Vincy Premier League Betting

We are here to provide you with some information about online betting on the VPL. We will be walking you through some basics like the history and background of the Vincy Premier League and exactly how you can do your best VPL betting while online betting. You will find here a list of the best cricket betting sites to choose from for sports betting.

But don’t worry, we also explain which teams are most likely to win and lose (and why), and we offer some sports betting tips on where and how to watch the League. That way, you will be well prepared for VPL betting with excellent betting odds. You can bet on us!

We also provide you with additional information like the process required to do your VPL betting and some risks and rewards associated with VPL betting on these sites. Also, where you can find some more information about sports betting, VPL betting, and the Vincy Premier League in general.

Cricket betting options

We want to help you find the best options for cricket betting, so this is a site that you can trust and rely on for sports betting VPL betting and the best betting odds. This includes in play betting and live betting. 

We will also be advising you on some good live streaming sources. Read on to find a thorough explanation of everything to do with the Vincy Premier League and turn your online sports betting and VPL betting dreams into a reality.

We hope that you will find this page helpful for online betting on cricket and VPL betting, both in play betting and live. Read on for our tips and more information about sports betting and VPL betting!

What is the Vincy Premier League (VPL)?

In this section, we will be discussing the basics of the VPL, its background, and some information about the founder as well as sponsors and the overall make-up of the League.

The Vincy Premier League is a franchise-led T10 cricket tournament in the Caribbean island country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It was founded and intended to begin in May 2020. However, the Coronavirus pandemic meant that it had to be postponed, and it finally took place in May 2021. The Vincy Premier League is the first Full Member cricket league to be played after the pandemic struck. It is open to live streaming and, of course, VPL betting.

The founder of the Vincy Premier League is Kishore Shallow, also president of the League and vice-president at Cricket West Indies, meaning that this is world cup level! The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association (SVGCA) host the Vincy Premier League. One of the chief sponsors is the Indian fantasy sports platform and its main live streaming source Dream11.

The make-up of the League is simple: it consists of six teams and thirty games in total, with ten overs per side. The championship lasts 15 days, and you can watch an average of three games a day.

How Did Betting on the Vincy Premier League Start?

VPL betting has been open since the League first came to be: it is available for online betting to anyone and everyone. There are also options for betting live, so keep reading if this sounds like something you would be interested in. We will be telling you about all the best cricket betting sites, both for live and in play betting. For betting live, see our section on the live streaming of the VPL. Read on to increase your betting odds!.

Vincy Premier League— What to Expect?

The Vincy Premier League is open to fans. Notably, it hosts international players, making it a much more exciting league. It will be held from March 19th to April 23rd, 2022. This year, two carefully selected female teams will play three-game series throughout the VPL. Additionally, it will be a fully vaccinated event, so there is no need to worry about Covid-19 if you choose to attend in person. Finally, it will be open to live streaming.

The six teams playing will be:

Read on for more information about VPL betting and the best betting odds on the betting markets!

In Which Country is the Vincy Premier League?

The Vincy Premier League is held every year at the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex near Kingstown, in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Caribbean island country. The weather there tends to be hot and humid, often with a likelihood of rain.

Vincy Premier League Prediction

Here are our predictions for the winners of the Vincy Premier League 2022. You can count on us for reliable forecasts about the betting markets for your VPL betting!

Who Are the Current Favorites to Win the Vincy Premier League Title This Year?

This is a list of the teams most likely to win and the best bets for you to choose from for VPL betting. We explain why these teams are on the list.

The stars of the Vincy Premier League, both in 2020 and 2021, were the La Soufriere Hikers. They won the most games both times (winning 8 out of the 30 each year) and still boast one of their best players. His name is Dillon Douglas, and he is an excellent batter with 243 runs in 2021 for the whole League. This makes them a strong contender for the 2022 matches and worth keeping an eye on for your VPL betting. Definitely, our top choice when it comes to bets.

The Dark View Explorers are another team worth considering. They will be joined by Romano Pierre, another player on last year’s leaderboard with 306 runs in the League. Their leader in 2022 is Lindon James. The Dark View Explorers have held up well against the La Soufriere Hikers in the past, so who’s to say they won’t make their way up to the top this year?

The Fort Charlotte Strikers are another team worth considering when it comes to betting on the VPL. They have a similar score history to the Salt Pond Breakers and the Dark View Explorers. Their captain this year is Miles Bascombe, an excellent batsman who was also on the leaderboard for 2021 with the best score of 69* in the League.

Which Teams Should You Avoid Betting On, and Why?

Here are the teams less likely to make a good bet. We also talk about the performance of these teams in past games and why you should not bet on them.

A team that is slightly on the fence when it comes to chances of winning is the Salt Pond Breakers. They are nowhere near a team like the La Soufriere Hikers regarding past scores. However, this year, the Breakers will be playing with Anson Latchman, who was on the 2021 leaderboard with a 300 run rate in the League. Their captain this year is Delorne Johnson. All in all, they might not be your first choice for betting on, but the Salt Pond Breakers are definitely worth keeping an eye on this year.

The Grenadine Divers, led by Asif Hooper this year, are unfortunately also a team to avoid betting on. They do not boast the same records as the other teams and tend to come up on the losing side of matches.

This year, the Botanical Gardens are led by Kesrick Williams. This team won a single match out of the 30 in 2021. Needless to say, they are not a team that we recommend placing any bets on.

How to Place a Bet on the Vincy Premier League?

In this section, we will tell you all about betting sites in India and how to make your pick. All it takes to place a bet on a winning team at the Vincy Premier League 2022 is to sign up on a betting site of your choice and make an initial deposit. It all depends on which site you choose, and we will tell you about the best cricket betting sites, so you can choose well. Then you are ready to start your VPL betting!

Some betting sites in India like offer up to a 150% welcome first deposit bonus for first-timers. Make you sure you take the opportunity to use this welcome bonus for your VPL betting!

One way to place your bets is to pick the team that you think is going to win the cricket matches, which is fairly straightforward and easy. The other way is to have a look at the specific players and do your online betting based on the player who you think is going to make the most runs, for example. It’s all up to you. You can find information about which players are in which teams on the official Instagram account or the website of the VPL betting..

How Can You Make Sure You’re Getting the Best Odds for Your Bets?

All the online betting sites that we list are some of the best cricket betting sites for VPL betting options. We are committed to helping you find the best betting sites in India for cricket bets and to increase your betting odds in the betting markets. We also make sure to list sites that accept different payment methods. Some sites even offer free bets, so if you like a free bet make sure to read carefully! Here are some of the best cricket betting sites in the world:


This is one of the best betting sites in India and a highly recommended site for cricket betting. It has some of the best welcome bonuses. If you are drawn to the idea of a generous welcome offer, this is the online betting site for you.


This is an excellent site for betting in India. It is also one of the most popular betting sites in India. Someone who is experienced in betting on cricket matches can even get a bonus on their first deposit of up to 10,000 rupees.


Among the online betting sites in India, this is a relatively new sports betting site. However, they require a 2% deposit fee on all deposits. It is an important site on the cricket betting markets, although it has other options, too.


This site offers free bets for those who are betting for the first time! If you are looking for a free bet this is a good site to choose. They also have many more bonus deals and are noted for their generosity with players, whether they are betting for the first time or not. If you are drawn to free bets, this is the site for you.


This is one of the best betting sites on the cricket betting markets. They are very user-friendly and offer many betting bonuses. Using the bonus codes BOSSPLAY1, BOSSPLAY2, and BOSSPLAY3, you can claim these betting offers. Finally, 10CRIC offers live bets.


This site is one of the most varied and best cricket betting sites when it comes to betting bonuses. You can win up to 5000 rupees, and even as much as 40000 rupees, depending on your deposit. The site also makes betting deals and has offers every week especially reserved for cricket fans who like betting live. Even though they have no free bets, this is an excellent choice if you want to win up to 5000 rupees.


This is a betting site full of bonuses. Just by placing a bet, you can gain points which you can then exchange for promo codes. You can use these promo codes to make even more money on your cricket betting.


This is one of the best cricket betting sites and most trusted sites of all the betting sites in India for Indian players. It is an important international company known for being user-friendly, It offers an ample range of bonus codes. You can get about 2500 rupees as a new player, since they want you to be able to get accustomed to the bets without spending too much of your money as an amateur. They have no free bets, but this is a site that you can trust.


Megapari is a well-known site for betting on cricket matches, especially in India. Of course, there are bonuses. Once you sign in as a first-time user, you can deposit up to 9000 rupees, and they will match your deposit perfectly. They also like to treat their Indian players in a special way: if you deposit at least 500 rupees via UPI, you can gain a match bonus of up to 10000 rupees.

This site is the #1 Bitcoin betting site in the world. If that is the way you like to bet, then this is the betting site for you. They also allow you to bet live on cricket matches. It is very easy to register and become a member, and they even have an app that you can use for your betting.


On Betbarter there are also welcome bonuses for those who are betting for the first time, and you can select the in play betting or pre-match betting setups. Additionally, the site features special cricket betting offers. They have a good mobile website for betting, too.


This betting site requires no verification. They offer live betting and bonus betting codes like INWIN2021, which you can use upon your registration to get more than 500% on your first deposit.


This site is exclusively for Indian customers, making it an excellent site among the betting sites in India. It also offers a very wide range of payment options, making it an even more convenient pick. Finally, they also double your first deposit, with up to 25000 rupees for you to count on.


This site accepts PayTM, UPI, cryptocurrency— any payment method that you find most convenient. Their minimum betting deposit amount is 300 rupees. New players within India can easily claim large bonuses. 4rabet also boasts a user-friendly application that is available in both English and Hindi.


This betting site also accepts many payment methods, including Skrill. It is another site with a recommendable and easy-to-use phone application available in English and Hindi. You can get a welcome bonus of up to 160% of your deposit.


This site allows you to make a minimum initial deposit of 300 rupees, and an easy registration process will allow you to quickly claim your bonus of up to 25000 rupees or 125%. This could be the betting site for you!


Another of the most trusted betting sites in India that allows you to use various payment options to deposit and withdraw money. Pin-Up has a minimum deposit amount of 100 rupees, making it very appealing to first-time punters who are not familiar with the world of cricket betting and are only just getting started. If you do not want to put all your cards on the table right away, Pin-Up is a very recommendable site!


This betting site has been around for a while, so you can definitely trust them. They have many deposit methods available, and also offer a mobile app for you to use. This is a site with a free bet event, so be sure to snatch this opportunity if you choose Bettilt as your betting site. However, you will be required to send in your documents for verification when you want to begin withdrawing funds.


This site offers customer support and also allows you to pay via several methods. They do ask for a high minimum deposit of 500 rupees, so that is something to keep in mind when considering J9. Also, in order to bet on cricket matches you will need to fill in a registration form.


This is another betting site in India with a low minimum deposit amount of 100 rupees. You can get in touch with customer service via e-mail or on the phone. They offer a relatively generous welcome bonus for first-time betting for you to take advantage of, even with their low deposit requirement.


This is a very recently founded site, but it is very trusted among the betting sites in India. They offer bonuses and a very big welcome bonus for new players betting from India for the first time. They are also developing their own app, but until then they have a perfectly user-friendly site for you to make your bets on.


The minimum deposit amount for this user-friendly site is 500 rupees, and once you register you can get a 100% bonus on that first deposit.


This is one of the most popular sites with the highest welcome bonus of all the betting sites in India, at up to 15000 rupes. You can also claim up to 2000 rupees in free bets. They also offer a special 50% bonus for adding funds on a Wednesday. And if that’s not enough to convince you, as well as a deal every Friday which means that any deposit of more than 1500 will have an automatic 10% added to it. Finally, they also accept cryptocoins.

Royal Panda

This is an excellent betting site with many options for live betting. Once you sign up, they offer a 2000-rupee free bet. They also have a 5% bonus for every sports-related deposit. Their mobile phone application is available for both Android and iPhone users.


Although Zulabet does not have a mobile phone application, they allow you to use various payment methods, and they offer a 100% match deposit bonus. They also have live betting options, so it is a good betting site.


Although this betting site’s strong point is their casino, they are still an excellent option for online cricket betting. Their website is user-friendly and there is also an app for iOS and Android users.

Leon Bet

On Leon Bet you can use any type of payment, including cryptocurrency. Their minimum deposit amount is 100 rupees and their minimum withdrawal is 500 rupees. You can also bet from their mobile phone application if you are an Android or iOS user. And they offer a 100% first deposit bonus first-time Indian players who bet on their site! In order to claim this offer, you must deposit at least 500 rupees.

Pure Win

Pure Win is another betting site that you should consider if you are looking for live betting options. They also offer a 100% first-deposit bonus of up to 15000 rupees.


Yet another excellent betting site for those who are looking to place live cricket bets. When you make your first deposit from within India, you can win up to 10,000 rupees as a deposit bonus. It is important that you add the code WELCOME100 when making your first payment in order to activate this amazing welcome bonus when you start betting. They do not have a mobile phone application, but their website is user-friendly and a perfect substitute for mobile phone users, so there is no need to worry. An excellent site for cricket betting.


This is another of the sites with a nice 10000-rupee welcome bonus for you to claim as a new player. 22Bet accepts bank transfers as well as lots of different cryptocurrency options.

Shangri La

This is one of the most popular cricket betting sites in India that offers bonuses regularly and also a welcome bonus of 100% that will go up to 8000 rupees. They have a cap on their bonuses at 3500000 rupees, which might give you an idea of just how much you could potentially win on Shangri La.


This betting site will let you pay with different payment methods, depending on what suits you best, and this includes Bitcoin once again. They operate on a point system whereby you earn points with every qualifying bet. You can then exchange those points for free bet tokens. In addition to this, they also offer a welcome bonus of up to 9000 rupees. This could be the betting site for you!

Spin Sports

This betting site will offer up to 20000 rupees in a welcome deposit bonus! They also have excellent, competitive odds for you to bet on, a user-friendly website (although they do not have a mobile phone application), and offers a multitude of payment options for you to pick from.

888 Sport

This is a great betting site to use if you want to make live bets. However, the problem with 888 Sport is that they do not currently accept Indian rupees (IDR). Therefore, each time that you want to make a deposit it will have to be converted to US dollars, euros, or British pounds. This is definitely a drawback but, of course, it is up to you, and they do offer some excellent free betting options. It’s all about whether you are willing to use a different currency. This is bound to be a good site for your VPL betting.


This betting site was founded in 1997, so it has been around for quite some time. Their welcome bonus for new players goes up to 4000 rupees. There are also free bet options for regular players, as well as a variety of different payment options for their players to choose from. An interesting thing about this particular site is their notification option. This is a notification that will pop up letting you know how much time you have spent on the site and how much money you have gambled. For those who can get distracted, this is an attractive option. It can come up every thirty, sixty or ninety minutes, depending on your own selection.


This betting site offers excellent welcome bonus options: you can either choose the 100% welcome bonus for up to 8000 rupees, or you can go for the 200% welcome bonus. This second option goes up to 4000 rupees. You can use many depositing methods on this site and also enjoy some live betting options.


This betting site in India offers a 100% bonus of up to 50000 rupees! It also allows you to pay using different methods, and the registration process is nice and easy. This is a particularly excellent site to bet on for data protection, if you want to make sure that your information and your money are completely safe.


This betting site is unfortunately not available in Hindi, but they do allow you to pay in cryptocurrency. You can get a 100% first deposit bonus on the sportsbook, if you meet the minimum deposit of 1600 rupees. An excellent site for VPL betting.


This is a good option for live betting, and they also offer a good welcome bonus for new players. They also accept a selection of cryptocurrencies as well as many other payment methods.


This betting site offers a generous welcome bonus of 7000 rupees. They also allow for live betting options and are a new force rising in the cricket betting site market, so keep an eye out for VBet and consider joining them!


PariPesa is a very good betting site for live betting, and they even offer specific cricket betting tips themselves. Their payment options are ample, and they also accept cryptocurrency. Their welcome offer of 100% goes up to 8000 rupees, so here is another site worth considering for your betting.


This is a user-friendly betting site that offers live betting. Also, as a new player on the sportsbook, you can claim a good welcome offer: a 100% first deposit bonus.


18bet is a betting site that offers live betting. It also has a good mobile phone application and an easy registration process. Once you are registered, they do have a large minimum deposit amount, but this is made up for by their welcome offer of a 100% deposit bonus match for first time betting.


This betting site offers lots of different payment options, including a variety of cryptocurrencies. Although they seem to have many bonuses available for grabs, only a few of them are available if you are betting in India, but they are still good opportunities. Therefore, BetOnline is a good option for first-time cricket match betting, since they also allow you to use cryptocoins for withdrawal, not just deposit. Finally, they have a very easy sign-up process so that you can get right onto your online betting.

What Are Some Risks and Rewards Associated With Betting on the Vincy Premier League?

All the sites listed above are licensed and therefore trustworthy. Any risk associated with these sites is visible on their page. It is up to you to choose the best site, going by the information we provide you about bonuses, payment options, free bets, etc. These sites are the very best for cricket betting in India and around the world. They offer both beforehand and live betting. There are also many deposit bonus options if you choose them for your betting. Some even offer free bets, so if you are looking for a free bet make sure you read through! See above if you are looking for a betting site in India.

Where Can You Find More Information About Betting on the Vincy Premier League?

You can find more information about VPL betting on the official site of the VP League. Another good source of information for your VPL betting is the VP League’s official Instagram account.


Below are some frequently asked questions about VPL betting, in case you have any doubts.

How to bet on the Vincy Premier League?

See above for an explanation of the best cricket betting sites that we highly recommend for VPL betting on cricket matches.

What is the Vincy Premier League?

The Vincy Premier League is a cricket league in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. There are six teams with national and international members. It is open to fans and will be on live streaming. Do your VPL betting by following our tips!

What teams are playing in the Vincy Premier League?

See above for a list of all the teams playing and an analysis of the best teams to bet on for VPL betting. You can engage in VPL betting before the games and in play.

Is the Vincy Premier League streamed live online?

ITFX Digital Solutions will be streaming the VP League live in 2022.

Who will win Vincy Premier League?

You can look above for a more thorough analysis of each team and their chances at a win, so you can choose which is the best to bet on. That way you can decide which team you will choose to bet on for VPL betting.

Where to watch Vincy Premier League live in India?

The best way to watch the League live from India is on ITFX Digital Solutions.
Other channels likely to cover the VPL from India are Sony Six and Sony ESPN, although you will want to double-check this.
Finally, FanCode is likely to stream the League.

Our Conclusion

This has been our official review of the best cricket betting sites in India to bet on the Vincy Premier League, the background of the League and the best teams for betting on. We hope this page has provided you with the information about the cricket betting markets you were looking for. Good luck with your VPL betting and enjoy the Vincy Premier League!

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