhoni halted his car during his journey, asking a fan for navigational assistance in Ranchi and the video of the interaction quickly became viral on social media.

MS Dhoni, the beloved ‘Thala’ of cricket, is globally adored, currently enjoying a break from the field. Renowned for his simplicity, he steers clear of the social media buzz, yet his videos find their way online, courtesy of his passionate fans.

Recently, a viral video emerged, capturing the cricket legend seeking fans’ assistance for directions while on a journey home to Ranchi. Sitting in the front seat with his friend at the wheel, they pause mid-way to clarify the route, showcasing Dhoni’s simplicity and humility. The video has struck a chord with Netizens across platforms.

A fan shared the video captioning it, “This man is so simple and this simplicity is what makes him different from every other celebrity.”

Ek gol chakkar aayega uske baad aap Ranchi ki taraf chale jaiye (You can proceed towards Ranchi after one of the roundabouts),” a fan is heard telling Dhoni, to which he replies, “Kaunsa, vo second murti waala gol chakkar (Are you talking about the roundabout near the second statue?)”

Afterward, Dhoni happily posed for selfies, exchanged handshakes and continued his journey back to Ranchi. Earlier this year, he led Chennai Super Kings (CSK) to a historic fifth IPL title with a victory over Gujarat Titans in the 2023 IPL final.

Last Updated on August 12, 2023

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