Indian skipper Rohit Sharma is set to lead his team at the home ground for the ICC World Cup 2023, carrying the immense weight of meeting the expectations of billions of fans. With India’s last ICC title dating back to 2013, this team under Rohit’s leadership aims to break the decade-long dry spell.

The upcoming Asia Cup 2023 will serve as a crucial preparation ground for the ODI World Cup, with players selected for the Asia Cup likely to feature in the World Cup as well. Currently, Rohit is relishing quality family time after contributing to India’s recent 2-1 victory over West Indies in the ODI series.

Recently, the ICC’s official Instagram account gave us a hilarious sneak peek into the cricketing mind of Rohit Sharma. In a fun “This Or That” session, they put our beloved “Hitman” on the spot. One juicy question asked was, “Who’s the tougher bowler, Shaheen Afridi or Mitchell Starc?” Quick as a flash, Rohit didn’t just pick one; he spelled out the unique qualities that make both of them top-notch.

Another question presented a humorous dilemma: Ishan Kishan or Chahal? Rohit cheekily mentioned that he seeks peace and quiet before a game, implying that neither of these energetic players fits the bill – a hilarious nod to their endless energy levels.

Watch the full video here:

Last Updated on August 13, 2023