How To Win in Cricket Betting?

How To Win in Cricket Betting? In the past, we placed all our bets directly with our bookmaker. The arrival of internet betting has changed that. These days we don’t need a local bookie, and we can place a bet on any sports any time we want to by logging on to our favourite online sports betting platform. Cricket has always been a popular sport to bet on. The introduction of 20/20 tournaments has led to even more betters being drawn to the sport, making cricket betting one of the biggest markets in the world.

Online cricket betting has seen a surge of millions of bettors from all over the world. At first glance, rules and betting strategies may seem complicated to the new player. That is why it is important to go through all the aspects of cricket betting available at the betting site.

How To Bet on Cricket?

The beginners who want to start betting on cricket are guided with the following steps to place a bet on cricket:

  1. Find and select the perfect and reliable betting site.
  2. Sign up for a new account with all the required details.
  3. Deposit required funds to the account.
  4. Place your bets.
  5. Wait for the outcome of the Bet
  6. Withdraw the earnings successfully.

If you want an extensive guide regarding the basic steps of cricket betting, then you can find the same on the below-mentioned address —

What Do Cricket Betting Odds Mean?

Odds are just a simple numerical way to present the probability of an outcome based on the bets that are already placed. Betting odds are calculated by turning the probabilities into percentages. The concept is higher odds signify less winning possibility, and higher payouts and lower odds signify a greater chance of winning and lesser payouts.

If you are new to the online betting world, you should know all the cricket odds before placing a bet. For comparing the best cricket odds, you can check various online betting sites of cricket. Generally, the bigger the sports betting operator is, the more you can rely on the provided odds. For cricket betting odds, if there are top bookmakers who post the same odds for a particular bet, then following these odds can increase your chances of a win at cricket betting.

Types of Bets in Cricket

Here is a shortlist of popular cricket bets which are suitable for both the new as well as existing punters to check out. Some of the most popular cricket bets are as follows:

Match Betting

This is the most common method of betting on cricket. It is a straightforward bet where you have to select from three different outcomes. You will bet on either the home or away team to win. Alternatively, you can bet on the match to end in a draw. This is a simple betting technique and is a very popular cricket bet.

Completed Match

With this method, placing a bet is done on one-day matches by considering whether they will finish the game that day or not. It is the method where you can place a bet on whether they will complete the series on the scheduled day.


The bettor will try to predict the number of runs that the team can score in the first innings. This type of Bet is called an over/under wager in most sportsbooks. In such cases, the sportsbook will post various runs for you to bet on.

Top Bowler

If the bettor is placing Bet on specific players, then it is the right betting strategy to choose. Here, the bettor will select the player whom he thinks to be capable enough to take the most wickets in the match. If the bettor chooses correctly, he will be rewarded with an enjoyable payout.

Top Batsman

The bettor will select the player capable of scoring the most runs during a cricket match. You can choose players from any team. Since this type of betting is more complex than just choosing the team to win, the bets will have higher odds.

Where To Bet On Cricket?

Numerous online betting sites offer a vast number of betting markets to bet on popular cricket leagues. The bookmakers of these sites offer the best odds and use proper safety tools to protect your personal information. Along with all these, they also possess actual money gaming licenses from some of the most reputed global gaming authorities.

Here is a list of the best online cricket betting sites that you can check out for an exciting betting experience.



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The following points are essential to understand how to choose the best cricket betting site to bet on cricket:


Safety and security are the topmost priority of a bettor while placing a bet on an online site. The bettor always tries to ensure that the betting site should keep his credentials safe.


Some betting websites are highly reputed around the world. As they have been operating for a long period, they can be trusted by bettors.

Betting Markets

There can be several betting markets in a single cricket match. The betting site that offers many betting markets will always be preferred by the bettors.

Cricket Betting App

Almost all the betting sites have developed an advanced app version for their website. In this era of smartphones, sports betting apps have become very popular and demanding. It facilitates placing bets on the go, which increases the number of bettors to a great extent.

Bonus and Offers

Websites that offer lucrative bonuses and offers are always chosen by gambling enthusiasts.

Customer Support

As online betting can be complicated sometimes, it is essential to have 24/7 customer support in case of any inconvenience.

How To Win in Cricket Betting Every Time

To win at cricket betting, one needs to have more than luck. Professionals have made some techniques and tricks to make cricket betting more productive. No strategy can guarantee constant wins. However, you can increase winning by doing extensive research and betting carefully. If some tips mentioned below are correctly followed, there is a high chance to win cricket betting most of the time.

Do the Research

Before placing bets, try to have a good understanding of the entire procedure of betting. This is applicable for both the rules of cricket betting and statistics of the cricket game.

Analyze the Teams

If you want to bet in favour of a specific team, it is essential to analyze their current performance. Go through some details such as statistical data of the teams’ victory, factors that can affect the performance, the pitch, etc.

Check the Weather

The condition of the weather can have a considerable impact on the match. So it is important to watch the weather forecast beforehand. Keep specific parameters in mind, such as the scores will be higher in fine weather in comparison to humid weather.

Pitch Report

Despite a properly formed team, the game result can vary due to losing the toss in a ground where the pitch is favourable for those who bat first or ball first.

Place Bets Wisely

Betting luck is uncertain where your sheer luck can bring fruitful outcomes once. On the other hand, it can also lead to losing money. Set clear priorities and devise a proper cricket betting strategy before looking for opportunities to match them.

Try Live Betting

If you want to know how to win bets on live betting, it is easier to predict the result and win as the game goes on.

Several cricket betting sites offer safe and secure cricket betting opportunities licensed by reputed Indian regulators.

How Do You Know If a Cricket Team is Winning?

It is quite difficult to predict the team will win even with betting strategy as there might be significant changes during the course of the match. The rules of the game are different for different forms of the game. A 20-20 match is when each team bowls 20 overs, while a one-day match is for 50 overs, and a test match is for five days. If the team you are betting on is batting first, and it scores more than the other team within the given overs, your team will win. However, if your team is bowling first, it needs to prevent the other team from achieving its score. Also, in the longer form of the game, often the outcome results in a draw. This is what you need to predict with precision when placing a bet on cricket.

What is the Easiest Option To Win a Cricket Bet?

It is crucial to have an understanding of the game itself for placing bets. If you want to know how to win with the easiest option then it will be with proper knowledge regarding this matter you will be able to place any bet or predict correctly. There is generally no easiest option of cricket betting, but there are some tips that are useful to increase the probability of winning.

Accurate betting ability needs the power of decision-making. Before placing a bet on your preferred team, you have to be aware of the history of the team, the team statistics, the won and lost matches against opponents. Another important option is to follow the players’ status closely like scoring a century or scoring high or taking maximum wickets, for placing a correct bet on them which ensures higher chances of winning.

Apart from a properly formed team, the convenient option to make higher chances to win a bet is to look out for the pitch report and compare the betting odds with top bookies. If several bookmakers feel odds for a specific betting market are low, then following their instinct can make you win at cricket betting. All these options can be easy to look for and require close examination and thoughtful decision-making. You should always consider all sides of a potential bet before you decide which bet to go for, Blindly placing a bet will make every possibility of winning a bet go in the wrong direction.

How To Win in Cricket Betting?FAQ

How can I make money by cricket betting?

Making money by betting on cricket requires knowledge and good decision-making. Here are some instructions that can make you earn money from making a bet:
1) Download an app or select an online sportsbook.
2) After opening an account, select cricket from the sports section and the type of Bet, you want to place.
3) Deposit the money and place the Bet.
4) If you win, you can earn money.

Is cricket easy to bet on?

Placing a bet on cricket requires knowledge and experience to make it easier to predict and bet. If you are a newcomer then some of the most reputed straightforward cricket bets known as match betting, completed match, tied match, top bowler will be good fit for you.

What is the easiest Bet to win?

If you want to know about the most straightforward bet, it is a win single. If you wish to place a bet on football, horse racing, or any other sport, win singles are the easiest to win that includes Win singles on horse racing, win singles on football, and win singles on any other sports.

Can you use your mobile phone to bet on cricket?

Yes. You can use mobile phones to bet. Apart from this, you can also enjoy live matches and bet simultaneously through some cricket betting apps.

Can you use accumulators and parlays for cricket?

Yes, both parlay and accumulator bets can be used on various sports, including cricket betting.


Finding profitable predictions, cricket betting strategies, and cricket betting tips can be difficult to get. While there may be countless tips on the internet, it is hard to decide the correct one. Therefore, it is recommended that you get to know the ins and outs of the game before placing a real money wager. Betting on cricket is a fantastic way to contact you more about one of your favourite sports. For beginners in cricket betting, it is advisable to invest smaller amounts to avoid huge losses. The eventual way to learn how to win at cricket betting is through practice. It would help if you kept in mind that even applying the best technique or strategy. There is no guarantee of repeated wins.

Last Updated on March 16, 2024