Cricket fans were treated to a spectacle as MI New York, led by Kieron Pollard, secured a stunning victory over Texas Super Kings in the ongoing Major Cricket League.

After the recent triumph of Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League 2023, Dwayne Bravo wasted no time in playfully teasing Pollard about his new IPL title. However, it seems like Pollard had a long memory and did not let the chance slip by to give Bravo a fun taste of his own medicine. In a captivating showdown, MI New York secured a 6-wicket victory, knocking Texas Super Kings out of the tournament.

True to their lively spirits, the fun-filled banter continued post-match, with Pollard playfully taunting Bravo. MI New York’s social media team joined in the fun, sharing a hilarious video of their exchanges and captioning it, “These two & their banter; Polly wins this round, DJ!”

Last Updated on July 29, 2023

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