Rishabh Pant’s viral video on Twitter showcased his strong Independence Day message, urging people to embrace life’s enjoyment regardless of their age.

Rishabh Pant, the wicketkeeper-batsman, was a dynamic presence on the cricket field, delighting with his explosive batting and lively commentary from behind the stumps. With his absence, fans keenly feel the void of his on-field energy.

This past Tuesday, Rishabh Pant was observed addressing a gathering in commemoration of the 77th Independence Day. Participating in an event arranged by the JSW Foundation, the Indian cricketer not only delivered a speech but also shared a practical piece of advice that resonated with the audience.

JSW Foundation chairperson Sangita Jindal shared a video capturing Rishabh Pant’s message, where he passionately advised against letting go of life’s enjoyment, regardless of age. The video quickly gained traction on X, amassing over 25k views within hours.

In the video, Pant’s resonant words were, “Once you keep growing older, you stop loving the game. One of the reasons is that there is a lot of pressure, you want to excel in life and do this and that. But wo enjoyment nahi miss karna hai life mein, (Don’t miss the enjoyment in life).”

Last December’s gruesome car crash left the 25-year-old with multiple injuries. Following treatment in Roorkee and Mumbai hospitals, Rishabh Pant shifted to the NCA for rehabilitation under BCCI’s medical supervision.

Recent reports from the Indian cricket board reveal Pant’s swift recovery, with him resuming wicketkeeping and batting in practice sessions. Engaging in a tailored fitness regimen, encompassing strength, flexibility, and running, Pant aims to return to full form after missing events like the Border Gavaskar Trophy, IPL 2023, and forthcoming tournaments.

Last Updated on August 17, 2023

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